Growing strawberries from seeds at home

Fragrant strawberries with tasty fruits enjoyed by gardeners with a special love. A huge number of varieties grown in gardens, happy harvest from early summer to frost. It is not always possible to buy the necessary seedlings, and it is not cheap. However, it is possible to successfully grow seedlings from seeds at home.

Features of cultivation of different varieties of strawberry


Among the variety of varieties of these everbearing berries emit, which give the opportunity to get a good harvest for a long time. They don’t have a mustache, so gardeners use growing strawberries from seeds at home. Not remontant species reproduce using seeds. Get them from a mustache – it is easier, and the result is a strong, healthy seedlings. With this planting the strawberry seeds are not always characteristics of the variety.

Remontant strawberries

This kind of garden berries differs in that fruiting from June until frost. Delicious fruit with wild strawberry aroma can be small and large – they are called strawberries. Very beautiful – white, yellow, red – they decorate the garden plot, serve as a decoration for flower beds. Remontant varieties are distinguished:

  • resistant to low temperatures;
  • the absence of whiskers;
  • immunity to insects;
  • yield before the cold weather;
  • disease resistance.

Growing strawberries from seeds at home helps the gardener to have plants that do not you can always buy seedlings. Good reviews have variety:

  • Baron Solemacher. Grown in pots on the balcony, in the open, protected ground.
  • Ali Baba. High yielding with increased disease resistance.
  • Queen Elizabeth has fragrant, large fruit.
  • Alexandria. Unpretentious, high yielding variety.
  • Merlan. Such strawberries on the balcony will be a delight of bright flowers and berries.

Interesting variety of Frigo, which does not overwinter in the beds. The plant is dug up when the season ends, stored in the refrigerator at a low temperature, vacuum-Packed. Grade is used for growing strawberries industrial scale. Differs that you can schedule the deadline for receipt of the crop. Home from seed grown varieties:

  • Ruyan. It features an early maturity.
  • Alexandrina. Small-fruited, very decorative.
  • Tarpan. With large berries, bright pink flowers.
  • Elan. For a vertical growing on the balcony.

Everbearing seeds

Not remontant varieties

The production of seedlings not remontant varieties conduct of the mustache plants. This process less complicated and more efficient – the seedlings quickly take root and crop yields, but in the second year. To grow strawberries from seeds at home, it does not make sense. Popular varieties:

  • «Lord»;
  • «Gigantella»;
  • «Masha»;
  • «Nutmeg»;
  • «Milan».

How to grow strawberries from the seeds on the windowsill

Very exciting, albeit troublesome task – growing from seed at home seedlings. The main thing – to want and succeed. You will be rewarded with abundant harvest strawberries from seeds will give you the fruits from the first year of planting. In advance of the pick up variety, purchase the seeds. Even in the winter buy Tara and the earth, take care of the lamps to extend the photoperiod.

Growing strawberry seedlings from seeds

Seedling in pot

The reception in the home of seedlings of strawberries, start with soil preparation and packaging. Choose a location to germinate the seeds. The main stages of seedling:

  • preparation of seed – soaking, stratification;
  • planting in a container with the ground;
  • airing germination;
  • watering;
  • swordplay in pots;
  • recharge;
  • hardening;
  • transplant to the area.

Preparing the soil and containers for seedlings

In preparing the earth for seedlings, you need to mix equal parts of humus and sand, add 3 times more peat. To get rid of pests, the soil is recommended to boil for 20 minutes using an oven. Do this three weeks before planting so that the land recovered. For growing from seed seedlings use of disposable food containers with lid. Plants dive in pots, the peat pill, form with a cell size of 5×5 cm

Preparation of seed

Seeds for growing seedlings germinate together and given the strong growth, they need to prepare for planting at home. At this point produce 2 operations – soaking and stratification. The seeds are put on a cotton pad, put the food in a disposable container. Snow plentifully moisten with water, leave it for two days. The container is then kept for 2 weeks on a shelf in the fridge is stratification improves germination.


Sprouted sprouts

Prepared seeds are placed on moist soil in increments of 2 cm, covered with foil, then put the capacity somewhere warm. Important – not covered with soil. There is another method of sowing at home, requires no additional training. The germination of seeds under this option, you need to:

  • prepare a small container with the earth;
  • to shed ground water;
  • pour on top of the snow;
  • slightly compacted;
  • floor to sow the seeds;
  • close the film;
  • put on a day in the fridge;
  • next, the strawberries on the windowsill until the emergence of, and need watering and ventilation.

Care of seedlings

After the appearance of shoots, the plants are carefully transplanted into a container where they will stay until landing on the site. In this step important are good lighting and watering. In the spring, daylight is short, so you need to renew it artificially using lamp. With the appearance of the third leaf feed the plant. To do this, use fertilizers:

  • «Akvarin»;
  • «Kemira-Suite»;
  • «Rastvorin».

Swordplay and transplanting to a permanent place

Fruits and plants

Approximately 7 weeks after planting the plants can be planted in the ground. Before doing this at home, the strawberry stand on the balcony for hardening at a temperature of 15 degrees. Start with two hours, then gradually increase. Preferably pritenyat plants to expose them to the sun. If you plant strawberries until mid-may, the crop will get to the end of the summer.

Planting is carried out in cloudy weather, the first days strawberry cover from the sun. Plot for seedlings leveled, the soil adding compost and potash fertilizers. The ground should be loose, easy. The swordplay is not advisable to spend so as not to damage the roots. The plant is gently rolled over from the pot into the hole. If you are using peat pellets for seedlings from seeds should be planted directly into the ground. Distance between holes 40 cm make For easy cleaning the ground between the bushes mulched.

Rules for the care of strawberries after planting in the ground

Berries that delight you harvest, you must follow certain rules:

  • Watered regularly.
  • Undertake hoeing between plants to improve the access of oxygen to the roots, to retain moisture. Before the advent of the berries is done three times.
  • Weed out the weeds.
  • Remove the old leaves.
  • In preparation for the winter reduce watering.
  • To carry out mulching – covering the soil under bushes, straw, sawdust, grass. It retains moisture, does not allow to grow weeds.

Famous gardener Oktyabrina Ganichkina, talking about growing strawberries, gives this advice:

  • If your site grown strawberries for good grades, giving an excellent yield, tear off the first flowers of everbearing strawberries. After picking strawberries, she will appreciate the abundant fruiting.
  • Fertilizer for strawberries put in the ground just before landing. For feeding in the growth period of leaves sprinkled with ash.

Video about growing strawberries at home

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