Growing cucumbers in the greenhouse

It is known that cucumber is a tasty and healthy vegetable that enjoys much love from the farmers. Growing it in greenhouses is the vital necessity. Short summer, unstable weather not give good yield in the open ground. Quite a bit of attention to this culture – and you are guaranteed a high yield.

How to grow cucumbers

It is very pleasant to eat crispy fragrant cucumbers straight from the Bush. Want to please harvest their loved ones, to make preparations for the winter? To make this happen, you need to know how to grow cucumbers in the greenhouse. To do this, the technology of cultivation. It includes:

  • processing of the greenhouse;
  • the preparation of the soil;
  • the choice of crop varieties;
  • sowing of seedlings;
  • planning beds;
  • planting plants in a greenhouse;
  • recharge;
  • watering;
  • loosening;
  • the tying;
  • disease;
  • the war with pests.

Cucumbers in the greenhouse from polycarbonate

Growing cucumbers in a greenhouse made of polycarbonate

This vegetable crop likes warmth, moisture and sun. Therefore, greenhouse polycarbonate is very popular among gardeners who grow cucumbers. It creates a microclimate comfortable for this vegetable. The greenhouses need to provide ventilation. If you organize the right care the first cucumbers you try already by the middle of June. Under the condition of heating can be growing cucumbers in the greenhouse from polycarbonate to do all year round. This method is suitable for small farmers.

Want to learn how to grow cucumbers in a greenhouse made of polycarbonate? Begin preparation for sowing in autumn. Inside a greenhouse are treated with disinfectants. For example, seven percent copper sulfate. The earth is dug over, adding the fertilizer. Per square meter, put a bucket of rotted manure, 0.5 kg of dolomite. In the spring dig again, and a week before planting make complex fertilizers.

Cucumber in plastic greenhouse

For those who have a small plot and don’t need a big crop, suitable for cultivation of cucumbers in the greenhouse with the film. To make a frame from inexpensive materials available: wood, metal area, plastic arcs. The film is fixed to the frame with the slats. With careful use it’ll last 3 years. If possible the greenhouse doing 2 meters in height to be vertically garter. Low greenhouses will also be pleased with the yield. It is important to know how to care for cucumbers.

Planting cucumbers in a greenhouse

Since the plant is very light, it is important to determine how to plant cucumbers in a greenhouse. While growing the plants should not interfere with each other, should be the normal access to care. The scheme of planting cucumbers in a greenhouse involves the distance between rows not less than one meter. Between the individual shrubs not less than 30 inches. It is desirable that per square meter was not more than 3 plants. Draw a plan of planting even in the winter. The roots of cucumbers are placed very close to the surface, so the seedlings don’t need to bury. The stem should not be under the ground to rot.

When to plant seedlings

To beginner gardeners, the question arises about when to plant cucumbers in a greenhouse. Only if there is heating it is possible to drop in April, and you are guaranteed an early harvest. Optimum time – the beginning of may. If you want to try your early cucumbers – need to grow seedlings. The seeds are planted in special containers, peat pots. Watered, fed fertilizers. At appearance of the third leaf of the plant is transplanted into soil. If you don’t want to bother with seedlings – you can sow seeds. Put a hole in the manure, pour boiling water. Will Zaglebie seeds into the ground.

The scheme of formation of cucumbers

The scheme of formation of cucumbers in the greenhouse

Method growing cucumbers in the greenhouse involves the proper formation of the Bush to get a great harvest. This is important for pollination and uniform coverage of leaves. Leave a few side shoots – it’s the ovaries. Main stem cling to vertical trellis and pinch. This contributes to the beginning of active growth of lateral branches.

If you let the development of the cucumber Bush to chance, then the plant is not enough food for all fruit. To avoid this, you must remove the excess. This proposed scheme the formation of a Bush:

  • remove the fruits and the shoots on the first five nodes;
  • on the sixth and seventh to leave only the fruits;
  • on the eighth, ninth, cucumbers and carrot to the first leaf;
  • on the other – fruit and whip already to the second sheet.

Care cucumbers

When growing cucumbers, you will get a good crop, provided proper care of the Bush. Creation of favourable climate in the greenhouse ventilation is a very important factors. In addition, you need to:

  • regular watering;
  • hilling bushes;
  • occasional feeding;
  • the formation of a Bush;
  • garter shoots;
  • irrigation;
  • topping of side shoots after the first of the ovary;
  • cleaning fruit larger than 5 cm;
  • limiting the number of cucumbers in the Bush – no more than 15 pieces;
  • attracting insects for pollination;
  • disease;
  • the battle with pests.

You will greatly facilitate the care of cucumbers, if you use the mulching of the soil. The ground under the plant is covered with a layer of material that retains moisture, does not break through the weeds. Increases the activity of worms and microorganisms is soil improvement. Best stored temperature and humidity. Need less water for irrigation. For mulching use:

  • dark film;
  • cardboard;
  • sawdust;
  • the grass;
  • the needles of the trees;
  • straw.

Tied up the cucumbers

Garter of cucumbers in the greenhouse

It is very important when growing cucumbers, so they received a lot of light. In addition, the necessary free access to care. Therefore, the plant tie. Use a vertical trellis on which the cucumber will start to curl. Material for this are string, long tree branches, wire. Wallpaper fix to the profile of the greenhouse. You can pull the plastic mesh and plants creep over her. Tie the bushes when the length of the escape more than 30 centimeters.

There is a horizontal variant of the garter. When you do this, pull the wire or twine along the greenhouse. Need control over the plant so that it does not start to grow along the rope, you must perezalit it to the next horizontal. Practiced among farmers and «blinding» of the Bush in which the main stem is tied to the vertical trellis and at a distance of 50 cm above the ground surface clean leaves, side shoots.

Watering cucumber in a greenhouse

How to grow cucumbers in the greenhouse, so they were juicy and not bitter? The answer is simple – you need proper watering. The cucumbers will be bitter if you use cold water. It is desirable to preheat. Put it in the greenhouse capacity of water: it will quickly become warm, suitable for irrigation. Water scarcity will tell you the leaves, when it becomes dark. When excess moisture they are lighter. The sheet will begin to turn yellow at high temperature, lack of water. Follow the rules of watering:

  • the plant should be enough moisture;
  • do not fill the root;
  • regularly watering;
  • avoid wilting leaves.

When growing cucumbers is recommended to water them in the morning or evening after sunset. It is desirable to make the grooves along the ridges and pouring water in there – this will protect the roots from rotting. Recommend watering every other day. For seedlings, the amount of water – five litres per square metre. From the moment of flowering, the number doubled. At very high temperatures need to conduct sprinkler irrigation: watering the leaves from the watering can. Constantly monitor the condition of the soil. If the weather is cloudy, then watering can be dispensed with.

Watering cucumber seedlings

Fertilizing seedlings of cucumbers

You want to try flavorful, juicy fruits? Then before growing cucumbers in a greenhouse it is necessary to deal with seedlings. Preferably a month before planting cucumber in a permanent place. To the seedlings turned out strong and healthy, it needs light and fertilizer. Second do when the plant has 2 leaves. To feed the seedlings use special complex fertilizer. Apply it according to instructions.

When the plant is transplanted into soil, it will root in about two weeks to feed again. At this point the seedlings have already added a fifth sheet. Before fertilizing the Bush, abundantly watered. Next feeding will be during flowering. Fertilizer placed first in the water to 15 grams per 10 litres. Use double superphosphate, ammonium nitrate, add potassium sulfate. When you see the fruits of plants fed with manure.

Video: what to plant cucumbers in a greenhouse

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