Greenhouse own hands from scrap materials

A greenhouse creates good conditions for the growth and maturation of horticultural crops in early spring. This design is easily going with their hands from the pipes, wires, boards, tree branches and even such non-standard improvised material like plastic bottles.

How to make a greenhouse with their hands

Greenhouse made with your own hands

A homemade greenhouse is good that creates an optimum microclimate that allows you to grow heat-loving plants. While its construction with his own hands does not require significant costs. Temperature and humidity inside the building is conducive to growing peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and other crops. Landings that are located in a confined space, not afraid of snow and hail. In addition, the greenhouse with his own hands from scrap materials protects plants from butterflies, beetles and other garden pests.

PVC pipes

If you are going to make a greenhouse with their hands using plastic pipes, prepare in advance the drawing and available materials for its construction:

  • boards, timber, pre-treated with preservative;
  • a PVC pipe;
  • plastic film good density;
  • metal fittings, a length of 1 m;
  • hinges;
  • nails, screws;
  • the lock handles for doors and Windows;
  • metal loops for attaching PVC pipe.


  1. Whisk boards, in the corners of the box attach fittings.
  2. Install on the perimeter of the Foundation rods at equal intervals from each other. To dig rebar into the ground at 40-50 cm.
  3. Put on the bars of the PVC pipe, tighten the hinges.
  4. Strengthen the structure of the beam.
  5. Lay one pipe along the greenhouses, attach it to transverse arcs.
  6. Cover the frame with plastic wrap, secure the material.
  7. Bring down the beam size of the doorway. Obtyanite door film, attach it to the greenhouse. In the same way do the vents.

The greenhouse of window frames

From window frames

Greenhouse with their hands from improvised materials it is possible to build using old wooden Windows, which often become unnecessary after installing the new plastic. Country greenhouse of glass are durable and easy to care for, well transmits light, retains heat. To perform construction works, in addition to the window frames, you will need the following materials on hand:

  • long boards, bruski;
  • screws, nails, screws (to fasten frames);
  • the bricks (for Foundation).


  1. Lay a base of bricks.
  2. Remove from glass Windows and metal accessories. Remove the paint from the frames, cover them with varnish.
  3. Assemble the standard frame from the top and bottom obvjazki, racks. Fix window frame inside and outside with nails, screws, screws.
  4. Equip track with bricks.
  5. Install the roof. The best option is a gable design.

With Doug

The device of the greenhouse from Doug

Device greenhouses with arc profitable and convenient for gardeners. Such designs are easy to create yourself. Arc is easy to make from materials available at hand, or buy on the market. Well established in this as a shaped tube. Arc sold painted, height from 0.7 to 2 m, a width of from 1 to 3 m. so, how to make a greenhouse for cucumbers with your hands? Prepare for this:

  • arc greenhouse;
  • the material for the concealing;
  • twine;
  • wooden bars of the rail;
  • stones or bricks.


  1. Before you make a greenhouse with your own hands, find a Sunny, windless area, dig up the garden, make fertilizer.
  2. Insert the arc into the ground. For greater stability you can use wooden frame with holes.
  3. Set on top of the crossbar that connects the whole structure.
  4. Associate arcs with string, to prevent sagging of the film.
  5. Close the frame with tape allowance on both sides. Bury the edges of the covering material in the ground, press down with stones.
  6. Came to film the long rail on the side where you want to pick it up.

A mini-greenhouse for seedlings

Greenhouse for seedlings

A simple homemade hothouse for growing seedlings it is easy to make yourself. Mini greenhouse with your own hands is simple, has no bottom. The construction is mobile, it can be moved to any other location on the territory of the garden. To create a small greenhouse with his own hands from scrap materials, prepare the following:

  • boards, bars, battens;
  • the segment plastic film;
  • screws;
  • small nails or furniture corners for anchoring the covering material.


  1. Determine the size of the structure. A small greenhouse has dimensions 2 m by 1 m. the Height depends on the width of the boards.
  2. Cut two boards 2 m long and 1 m.
  3. Assemble the box using bars and screws.
  4. Strengthen the design. To do this, prepare 4 an isosceles right triangle with side length at the top 10 see the Attach elements at all the corners of the greenhouse. It is better to install corners on top so they are not subjected to the process of decay.
  5. Take the tape and attach it to the box with one hand. To the opposite edge of the nail rail.

Video: easy greenhouse for the garden from scrap materials


Nina, 55 years:I did at the cottage greenhouse last spring. Used improvised materials. Took the arc out of the wire, made something like a tunnel over the beds. The top is covered with polyethylene. A day in Sunny weather opened, the plants and earth could breathe. I like this design is the fact that it is easily installed and removed.

Alexander, 37:Made a greenhouse out of old frames. The base used For out-of-stocks and other improvised material. The store bought only a few strips, rods, screws, metal corners. Did the entire build myself one day. Is now in its fifth year. Crop it good. Periodically stained frame, so they survived longer.

Natalia, 48 years:Last spring I asked my husband to make a small greenhouse for seedlings. Turned a neat box, which can be easily installed and removed. On top of greenhouse is covered with a lid with served of the window frame. The sunlight is penetrating through the glass. In warm Sunny weather, the greenhouse opens to the seedlings breathe freely.

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