Garden swing your hands

One of the advantages of a private home, especially if you have children – the presence of the court. Its owners don’t need to wander the streets in search of a decent Playground. Great place for walking kids and adults can be arranged directly under the Windows. If the swing seat to do with their hands, they will decorate the area and will begin a comfortable Seating area.

How to make a swing for the garden with their hands

Advertising is replete with images of garden swing. From childhood, bright and colorful, to wrought-iron or wooden, original, almost fabulous design. They would be perfect on the site. With all the richness of the proposals it is difficult to find willing to swing for the garden. You may not like the device the seats or seem unreliable support system and fasteners. A model that would be ideal, the store is slightly cheaper than the wing of the Boeing.

Can’t decide? Don’t despair! Beautiful and safe garden swing to make with your own hands is not difficult. So, this will take time, material, some tools and the ability to use them. But the swings made especially for your garden that will delight loved ones every day. Designs will be reliable and trusted you. Such swings more not be none! It is possible to work on the site will like you, and want to do something else: slides, a sandbox, a seesaw.

Swing made of metal to give

Where to start? To imagine the swing of your dreams, draw them. If you saw the neighbors in the Park or in the selling model that you like, you can make photos in different angles, let it become the prototype of your product. Make a drawing showing the length of the parts and angles of the joints. To produce the swing seat with their hands, decide the material. The basic structure could be:

  • steel pipe round or profiled;
  • wooden beams and boards.


To make a metal hanging swing for the garden, you need to have skills with welding. Made of steel round or shaped tubes is a reliable frame – two side supports in the form of the letter «A». Him is hung is made seat. For safety reason you need specialized tube with a cross section of 50 by 50 mm or round with a diameter of 1.5 inches. You will need four blanks for the pillars, one crossbar and two shorter lines that will give rigidity.

The first step is sanding all metal parts to remove burrs, to cut with grinder pipe segments of the desired length and cook them according to the scheme drawn up. First, are fastened two side plates in L-shaped structure, it is welded a transverse detail to get a billet in the form of the letter «A». For reliability in the upper corner of a pipe weld not only among themselves but also welded to it a piece of metal plate. Then to the supports is fixed crossbar, to which pre-welded mounts for the suspension seats.

How to install a homemade swing on the site? Under them, you need a reliable Foundation. The depth of the wells under the Foundation should not be less than 80 cm swing set in the pit, align with level and are cast with a mixture of cement, sand, gravel, in the proportions 1:3:2. In warm seasons the concrete hardens during the week. You can do otherwise. In the pits for the Foundation of strengthened steel pieces of pipe protruding above the soil level. After the concrete attains a fortress, it is welded to the basic design.

Girl on swing wood


For the manufacture of supports from wood need the beam cross-section not less than 80 by 80 mm. Make a drawing. If you are ready, adjust the dimensions of the product to meet your needs. Wooden supports are also doing A-shaped. The connection of the parts first draw, then make a slit at half the thickness of the beam, connect firmly and fasten with bolts. As the crossbar is better to use a powerful Board with a minimum thickness of 5 cm and a width of 10-15 cm the Movable part swings on chains, wire rope or rigid supports fastened to the crossmember bolted with rings.

The special charm inherent constructions, the support of which is made of logs. These garden swings with their hands harder to do, but if you have special skills, the result will be great. After assembling the swing of timber or logs mounted on concrete pad or Foundation. If in the concrete to reinforce the solid iron plate, protrudes above the surface of the site, it is possible to securely tie the legs of the wooden swing.

After you install your handmade designs to the crossbar to attach the movable part. These A-shaped wooden and metal supports are universal, they can serve as a basis for different kinds of swings, where the seat is used:

  • bench;
  • automobile tire;
  • hammock;
  • chair-nest;
  • sofa.

Swing nest with your hands

The swing-Jack, made by hand

Some of the seats for the swings are traditionally used in our area, while others become popular only now. A swing-nest – a new idea, which wins hearts with its simplicity, elegance, and convenience. Instrument country swing cozy nest, and they will become a favorite place for games not only your child, but all the neighborhood kids.

How to make a swing with your hands? Very simply, if it’s a swing-nest. You will need:

  • metal Hoop with a diameter of 80 cm and more;
  • another Hoop if the socket is in the form of a chair;
  • a lot of nylon cord with a thickness of 5 mm or more.

The meaning of the invention is to braid the inner space of the Hoop to form a spider web of rope. This is great the technique of macrame. If one Hoop to a smaller size to place horizontally, and a larger one, at an angle of 45 to it, the bottom plane will seat, and the distance between the hoops forms the back of the hanging chairs. What if you do not know the technique of macrame? The Hoop can be clad with fabric or use a small socket instead of homemade or purchased the hammock.

Bench swing for the garden

Bench-swing in the country

In the relaxation area, designed not only for children, it is appropriate to build a swing on chains in the form of a bench. It is similar to ordinary garden bench without legs. If desired, you can equip it with soft seat and back. This bench is made of two or three, and therefore requires high-quality support. Such components seat garden swing from a bar, described above.

The easiest option suspended bench – Board, suspended by chains. If you equip it back, the rest will be much easier. To build a bench from lumber. Soft part made of foam, which is covered with a thick cloth or leatherette. For your comfort bench-rocking chair located in the gazebo, on the porch or provided with shelter from sun and rain.

Support for a swing

Support for the garden swing can serve not only design, constructed of metal, logs or lumber. To strengthen the tire swing, tarpaulin, plates, Hoop on a strong tree branch. However, such mounting does not guarantee the safety of children. Hand made swing reliable, beautiful, comfortable. You can diversify children’s leisure, strengthening the seat with carabiners. Then will it be possible to change the appearance. Today on poles hanging swing hammock tomorrow – love, day after tomorrow – nest.

How to strengthen the supports on the moving part of the swing? It’s best to use chain or metal cable hidden in a plastic tube. Great car rope for towing, it is reliable and durable, designed for heavy loads. For swing for baby, suitable strong synthetic cord with thickness of 8 mm

Video: baby Swing with their hands

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