Formation of cucumbers in the open ground

Cucumber is a delicate plant, for which the main condition is the care, fresh air and good soil. Cucumber bushes themselves are not able to provide the ovary with nutrients, as these plants do not have a strong root system. In this regard, should be the formation of a cucumber patch.

How to create a cucumber

To cucumber bushes properly developed, not contracted the infection and brought a good harvest, be sure to conduct a procedure such as the formation of cucumbers in the open ground. This measure is necessary, it affects both the quality and number of fruits. For proper formation of cucumber Bush, you need to follow certain guidelines:

  • use a sharp blade (knife or scissors), so as not to hurt the fragile plant;
  • if the stem formed a lot of empty ovaries, it is necessary simply to dry the soil.

Garter young seedlings outdoors

Garter of cucumbers in the open ground

Many gardeners often wonder how to tie the cucumbers in the open ground, and why such manipulation? The fertility of a plant depends directly on their garters. It is important to her in time to make curly Bush actively went up. Garter in the beds, and in greenhouses, will help to significantly increase the amount of vegetables. There are several ways on how to tie the cucumbers in the garden:

  • Horizontal. The formation of cucumbers in the open ground suitable for gardeners-beginners. It should be:
    • take the long stick and deepen them;
    • pull the rope between them;
    • to gently guide the stems of young cucumber to the bottom row of ropes;
    • it is necessary to plant seeds approximately 10 to 15 centimetres from each other.
  • Vertical or hybrid. This option also starts with two supports. Further, the stretched rope to which are attached the entire length of the fabric strips. The bottom end should grab the cucumber stem.
  • Mesh for the cucumbers. Plants must be geared for the special tools (grid). At night close the covering material.

Nipping cucumbers in the open ground without podasi

When maturation plants, many gardeners don’t know whether to pinch back cucumbers in the open ground. The process of pridobivanje outdoor space, usually depends on how much was planted climbing varieties. For your cucumber bushes this procedure is not necessary because it does not have much effect on yield. Nipping mandatory in the care of long varieties.

In cultivation the plant should be given the opportunity to properly distribute food. When you start to grow flowers, all the nutrients go to them. Most importantly this leaves the Central stem. In lateral shoots, reaches only a small amount of nutrients. Consequently, productivity of fruits is greatly reduced. To ensure power distribution and should remove barren flowers, then formed a women’s ovaries are capable of campylotheca. Step by step instructions when to pinch back cucumbers:

  • if the plant reached a height of one meter, you can start to pinch off the tops;
  • in this case the side shoots should be 50 cm and have 2 order;
  • if there is no garter, the main Rostock is necessary to destroy the growth point after each fourth sheet, in the side – after a second.

Pick young shoots of cucumbers

Other methods of forming the cucumbers in the garden

Cucumber bushes can be left alone to their natural growth, and to enable them to crawl wherever you want, but it will be quite uncomfortable. If the summer is rainy and humid, cucumber stalks are damaged and rot from damp, the fruit in this deteriorate. It is therefore necessary to tie up the plants. For the formation of cucumbers need to maintain a distance of not less than half a meter. In addition, there are other ways of effective cultivation of fruits:

  1. On the cord. Need every plant to remove the side shoots to form only a single stem and tie twine.
  2. The most spectacular method of the garter is the trellis. This special rack should be installed on wooden racks and let her whip. To cucumbers on a trellis is well fruited, remove the plants lower stems.
  3. Side-shoot removing cucumbers. Break off the shoots carefully, trying not to damage the plant. Pasynkovat it is only those shoots that rise no more than 6 inches.

Video: how to shape the cucumbers in the open ground

The high yield and efficient cultivation of cucumbers need careful care, watering and well-chosen landing site. To correctly form the cucumber area, a novice grower, you should use the tips and planting schemes of plants for experienced gardeners. What are the options for the formation of cucumbers in the open ground, you can see if you look at the detailed video instruction.

How to tie the cucumbers in the open ground on the trellis

When and how to pinch back cucumbers

Formation of cucumbers in the open ground on the grid

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