The best everbearing raspberry varieties

On our planet is hard to find a person who does not like raspberries. This is a unique berry, which in addition to good taste has unique healing properties, and some varieties are used as decorative ornaments in home gardens. Even modern medicine has recognized raspberry elixir of health and longevity of man. But gardeners don’t always get delicious and flavorful berries, because the conventional varieties are highly susceptible to diseases and pests. To increase the sustainability and productivity of bushes, breeders were bred remontant varieties of raspberries.

The best varieties of everbearing raspberries: description with photos

In Russian gardens is the most popular berry is the raspberry. Growing everbearing varieties in Russia are a rarity, although in Europe, Canada and the United States, they occupy 90% of the total landings. The fact is that the usual raspberries are planted in the fall, it overwinters, and the next garden season gives young branches. And only in the second year crop yields. Remontant raspberry gives the berries already in the first season, and fruiting was observed twice in summer and autumn, and yield of Bush is very high.

New varieties of everbearing raspberries have been bred abroad, but the experience of their cultivation in Central Russia showed that before the onset of cold weather they do not have time to ripen fully. Therefore, Western breeding experiments are only suitable for the South of the country. Russian scientists have obtained the best everbearing raspberry varieties with a short growing season for the North-West of our country. Harvest this shrub reaches 6 kg, and the weight of one berry can be up to 15 m, which corresponds to the weight of a large plum.

Sort of «Yellow giant» with high yield

The best everbearing raspberry varieties for Central Russia – a «Yellow giant». In contrast to the black and red berries, yellow is perfect for small children with weak immune systems, allergies and pregnant women, because they are composed of pigments of the anthocyanins. These sweet and large berries perfectly stored. there. «Yellow giant» reaches a height of 2 meters, so many gardeners use this plant for the decoration of arbours and alleys.

It is a high yielding variety of raspberry that has up to 6 kg per plant. It has a high resistance to all sorts of diseases and excellent resistance to frost. Yellow raspberry is a undemanding plant. Care is regular watering throughout the season and timely harvest, followed by to cut the Bush flush with the ground in order that the pests do not remain on leaves and stems.

The best variety of everbearing raspberry for the middle band

Grade remontant raspberry «Bryansk Divo»

This variety of raspberry, heat-resistant and drought-resistant. Mass of bright red berries up to 6-11 grams, and its shape is oblong-canonical forms. Mature «Bryansk miracle» begins the second half of August, and fruiting until deep freeze. Order the berries were large, experienced growers suggest to remove the bottom Bush twigs with buds before flowering. One raspberry Bush «Bryansk miracle» gives up to 4 kg of berries in season. Taste the fruits of sweet and sour, tend not to razryhlitelya or leak within 48 hours after collection.

In order to collect a large harvest «Bryansk diva», should follow a few simple rules:

  1. The planting site should be Sunny.
  2. Need loose soil with fertilizing with humus or manure to provide plant nutrition.
  3. In July, it is desirable to make under the bushes 0.5 liters of ash to ensure productivity.
  4. Watering should be rare, so that the roots do not rot.

The best variety of everbearing raspberry

«Indian summer»

This is the first domestic remontant raspberry cultivar that is grown in the southern and Central regions of Russia. Bush spreading and reaches a height of 1.8 meters. The first term of maturity – the end of July and the end of the fruiting, when the first frosts come. «Indian summer» is a sort of average yield, with one hive in the season of giving 1 kg of fruit. The berries are small – about 3 g, rounded canonical form, dark red color. The bushes of this variety is everbearing raspberries are not susceptible to diseases and pests have a high resistance to frost.

Remontant raspberry Indian summer

Early varieties «Penguin» and «diamond»

The main advantage of remontant varieties «diamond» – the absence of spines on the Bush that allows you to collect raspberries painlessly and quickly. Even small children can feast on the delicious berries, not afraid to get hurt. The yield of this variety is very high – up to 8 pounds per plant under condition of constant watering. Plant height up to 140 cm, and the fruit size can reach up to 6 grams. The popularity of this variety of raspberry deserved that, at the temperature of +5 degrees, maybe a few months to maintain a great presentation.

Remontant raspberry Penguin has a pink color of the berries and the sweet and sour pulp with small seeds. The bushes are not very high (1.1 to 1.4 m), erect, which makes it possible to grow them in a small area. Stems do not require garters, making it easy to take care of them. «Penguin», as «diamond» is remontant early maturing variety, the first harvest which will be ready in the second half of may and in early August. The berries in this early raspberry rounded-conical shape, weighing about 7 grams, and for the season, the yield of the Bush is 6 pounds.

Early variety of everbearing raspberry Penguin

«Ruby necklace»

This everbearing variety of raspberry medium maturing. The initial period of fruiting in mid August, and it continues to deep frost. «Ruby necklace» is the high-yielding varieties of raspberries. The average weight of its bright ruby berries – 6.5 m, and the shape of the fruit are oblong-cylindrical. Raspberry has a refreshing, sweet and sour taste, suitable for consumption as fresh, and in all types of processing. To protect the Bush «the Diamond necklace» from freezing, at the end of the fruiting crop it above-ground part to ground level.

Raspberry Ruby necklace


Remontant raspberry Polka is the most popular European variety that is famous for its yield. It gives up to 12 tons of berries per hectare from July to October, you’ll be immune to spider mite, Botrytis and other diseases; their. «Polka» begins to bear fruit in mid-summer, and the fruiting period is not terminated to the cold weather. This feature leads to its high profitability, the everbearing varieties-period yield is not continuous.

Raspberry «Polka» has a very large (up to 12 grams) berries rich purple color pronounced flavor, sour-sweet taste. Is a popular everbearing variety for private and farms, as the fruit is long to flow after collection. «Polka» is perfectly resistant to any kind of transportation, and in conservation, or after thawing, retains its original density and natural form.

Early varieties of berries everbearing raspberries Polka


The benefits of raspberry remontant «Hercules» is that it does not require special care, is very resistant to pests, is perfectly resistant to winter frosts, has good productivity. The fruits of this variety are of high quality, so they are consumed fresh for a long period of time. «Hercules» is ruby berries 6-10 grams, have a sweet and sour taste. They have good density, so can be easily transported to any distance.

One of the best varieties of everbearing raspberries Hercules

Grow and care for everbearing raspberries

To achieve rich harvest of everbearing raspberry varieties, gardeners need to know some nuances in their landing:

  • even slightly dark place can significantly reduce the yield;
  • to carry out the landing should be in a warm place near the house or outbuildings to protect the bushes from unwanted drafts;
  • if the climate stays hot, then plant the bushes should be in cool and dark places.

It is better not to plant new bushes in places where you already grow raspberries, because is the impoverishment of the soil that will inhibit the growth of young plants. Allowed to put remontant varieties again only after 5-7 years when the soil will again be enriched with minerals. Experienced gardeners recommend digging the soil to a depth of 60 cm at the time of planting, and every dug the hole to put half a bucket of compost to feed new plants.

With regard to care for everbearing raspberries, particular efforts are made unnecessary. The only advice: it is not necessary to remove the weeds, loosen the soil under the bushes, so as not to damage the root system located in these grades close to the surface. Better immediately after landing to make surface mulching of fallen leaves or pine needles. Some gardeners recommend skip the first harvest so that the berries of the second harvest were large.

Video: how to choose the cultivar is remontant raspberry

To choose the right variety of raspberry, you need to decide for yourself what qualities you have priority. For example, if you live in a hot climate, then you need a drought-resistant variety: «Joan g», «Gusar», «Prude». If you need large berries, it is advisable to pay attention to the «Monomakh’s Cap», «Atlanta», «Coral». In order to obtain high yields become «the Firebird», «Samodiva». But if you’re a fan of sweet dessert varieties, then you need to buy «Amber» or «Orange miracle». Read more about choosing remontant raspberry see the video:


Anastasia, 52 years old, Bryansk, Russia:

I never thought that there is a yellow raspberry, and so sweet! My neighbor gave, after which I decided that must be put at his dacha «Apricot». A year has passed and I am delighted – one Bush gave per season 4 kg of delicious berries!

Tatiana, 38 years, Ekaterinburg:

Long chose for planting a variety of raspberry, found on the Internet at the Autumn beauty description appropriate and bought. Not a drop has not regretted! It is the most delicious berry of them all tried me with a seductive «raspberry» aroma. Large fruits of my raspberry 10 grams of surprised all the neighbors.

Marina, 35 years old, Smolensk:

Grade raspberry «Elegant» advised my friend as a great option for versatile use. For several years she gives me stable yields of up to 3.5 kg per Bush, from which I make jam for the winter for his entire extended family. «Elegant» has a very pleasant sour flavor and low maintenance.

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