Egg shells for the garden

All gardeners and growers know that the soil requires constant feeding, only then it will grow large, healthy plants. But few of them are aware of the application of the eggshell, the benefits of this fertilizer for a vegetable garden and how to use it. The article will consider how from scrap waste of eggs to make a perfect fertilizer for the earth and how it is better to make.

The composition of eggshells

The main share in the structure of the eggshell is 95% digestible calcium. In quail shells this percentage is slightly lower, up to 92%. Other organic minerals, which are part of the shell: magnesium (0,65%), potassium (0.11 percent), phosphorus (0,13%), other elements – sulphur, aluminium, iron. The content of those or other components that depends on what the chicken eats, the grade.

Fertilizer garden eggshell

To shell eggs contain high nutrients and easily digestible calcium carbonate, it is necessary to feed the birds, only natural products, fresh, vitaminosoderžaŝej. If the chicken lives in the conditions of poultry farms, with feed she gets extra vitamins for rapid growth or produce eggs. This method of growing birds affects shell thickness and chemical composition of macronutrients. Scientists have proved that the brown shell of the eggs is thicker, it contains more calcium than white.

Collection and preparation of chicken and quail shells

  • Collect all the shells from the eggs, rinse them thoroughly under running water. The main thing is remove excess protein from the yolk. This item is only allowed if the egg shell is further dried.
  • Future dry fertilizer to the soil under the sun. Keep in mind that if the shell of the fee, the water dries within the hour, and if the shell of the eggs remained excess whites or yolks, they can dry for about a day.
  • When the shell was up, drying, you should start grinding it in a coffee grinder, a mortar, a meat grinder or other device. To shell eggs has turned into powder, it is possible to lay it on a cutting Board and rolled several times on her rocking chair for rolling out dough. So grind much more quickly, easily, therefore, many Housewives used this method.
  • The degree of grinding depends on the method of fertilizer were selected. For infusions need to use shredded into small pieces the shell, a direct added to the soil it is better to grind it into the sand.
  • In no case should not boil or microwave the egg shells, this heat treatment destroyed the chemical bond is lost and the beneficial properties of the egg shell. The use of decoctions is possible, but the amount of calcium in them is significantly less.

Collection and preparation of chicken and quail shells to fertilize the garden

What is the use of eggshells for the garden

Often, available materials or waste can be good fertilizer for the land, it concerns not only egg shell, but ash, wood chips, sand, humus. The composition of the egg shells contains a lot of useful calcium, and this by itself increases soil fertility. If the land is fertilized the ground with the shell, it increases the permeability, which allows plants to receive more oxygen. A positive feature is the increase in the looseness of the earth.

Fertilizer to improve soil fertility

Soil fertility depends on its acidity. For high performance earth will not be able to please a large harvest. To reduce the acidity of the soil, stands for 1 sq m make 30-50 crushed shells from eggs. Before adding this fertilizer, it is recommended that you bake it in the oven to calcium utilized by the land faster.

Often reduce the acidity of the soil expensive fertilizers, and so they digest better, eggshells mixed with agrochemicals, the mixture is added to the soil. This method helps to avoid the negative consequences from the use of chemicals and significantly increase the fertility of the soil, affecting its acidity.

Adding egg shell into the soil, it becomes more friable, so water that falls on land, runs faster and does not leave open channels. This will reduce the amount of weeding for conservation of moisture in the beds, and reduce the amount of watering. Although visually it may seem that the digestibility of the egg shell is very low because of its density, but it is not so, for several years crushed shell will improve the condition of the earth.

Under what plants you can make egg shells

Egg shells as fertilizer with calcium can be made under the following types of plants for best growth and development:

  • Vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, carrots, beets, potatoes, eggplant, cabbage.
  • Fruit trees: apples, pears, plums, apricots, cherries, plums.
  • Shrubs: raspberry, gooseberry, currant, dogwood, viburnum.
  • Flowers – any.
  • Other types of plants that positively take calcium.

Crushing eggshell

It is recommended in some cases to grow seedlings of some vegetable plants directly in the halves of eggshells. In this way the young plant will receive the necessary calcium, and when the root in the hole will grow, it will break the shell. This method not only primary helps the plant to obtain the necessary trace elements, but also fertilizes the soil of the future in which growth continues. Often, this method of fertilization with calcium is used for growing tomatoes, peppers, cabbage. Sometimes it can be effective in the cultivation of watermelons, melons and gourds.

How to use eggshells in the garden

Egg shell can be used in many different ways, depending on the objectives and expected results. It is easy to add the powder state, in whole or slightly crushed. The main thing to remember is that even Podkolodny film can be a great addition to improve the condition of the earth, although it was a bit of a hindrance when working with the shell.

The application of dry powder

  • Dried egg powder should fill the bottle, there are some holes for uniform rash. Easier is to scatter fertilizer by hand, but it is likely to result, «there’s a lot, and there — empty.»
  • After that, should be well watered the soil until it is completely absorbed egg powder. If the surface of the earth will remain a small space with fertilizer, do not worry, it will be absorbed later.
  • The procedure must be repeated several times, so it’s best to stretch this process for a couple of days, not to walk on wet ground.
  • For high-quality fertilizers it is recommended to use 80-100 shells from eggs at 1 m withered land.
  • The dry powder is allowed to dissolve with water, pour over the plants or seeds during planting, as they need calcium.

How to make and use the infusion for a vegetable garden

Egg shells for the garden

  1. Collect some pretty shells from the eggs (about 3-4 PCs) and not cleaning them, put in a jar. Next, pour warm water to cover and tightly cover with a lid or plate. When this mixture is infused will be allocated to hydrogen sulphide which is not very pleasant smell, so better to remove such a container from the shell in a dark and distant place. After 3-4 days the infusion is ready, they are allowed to water house plants or vegetable garden, even throwing water addition. This fertilizer should be used in the winter, in the spring, when the soil needs feeding.
  2. In 1 liter of warm water add 5 shells from the eggs and whites, mix thoroughly, cover, place in dark cool place. After 10-15 days, when there will be not very pleasant smell, the mixture is ready for incorporation into the soil. For this purpose it should be diluted with 10-12 liters of water at room temperature and by means of a spray sprinkle on the ground. In contact with the leaves of plants, this fertilizer will not smoke, so this infusion can be applied to greenhouse crops, for any greenery in the outdoor area.
  3. To cook 20 chicken egg shells, a little to RUB them in order, add 3 liters of water. Bring mixture to a boil and keep on fire for about 2-3 minutes. After cooling, the mixture is diluted with 5 liters of water to use for watering houseplants, vegetable crops. This infusion is very useful for growing spring seedlings, it will allow the plants to grow quickly and take from the soil the maximum amount of minerals.
  4. Mix 100 g of egg shell, peel onion, walnut leaves, add 50 g of lime. All this pour 1 liter of boiling water, insist 1 day. After straining, the liquid should be diluted with 10-12 liters of water and finished fertilizer. It is recommended to apply in the spring when the plants in the garden only break. This infusion will help grow a healthy green, large.

Video: How to make fertilizer from eggshell of eggs and orange peel

For that, you should prepare a 5-6 egg shells, peel of 1 orange. These ingredients grind, stir, drop in a 3 litre capacity. In a saucepan boil water, pour it in the mixture of the shell, an orange, stir. Allow to infuse for future fertilizer for several hours to cool. This infusion will be a good solution to improve the soil of potted plants should be prepared for 1-2 times and apply each month. As a Supplement, watch a video about fertilizer from eggshell:

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