Cultivators for vegetable garden

Many owners to facilitate the annual trouble in the beds buy a variety of garden and garden equipment. The most common device near a chainsaw is a cultivator, which can significantly save the time and energy to cultivate the land. This technique usually is of several types.

Petrol cultivator

The man plowing the garden

For processing a large area is best suited petrol cultivator (mechanical device or tiller), characterized by mobility and high productivity. Its engine runs on gasoline, so the binding in the form of a rosette and cord does not need to. Benzogenerator –independent device, capable of handling even the most remote sites. On the basis of technical capacity and weight, petrol cultivators for vegetable garden divided into:

  • lightweight – weighing up to 40 kg;
  • ultralight – weighing up to 15 kg;
  • medium – weight up to 60 kg;
  • heavy – weight over 60 kg

Electric cultivator for the garden

Popular among gardeners is considered a lightweight electric cultivator: this equipment requires only a power outlet and a long cord. So if you have a small plot near the house (5 acres), the optimal choice would be electrochlorinator. This device is environmentally friendly, so you don’t have to breathe exhaust gases like, for example, with a gasoline counterpart. In addition, it is not necessary to control the quality and the level of gasoline. Weight of equipment is small – from 6 to 20 kg, so that the capacity of the equipment is also small. The instrument copes well with hard dirt clods.

Man plows the earth in the garden

Manual cultivator

Often in suburban areas there are places where you can’t get petrol and electric units. Tremendous aid in such cases is able to provide a small hand cultivators. These devices are considered to be inexpensive and simple to operate, they can handle even a child. The manual cultivators for vegetable garden divided according to soil treatment:

  • For loosening soft soil is perfect disk (rotating, stellar) camera. Width of this product have depends on the number of toothed discs.
  • For firm ground use the cultivator-cultivator with curved, sharp teeth.
  • For soil in pots have their own little handheld device with a short handle.

Who makes the tillers for the garden

Cultivator Husqvarna

Popular cultivators – models that are in high demand owing to its efficient working body, reliable engine, easy management. As a rule, they are adapted to cultivation in different areas. Today the market of modern cultivators, each of the manufacturers offers good options for the price and quality. According to user reviews were the rating of the most popular models:

  • Husqvarna. Powerful cultivator for garden and cottage. Weight up to 60 kg makes the instrument convenient. The device works on gasoline. The engine provides a significant speed when moving, while not resulting in rapid operator fatigue. In one pass the unit captures 80 cm strips, the depth of penetration is 30 cm.
  • Champion BC. Reputable Russian brand, part of whose production is concentrated in China. Devices Champion are budget counterparts Husqvarna. When weighing up to 50 kg the device is also easy to use, reducing weight helps to maintain the excellent level of ergonomics. Present and adjustable steering wheel.
  • Hyundai. Popular cultivator, which is intermediate between the Champion and Husqvarna. Cutting width is 80 cm, the depth of penetration is 30 cm. the steering Wheel is ergonomic and comfortable. All the main controls are on the handle.
  • Cordless Black Decker cultivator. The device is good for small areas. Prevents tangle of weeds and loosen the soil thoroughly. The principle of operation of the battery allows you to use the equipment in the most remote places.

Where to buy and how much it cost

Cultivator for garden

The cultivator can be purchased in a specialized hypermarket garden machinery or in the online stores. All appliances vary widely in price, such as mini cultivator Tornado can be bought for 1,000 rubles, and cheap electrochlorinator (1 HP motor) for 5 thousand rubles, although you can use it only for processing of greenhouses and flowerbeds. More powerful and universal model («Mole») is the average cost of 15 thousand rubles.

How to choose a cultivator

Before buying the device you must decide what it will be used. For treatment of small areas suitable electrochlorinator, characterized by small size and light weight. If you have to work with a considerable garden area, then it is better to be a petrol cultivator. In addition, the choice of the cultivator depends on:

  • the type of soil;
  • mobility equipment (lots of space needed for storage cultivator);
  • performance model;
  • characteristics of the site;
  • the angle of inclination of the device;
  • availability reverse (this is mandatory for heavy vehicles);
  • speeds (if more than one, you can use the device for various purposes).

Modern cultivator for the garden may be supplemented with special tents (Hiller, rotary lawn mower, shovel-snow blower, a cultivator), which turn the device into a universal tool. Potato lovers will come in handy digger, plow and blade, to those who breeds rabbits – mower. There is even a special cultivator-cornouaille tornado, for which you can make Hiller with his hands. When choosing hoes always pay attention to ease of use, specifications, and more on the brand and warranty.

Girl plowing the land

Mini cultivator

By choosing a small cultivator for soil in the suburban area, necessary to decide for what purpose and what will be done with it. The more power the unit has, the higher its performance. In addition, you must pay attention to the dimensions of the device, its width, weight, depth, number of nozzles and the ability to purchase additional. Modern mini-cultivator (mini tractor) is a multifunctional machine which helps:

  • treating a bed;
  • loosen the soil;
  • elevate the greenhouse;
  • to cut the grooves;
  • to make fertilizer;
  • to weed the beds.

Average power

Cultivators of the average power are the units in which the weight ranges from 15 to 40 kg. due to their dimensions the instruments deeper work the land and not afraid of hard soil, although they are difficult to manage. Before buying such a device check what exactly is included in the kit (the lighter the model, the smaller the number of operations it does). The width of the cutter depends on the power of the device (the stronger the unit, the greater will be the capture of arable land).

Cultivator tillers

Cultivator tillers for the city

The main objective of the walk-behind tractor is tillage. In addition, using the apparatus you can dig potatoes, cut the grass, to produce a variety of garden work. Before buying a walk-behind need to read reviews of users who have already tested the device on, and still need to understand the basic characteristics of the cultivator:

  • the larger the area of cultivated land, the higher should be the power unit;
  • on a small area with good soil will help the petrol tillers, petrol;
  • the less weight, the easier the clutch;
  • the large width of the cutter handles a large area.

Video: homemade cultivator

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