Blacken the leaves on the pear what to do

Fruit trees can suffer from a variety of diseases. Among them are those that are not quite clear origin – the blackening leaves on pear. Gardeners diligently to fight this disease, but not always successfully. If the tree has begun to curl the leaves, they change their color, it is important to determine the type of disease to prevent further infection in the garden.

Diseases of pear trees with descriptions and photos

There are many different diseases that can suffer the pear. If time does not take the necessary measures to start the treatment of the disease, there is a probability of termination of flowering of a tree may be infected the whole garden. It is important with special attention to monitor the condition of pears and only after correct determination of the disease to take some action.

Blacken the tips of the leaves due to scab

A dangerous fungal disease that can strike healthy fruit trees and cause real epidemic, called a scab. He may die entire gardens. Affects leaves, fruits and petioles. This dangerous disease very often affects the pear, it comes in wet and warm years when summer rainfall.

Small pear fruits affected by the fungus

The first symptoms become noticeable before it starts fruiting, after the dissolution of the kidneys. First, there are small spots of yellow, and they eventually acquire a darker brownish tint, velvety to the touch. With the development of fungal diseases, leaves of pear trees begin to redden, then blacken, and fall off. If there is an early incidence of scab, the fruits become very ugly form, therefore not rise even to half the normal size.

The causative agent is a fungus, which is covered in fallen leaves. In the spring they can see little bumps of dark color, where the Mature spores. With the onset of the period of budding and later flowering tree is the release of fungal spores, and the higher the temperature at this time is, the faster they will germinate inside the leaves.

To prevent the development of scab should fall to collect and burn all fallen leaves or use it for compost. But it needs to rot for at least 2 years. Infected crown, trim, tree trunks circles percapita (diameter not less than one meter). Fall for the treatment of kidney use a solution of urea (5%). Tree trunks need to be disinfected with a solution with a concentration of active ingredient 7%.

Processing pears to prevent darkening of leaves and fruit

When the buds on the trees begin to open, mix a solution of Bordeaux fluid 3-4%. If this tool cannot be used, then in 10 liters of water dissolve 30 g of azophos, 2 ml of the product soon (fungicide), 6 g of bayleton, 40 g of chlorine oxide of copper. This formula helps to cure the tree, without causing chemical burns, if you’re correct proportioning.

Often in one season of the scab disease occurring several times. In this case, it can hold up to 6 treatments, making between them a little break (at least two weeks). Drugs used to periodically alternate. It is important that since the last treatment to the harvest was not less than 20 days. Before planting a new sapling be sure to treat with a special solution, the roots and trunk of the tree.

The invasion of aphids

The main pest of fruit trees – aphids (plant variety does not matter). As a result of its distribution over a relatively short period of time destroyed almost the entire garden. For insect control, use copper sulphate and a solution of bancoposta 10%. This method of treatment it is recommended to use subject to the risk of infection of a large number of plants.

If the trees were such beetles to combat them can be used not only chemical but also non-chemical methods. It is desirable to apply them to fruition. In early spring, necessarily loosens the soil around the trees. Corey regularly clean off the old layer, then white thick solution of lime milk (suspension of calcium hydroxide).

Blackened leaves on the pear

If the tree was struck by aphids, mites or ants, it is recommended to use lovchy belt, which is made of headbands garden Vara. It is sold in specialized stores, or you can do it yourself. The top wound layer of cellophane. Always make sure that the bottom layer does not touch the tree trunk. To treat such a zone should be early in the spring and removed in late autumn.

For the treatment of trees is not necessary to use an antibiotic, an excellent tool will be a garlic infusion. This tool can be used in any infected fruits, not only pear. In garlic cloves should be cleaned from the husk, pour warm water, leave for 12 hours. After this time the solution was filtered, then the tree should be sprayed, but not water.

Why black young pear and old – no

If pears are afflicted with this disease such as bacterial blight, the first is the infection of young plants in the age of 10. Old trees can stay virtually unscathed. This is because the young shoots of pears are very tender, they have an active SAP flow, and the immune system is very low and weak. However, there are certain varieties that are characterized by high resistance of fruit trees to various diseases. Therefore, some plants do not suffer from fire blight and other diseases.

High humidity is another reason

Fruit pear hanging on tree

One of the main reasons that provoke darkening of leaves pears – level humidity. If in the environment there is excessive dryness, the process of blackening of leaves begins even fruit trees that are regularly watered. To solve abundant watering will not be enough, so you need to carry out additional spraying of the trees with plain water.

Which means, if you blacken the shoots and branches on the pear?

If you see that the pear blacken branches and new shoots, is a sign of fire blight. It is important to immediately conduct sanitary pruning to remove all signs of damage. For this procedure, you must use only sterile tools and means of disinfection. Not only for beginners, but experienced gardeners will be helpful to familiarize yourself with the video below, which describes the main diseases of fruit trees and methods of dealing with them.

Video: leaves blackened due to fire blight

From this disease the plants suffer with the onset of hot summer days, when there is decrease in temperature, but there is a strong rain. With the creation of favorable climatic conditions starts with activation of harmful bacteria, affects the stems. If time is not taken, over time the leaves begin to turn black and fall off. Learn more about this disease see the following video:

What to do: methods of prevention and treatment of the trees

If the leaves start to blacken on the pear what to do, everyone should know the grower? First, you need to prevent further spread of infection. It is important to determine the source of infection and try to isolate him. If the time to start the prevention of various diseases which affect fruit trees, you will be able to save from destruction the whole garden. Learn more about preventive measures and treatment of fruit trees, see the video:

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