As in the garden to get rid of ants

Small size insects – ants belong to the order Hymenoptera. Their race has more than 6 thousand species. Pesky garden plots are brown, black, yellow ants. Red — forest dwellers, which sometimes run into the garden grounds. They eat small insects, so bring more good than harm. Scourge for gardeners there is a yellow and black ants. Let’s see how dangerous these pests and how to handle them.

The dangerous ants in the garden

According to hymenopterology (specialists who study insects), ants are the most common beneficial Hymenoptera. However, their presence in large numbers can cause serious harm. The feature of garden ants is that they have their homes under the bushes of cultivated plants. Weakness feed the ants strawberries, currants, plums, apples, pears. Making their tunnels under the ground, insects suppress newly planted plants. This applies to crops in open and closed ground.

The main harm of garden ants is a breeding aphids emit a sweet juice, which is ant-like delicacy. Insects not only protect, care for her, but also contribute to the reproduction of this pest. The danger of the aphid that it settles on young twigs, feeding on SAP of plants, weakening them and infecting viral diseases.

Ants contribute to the reproduction listobloshek, scale insects and some types of caterpillars. Themselves insects feed on small seeds, do not give up fruit, berries. A particular passion they have for the strawberry. Ants contribute to the increase of weeds on the plot, because it is stored underground reserves of seeds.

Effective ways to get rid of ants in the garden forever

Basic methods of eliminating ants in the garden area associated with their destruction and the salvation of the aphid, which is the food source of pests. To defeat this army of insects, have patience. Get rid of ants will help folk remedies or special medicines in the form of powders, gels, solutions of toxic chemicals. If the first option is only scare, but not harm the population, then the second and third will help to wipe out the whole family, settled in the area.

Garden ants in the garden

Biological methods of eliminating ants

The most humane way of getting rid of garden ants is the application of biological method that involves the use of plants that repel pests. Natural remedies help to avoid unnecessary casualties, and chemicals can cause the death of other creatures, accidentally tasted the poison. Mostly these crops include herbs and spices such as tansy, mustard, parsley and the tops of the tomatoes.


One of the most effective folk methods of eliminating ants is the use of tansy. To close with currants not settled pests, scatter the flowers of tansy, their scent will scare away uninvited neighbors. Well proved remedy made with dried parts of the plant. For him, take 0.8 kg dry branches of tansy pour 10 liters of water and insist two days.

Then boil the infusion for half an hour, strain and add enough cold water, add 50 g of soap. Obtained by means of treat places where pests, including plants. To prepare a decoction from the fresh plant parts. In this case, the specified amount of water, take 2 kg of tansy. Will help to deter pests, and growing plant. This plant tansy at the favorite ants crops.


To save the garden from the ants helps ordinary dry mustard. It is the most simple and accessible tool that does not require cooking and use of any of the solutions for spraying. To get rid of ants, pour their clusters and track the movement of a thick layer of mustard powder. The smallest particles will clog the spiracles of insects that will cause the flight of pests.


One of the most effective eco-friendly means of dealing with ants is the use of parsley. The smell of the plant repels insects, making their presence next to her unbearable. Tear the leaves of the plant, lightly mash to enhance the flavor, and place near the nests. The scent of parsley will not kill ants but will become the reason for their mass migration to more favorable locations.

The tops of the tomatoes

To cope with the invasion of ants garden helps the tomato plant. Its effectiveness is due to the presence of toxic substances of glycoalkaloid – solanine, which is contained not only in the branches of the tomato, and green fruits. For the control of ants, you can use any of the vegetative parts of the plant affected by fungal diseases. Used fresh and dry tops, which store for further use of the reserve. Contribute to the protection of the ants is to place the tomato laterals located under shrubs horticultural crops.

As funds from ants and aphids is well established and a decoction of the stems and leaves of tomato. To make it, take 4 kg of the crushed plant parts, pour 10 liters of water and insist 4 hours. The infusion boil for half an hour on low heat, cooled and filtered. Before using the money received is diluted in a ratio of 1:4.

If cooking means taking dry parts of the plant, the broth is prepared according to this recipe:

  • 1 kg of dry powdered leaves pour 10 liters of water and insist 5 hours.
  • Then boil three hours in a pot, the lid closed on slow fire. If the water is hard to boil away, add about the same amount of boiling water.
  • The cooled and filtered solution is diluted with water in a ratio of 1:3.
  • The resulting mixture was treated with places where aphids and ants.
  • To the solution is better stuck in it before use, add 30 g of green soap.

Chemical preparations for killing ants in the garden

The most effective means of protecting the garden from pests, including ants and aphids, there are chemical means. Their use contributes to the destruction of the family settled insects. However, these funds will not help to get rid of ants forever. The use of chemicals should be in strict accordance with the attached instructions to avoid the adverse impact of the funds. The most popular drugs from ants is: Thunder-2, Muracid, Aardvark, Delicia.


Thunder-2 for getting rid of ants in the gardenOne of the most effective professional products is considered to be Thunder-2. It is a suspension of small granules containing diazinon, the active toxic substance from garden pests (fungal gnats, soil, flies, ants). Thunder-2 refers to moderately hazardous drugs for animals and humans. When released into the ponds and aquariums, he causes the death of fish. In moments of work with the drug it is recommended to use personal protective equipment — goggles, gloves, respirator. By treatment, can not drink, smoke or eat.

For control of ants:

  • Substance is dispersed in places of their accumulation and movement.
  • Effect of the drug within two to three months.
  • To destroy an anthill, first remove the top layer of soil (2-3 cm), then on its surface scatter the poison.
  • Places where you used the Thunder-2, should be sprinkled with soil, or cover with roofing material.
  • After treatment the ants will disappear in 3 days.


Muracid designed to fight against garden antsA tool that is used by gardeners to destroy ants is called Murtid. It is effective not only from the garden species, but insects, which penetrated into the dwelling. The drug is a liquid contact-intestinal action, which before use should be diluted in water. One milliliter of the funds will be enough to prepare 10 liters of solution. After cutting muracid insects die within 2-4 days.

Protective properties on the treated surfaces stored for 3 months. If it is not possible to handle the habitats of ants in danger of getting poison on fruits and berries, the drug is added to baits which are arranged in non-food containers. Vehicle muraticum prepared as follows: 100 g of water dissolve 100 g sugar , 20 g of honey and one drop of the poison.


A drug that will help get rid of ants in the home gardenLiquid preparation packaged in capsules. Is used to kill garden ants. Used as a means for watering the habitats of insects. To prepare the working solution take 1 ml and diluted in 10 liters of water. This amount is enough to handle 7-10 anthills. The drug does not affect earthworms and soil micro-organisms, does not accumulate in the ground.


Powder Delica from ants in the gardenEffective against ants from Germany called Delicia. Comes in powder form. The drug is used in dry form for the preparation of an aqueous solution. Powder spread in a thin layer in places nests of ants and routes of their movement. Cracks and crevices in the ground should be liberally sprinkled with tool. It is recommended to use 10 g of powder per square meter. Have eaten ants, causing them to poisoning. Insects carry it in their store rooms, where powder eat, the Queen and offspring.

The effect occurs within 14 days after treatment. Allowed the use of the drug for preparation of solution: 10 g of product dissolved in 5 liters of water. The resulting suspension is treated with insect nests, cracks in the soil and all the movement of ants. The first method is considered the most effective, because it causes the death of the entire colony. The tool is prohibited for use on lawns. While working with him you can’t eat, smoke, drink.

Folk remedies for killing ants in the garden

The most safe, humane methods from the ants is the people. Most of them are aimed at warding off insects without harming the colony. Ants do not harm the garden but also benefits. Destroying these insects, you lose, dependent upon other members of the animal world. Traditional ways will not have a negative effect on cultivated plants. Let’s look at the most popular and effective methods of dealing with ants.


One of the most effective ant repellents is garlic. To this end, many gardeners planted it between rows of plants, which are of interest for insect — strawberries, currants, cabbage and others. Garlic arrows, emit acrid aroma, are laid near the nests of ants. If they RUB or cloves of garlic the crown of the trees, the insects will not be able to reach the aphids.


To deter ants from footage helps wood ash. It dusted the plants on which aphids appeared, and habitats of insects. Drive them out of the nest by using hot ash. To use it to repel insects, the stir the nest, cover them with ash (from the oven or campfire). Ants such interference does not like it, they are in a hurry to leave your garden.

Boiling water

Effective, but cruel means against ants, which can not be used along with garden plants that have boiling water. To do this, take ordinary water, bring it to a boil, pour it over the anthill. For greater efficiency, before applying you need to stir the nest. Sometimes prepare the boiling solution, adding some aromatic plants – garlic, lavender, tansy or ammonia. Their use complements the discomfort of insects.

Black pepper

To deter ants from the orchard helps black pepper. Its effectiveness is due to the unpleasant insects aroma and a dusty texture, which blocks the respiratory system of pests. Use it in the form of ground powder, which thickly strew ant trails and nests. To enhance the effect gardeners add pepper ash and use the resulting tool not only from ants, but aphids. This method will not kill insects, but will cause them to leave your garden.

Sugar syrup

Ants are known to have sweet tooth, it will help you to get rid of them sugar syrup. To prepare it you’ll need 100 g of water and sugar. Dissolving sugar in water, you get a thick syrup, which you pour into small containers and place them near the nest. Insects, attracted by the delicacy will not be able to get out of it. Sometimes syrup is added the poison.

Boric acid solution

This tool is used in the composition of bait. For its preparation you will need the pharmacy boric acid which is dissolved in a small amount of water. The solution is poured into containers, and place near the nests. The liquid was more attractive, just add some sugar. This tool helps to get rid of the Queen. Garden ants feed her a treat, she dies. Enhance the effect of the yeast, which take in the proportions of boric acid is 1:2.

A solution of kerosene

To expel ants out of your vegetable garden will help Karasin. For this you need to prepare a solution of 10 liters of water, 10 tablespoons of kerosene. Received means you need to pour the pre-gutted anthill. The smell has not disappeared, the treated area is advised to cover the film. The ants did not die, but to live in a comfortable place already gone.

Shampoo and vegetable oil

Environmentally friendly tool that will help to banish ants from the garden, shampoo, and cooking oil. To prepare the solution you will need 10 liters of water, a bottle of vinegar, half a liter of oil and cheap shampoo. The latter ingredient can be replaced with a dishwashing detergent. Mix all ingredients, pour on the anthill. To the water penetrated deeper, Jack pierce.

Prevention of pests in the garden

To avoid the garden of ants, you need to keep clean, just remove weeds and dead plants. You need to follow the appearance of the favorite delicacies of these insects — aphids. Appeared in the vegetable garden aphids should be ruthlessly destroyed. Contributes to the appearance of the garden ants in the area of eating. Crumbs of bread, pieces of food that fell to the ground, attract insects. To avoid ants, don’t eat in the garden.

Video: how to get rid of garden ants on the dacha

The primary concern of gardeners is to not only preserve the harvest, but also extend the life of cultural plants. However, the appearance of ants interfere with these plans. There are plenty of methods that help to get rid of these pests in the garden. On the most effective one you’ll learn by watching the below series of videos. Professional growers, among them the chief editor of the magazine «Magic garden» will share how to protect garden plants from ants how to ease them in the beds, how to deal with insects that settled in the greenhouse.

Protection of garden plants from ants

How to poison ants and aphids in the garden

What are you afraid of fire ants in the greenhouse

The fight with black ants in the garden

Feedback about the results

Natalia, 40 years

For the first time this year are faced with this trouble — the garden was filled with small black ants. Among them were instances of flying with wings. They destroyed all my cabbage seedlings, sucking out her juices. I tried to use black pepper, mustard. It did not help. Get rid of garden ants in the garden, I could only using the drug Grom-2. Poured it on the nest and around the cabbage. The ants disappeared and did not notice that.

Vasiliy, 58 years

In my garden the ants inhabit. In all cases, I save the tops of the tomatoes. Use only freshly harvested shoots. From dry stalks this effect was not observed. Lay them under the trees, around currant and ant trails. Tried to kick the garden ants with boiling water, failed. They restore your home after 10 days in the same place.

Valentine, 33 years

We have in the country in this year’s red ants. Folk remedies to defeat them failed. Peppered dry mustard and cinnamon. No effect. Divorced a huge amount of aphids on the roses, I had to buy Muracid. Processed flower garden, greenhouse, and insect nests. Garden ants are gone the next day. Re aphids appeared only two months after the treatment, in September.

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