Hoop for weight loss

what is the hula Hoop photoSlim waist, no fat on the sides and a taut booty is a dream of many girls. This can be achieved in different ways, and today we will get to know how to lose weight with hula hooping or Hoop.

The advantages of Hoop for weight loss

If you are just beginning to get acquainted with the sport or remembering a long-forgotten physical activity, the Hoop is what you need! With it, you will be able to control their workload, and most importantly – learn to better understand your body. In addition, exercises with a Hoop and have other positive aspects:

  1. The cost

For classes you will need only one tool – a hula Hoop. Its price cannot be compared with the cost of a gym membership or buying power sports equipment. If you are going to do at home, you don’t even have to buy a tracksuit. It is enough to use the old home clothes.

  1. Easy transportation

Some hoops are created in order to be convenient to carry from place to place. So you can perform the exercises with hula Hoop outdoors or at the cottage.

  1. Saving time

You can combine exercise with watching movies, TV shows, training videos. For example, what is not a reason to start learning a new language? To date, the network created a huge number of videos created for offline learning.

  1. Massage effect

In addition to the obvious benefits of hula hooping for weight loss, this shell helps to massage the internal organs. In particular, improved functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, accelerates blood circulation, as a result, the skin becomes more elastic.

  1. Self-control

how to roll a HoopUsing the sports wrap you can adjust your workout. Much depends on the selected hula-hoops, and the time that you spend on exercise, and whether you combine them with other movements, except for the torsion.

Not necessarily every day to twist the heavy Hoop, while making squats in one hour. To arrange a and gentle workout that takes less time and less energy. It is in any case better than to give up a day of training it. Even a few minutes with the Hoop tighten muscles and consolidate the results of previous efforts.

So, the use of hula hoops is obvious. What about contraindications? After all, despite its simplicity, the Hoop is a sports projectile, and it is belong to physical training.

Contraindications by hula hooping include:

  • diseases of the liver and kidneys;
  • pregnancy at any time;
  • the period of recovery after childbirth;
  • critical days;
  • ovarian disease;
  • diseases of the joints.

The benefits and harms of hula hoops pretty weird to compare. If you do not belong to the category of people with contraindications listed above, you can say the hula Hoop, «Yes.» In all other cases, previously necessary to consult a doctor.

It should also warn that the Hoop with spikes or special heavy Hoop can leave unaccustomed to this kind of loads of body bruises. Do not be afraid, this is absolutely normal. Wait until they heal and keep training. To avoid marks on your body, you can also use a slimming belt, or any thick cloth (sweater, towel, etc.).

How to choose Hoop

When you have decided that you need to spin the hula Hoop, the next pressing question: what Hoop is best for weight loss? After all, the market presents several models, differing from each other in both weight and form.

  1. Simple Hoop

Metal or plastic hula hoops, which weigh little and are fairly easy spinning. It is suitable for anyone considering a wrap attribute for weight loss or warm up before other exercises.

At the same time, beginners will also fit a Hoop. Over time, when you feel that you are getting enough load, you can cut it, fill with sand or rice and glue, or buy a new heavier hula Hoop.

  1. Weighted hula Hoop

How to lose weight with a Hoop

If you don’t want to fill the usual Hoop filler, you can buy ready-burdened. They are flexible and rigid. Flexible convenient to take along on nature, because if necessary it can be folded or used to stretch the legs. Weighted is not as versatile, but with it, the abdominal muscles are swinging much more efficient.

  1. Foldable Hoop

The obvious advantage of this type is its convenience to carry. Collapsible hoops can be both simple and complex. Additionally, you can fill the inside with sand, if you don’t have enough weight.

  1. Massage Hoop

Externally it can be described as a Hoop with beads on the inner side it has the protrusions that largely determine the effectiveness of the wrap. This tool is so strongly affects the muscles and skin that the first time is likely to cause bruises on the body. But the cellulite will disappear on the eyes.

In addition, there are special wraps for weight loss with a sensor of calories. He commits turnovers made the hula Hoop and puts them in the lost calories.

When choosing a Hoop for the first time, take a simpler model, with time you will better understand what equipment you need for training.

Exercise for weight loss with Hoop

The answer to the question how to hula-Hoop for weight loss depends on how determined you are ready for today’s training. As has been said, playing with a Hoop can be mild, almost boring if you just roll a Hoop for weight loss-this technique is not as effective as we would like. Another option is to add the various elements of the lesson with hula-hoops, which complicate the process, but allow you to lose even more extra pounds.

  1. Hands behind your head

Feet shoulder width apart, hands behind the head is positioned so that the elbows stick out on the sides on the same line. In this position, twist the Hoop more difficult as hands help to keep the balance.

  1. Hands up

Start to twist the wrap as you wish, and then join hands with the palms towards each other and lift them up, reach your fingertips to the ceiling. Breath calm. Draw the belly inward during the exercise.

  1. Control the speed of rotation

Start spinning the Hoop at your own pace, then accelerate as much as you can, then gradually slow down to such a state that the Hoop begins to fall. Not letting it fall, repeat cycle.

  1. Two wrap

If you purchase couldn’t decide what wrap effective for weight loss and bought two hula hoops, can pedal both at once. So you increase the load on the muscles and increase the effectiveness of the training.

  1. Squats with a Hoop

This Hoop exercise for weight loss abdomen and strengthen the muscles of the legs will require you have enough free space. Start rotating the Hoop in a comfortable rhythm, hands are exposed in sides. Then do a lunge with one foot forward, back leg knee touches the floor, the front forms a right angle. Alternate lunges on both legs.

  1. For the muscles of the hands

The answer to the question, is it possible to lose weight with hula Hoop in the stomach, sides and waist, and so clear. But is it possible to tighten the muscles of the hands with it? This also is an actual problem for girls and women. For this you need to spin the hula Hoop with the hands allotted to the side. In childhood we all did, but at the time this exercise was only a game, and now it turns out that it is an effective exercise for the muscles of the arms.

Finally, another relevant question: how to hula-Hoop for weight loss?

For a start, it is recommended to workout only take you 5-10 minutes. Initially, this will be enough. But don’t tighten too with such short workouts because fat deposits start be burned only half an hour after the start of classes. And if your goal is to lose weight with the wrap, you should increase the exercise time to 45 minutes at least.

Another point about how to make hula hoops, we have already partially mentioned: the main thing is regularity of exercise. Even if you are not well you want to do, roll Hoop at least 5 minutes. This will be enough to secure the result, but it can and will Wake up a second wind, and you will hold a full workout!

Leave your comments if you want to know more about what is hula-hoops, and how to lose weight with its help.

Be healthy!

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