How to squat to pump up buttocks

how to squat to pump up buttocksSquats for girls – this is essentially the only way to pump up the buttocks. However, if you do conventional squats, which are all performed in physical education classes, the dream of a elastic ass will be elusive, or its achievement will take a lot more time. But if you learn how to squat to pump up the buttocks of the girl, and will carry out these techniques regularly, you can have in a short time to achieve visible results.

The benefits of squats

Despite the fact that the shape of the buttocks depends on several factors, including the structure of the pelvis, to affect its appearance very possible. Of course, if you are familiar with the sport only by hearsay, it will take three days and not even a week, as promised, some online tabloids. It is believed that even the most effective squats give the result after a month of regular training. To those whom this term seems great, I advise you to think about how your body looked, if even a few months ago you started to do.

Besides the obvious visible transformation of squats for buttocks at home and at the gym have other advantages:

  • Not only work the gluteal muscles and hips, the spine. That is, the body receives a complex load.
  • Strengthens joints and tendons.
  • Normal heart rhythm because the heart muscle also receives a healthy load.

In General, this endeavor is clearly more pros than cons, and the question of whether squats to pump up the buttocks, and does not require an answer, if you go to any gym and look at girls who operate sitting. By the way, for this exercise, do not have to lift a heavy weight, but all in good time. How to pump up the ass, see the link /kak-nakatchaty-yagodits-v-domashnih-usloviyah/

Basic rules

Incorrectly performing any sports exercise, you risk not only not to achieve the result, but also ruin their health. The simplest and best solution for beginners is to enroll in one week or month in the gym to a fitness instructor. He will build a schedule to gradually increase the load to the most effective. Nobody forbids to do at home, it is important to be careful to listen to the unusual sensations of the body and to remember some rules how to squat to pump up the buttocks:

  • Keep abdominal muscles tense. This will reduce the load on the skeleton and reduce the risk of injury, as around the waist like is created by the tight corset.
  • Keep the body straight: do not prohibite shoulders and sutula back.
  • Keep the knees over the feet so that the Shin of the legs are at a right angle to the floor.
  • Before doing squats to build glutes, do a workout on all muscle groups. To complete the exercise better than stretching exercises.
  • Body emphasize in the heel, they need to be fixed on the floor.
  • Breathe the tempo of the movement: on the exhale is the tension on the inhalation, the relaxation.

A set of squats for buttocks

Workout is best done three times a week. Each exercise perform sets of 10-15 times. The complex can be modified by adding new exercises or refusing those that do not suit you.

  1. Simple squats with dumbbells for the glutes

Feet shoulder width apart, body straight, abdomen tucked up. On the exhale, sit down, taking his ass back, to the point at which the angle between the shins and the thighs is 90 degrees. If you have physical training, and lower. Back when this exercise remained straight, but leans forward. It is important that the knees do not go beyond the toes.

This exercise can be performed without weight, but it is more effective to pick up the weights: kettlebell, dumbbell or improvised with heavy objects. If you have a home bar, you can do the exercise by placing it on the shoulders and holding hands.

Pay attention: do not start the exercise with more weight. Take comfortable sports equipment, you will be able to increase the weight of the cargo.

If you don’t have hand weights, and I want to replace squats with dumbbells for the glutes, keep your hands behind your head, this will complicate the exercise and make it more effective.

  1. Plie

In addition to the buttocks, thigh training here.

The technique of performing the exercise is the same as the previous with the difference that socks sent to the parties.

  1. Feet together

Another variation of the first exercise, characterized in that the feet are positioned shoulder width apart, and connected together. This posture allows you to pay special attention to the large gluteal muscle.

  1. The exercise for balance

Squats for girls at home are found not only in strength training, but yoga exercises. This example is just a confirmation.

Stand on one leg, the foot of the other leg behind the first. Sit down, averting the pelvis back and aiming for a 90-degree angle in the supporting leg. Back straight, breathing regular. Return to starting position and repeat on the other leg.

  1. Attacks

Place feet on width of shoulders, hands rest on his hips. On the inhale right foot make a step forward to a 90-degree angle at the knee. The rear leg touches the knee of the floor. Body the direct. On the exhale straighten, pulling the «front» leg to the one that is behind. Repeat with the left leg. On each leg, perform 15-20 repetitions. Then relax a minute and take another approach.

If the exercises seem too easy, increase the load by doing these squats for the glutes with weights to girls and this was not enough, we recommend you to increase the number of repetitions or approaches.

  1. The bridge

The following exercise is a bit unrelated to the topic, for it does not answer the question of how to properly curtsey at home. Is it lying, but nevertheless, is very effective to achieve the cherished goal – toned butt.

Lie on your back, feet resting on the floor, feet wider than shoulders, hands on the free distance from the body, buttocks 5 cm from the floor. Lift your pelvis and fix it at the highest point for a few seconds. Repeat 15-20 times. Then relax a minute and take another approach.

  1. Deadlifts with weight

Another option how to squat with dumbbells for the glutes, suitable for girls – it’s deadlifts.

Stand straight, feet slightly narrower than shoulder width, knees slightly bent, body slightly tilted forward. Take the dumbbells or even water bottles in hand. The palm, which is a load, directed to the hips. Hands slowly moving down the legs to the ankles, then back up. Do not round back. During the ascent do not forget that the knees should be slightly bent.

Repeat 15-20 times for two approaches.

How many times should you squat to pump up the ass?

This is the most common question comes from those who are just starting to do squats. In fact, performing each exercise, it is important to break it down into approaches. For example, should sit down 3 sets of 15 times with a small break than to execute one approach on a 45 sit-UPS.

If you do, you have a personal trainer and how many squats to do to pump up the buttocks, you decide. Start with this number of repetitions and approaches that you are comfortable + the extra 2-3 squats in each set. Over time, you will feel that can add stress, then don’t be lazy and add the number of performances or grab a heavier dumbbell.

That’s all we would like to inform you about how to do squats to pump up the buttocks. If you have any more questions, leave them in the comments.

Be beautiful!

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