How to remove fat on the stomach

folds of fat on the belly photoDo not say, but in modern society the cult of the slender female occupies a leading position. And although from the shape of the Barbie doll humanity is gradually receding, most of the young girls, as before, want to know how to get rid of fat folds on the abdomen. This is what we will discuss today.

Why fat belly?

Reasons in the abdomen, waist and sides accumulate fat, a few:

  1. Fat protects the body

It says quite simple, but is actually fat layer, that is, the lipid layer that protects the internal organs from the various fluctuations of the environment: cold, mechanical injuries, etc. It also can explain the fact that women are more difficult to lose weight than men, because their very nature has a greater percentage of fat to protect the expectant mother and the child

  1. Genetics
  2. Improper diet
  3. A sedentary lifestyle

If to cope with the natural tendency to gain weight is much harder to re-educate myself it’s possible. More about the causes of cellulite and the products that cause them, see the link /prichiny-tsellyulita/

How to remove fat on the stomach: psychology

The most basic thing in the process of losing weight and bringing your stomach in shape is a mental attitude. It includes a few parameters:

First, a recommendation about how to get rid of wrinkles on my stomach for three days, not only did not work, so they also can considerably spoil your health. Weight loss of the stomach – a process long enough, hence the second rule mental attitude.

Secondly, do not just rush in all heavy to eat one celery, spend the whole day in the gym, abandon all the joys of life. So you run the risk of aversion from the process of weight loss already on the fifth day of the program, return to their former way of life, and folds of fat will only increase in volume.

The important thing in science a well-proportioned body is the regularity of training and the gradual accumulation of knowledge and practice. Give your body and your mind to get used to the new order.

Thirdly, don’t do yourself any favors. Since you’re seriously determined to remove folds of fat on the abdomen, keep in mind that every missed workout and eating cake will definitely affect the figure. They can even undo all your work over the past days and weeks.

However, of course, there are times when you want to pamper yourself and relax. But your every action is your responsibility, and fold on belly you will be clearly hinting about it until then, until you collect will in a fist.

Mental attitude in the question of how to remove pleats from stomach. The Golden mean between rigor and love of your body just what you need for weight loss.


As we mentioned, the fight against belly fat most effective when it works in the complex, the main pillars of which are:

  1. Exercise.
  2. Power.
  3. SPA treatments.

In beauty salons may offer a variety of procedures for weight loss. It and wraps and the stimulation current, and massages, and fat burning scrubs, etc. are Usually a matter of choice between home and salon treatments depends on cost and convenience.

  1. The advice of a doctor.

Without periodic examination of his body of speech about healthy weight loss can not go. This is especially true of young mothers. For example, before you can remove the crease on your stomach after a cesarean section, you must be sure that you can already lose weight and to consult a doctor about the scar. For girls who have experienced cesarean section, there is a risk of hernia, which is very dangerous. But a trip to the doctor may not be cancelled for all categories of girls and men. Before you start weight loss it is recommended to obtain the approval of the doctor.

And if the food most often, it is clear: less sweet, flour oily, more cooked, fresh vegetables and fruit, clean water, low-fat meats and dairy products, with training sessions in order to remove the fold on the abdomen, the issue is more complicated.


  1. Cardio

Most likely, if you are concerned about how to remove wrinkles on the abdomen and flanks, the problem of excess weight are also is not alien. In this case, you best cardio. They are very intense, stimulating perspiration and fat burning.

Running, brisk walking, jumping rope, Cycling, swimming, etc.

At the same time to build muscle and lose weight does not work. Cardio exercises are warm-up before working on muscles.

If you want to send all the power to lose weight and to remove the folds of fat in the abdomen, remember that the fat begins to burn only half an hour after the start of the training.

  1. Static

Static exercises are particularly important if concerned about the fat on the stomach, when sitting. Such folds are not indicative of a slim figure, because often in a standing position, they disappear. They are linked to poor training of the transverse abdominal muscles, then as the oblique and rectus muscles can be well developed.

Strengthens muscles, especially those located on the abdominal exercise «Plank». It is used in yoga and fitness programs. You need to get up, leaning on hands (from palms to elbows) and toes toe socks as if you are going to do push-UPS. In this position you need to stand for at least 30 seconds while holding the breath or breathing evenly. To perform the exercise better every day, because it takes a minimum of time and brings maximum benefit.

Strap can be run sideways. Then you lean on one hand and the outer surface of the same foot. The body is a straight line, the other hand pointing up, the second leg is located on the first, resting on it.

  1. Exercise «vacuum»

Speaking about the transverse abdominal muscles, I must say that the vacuum is not necessarily unique, but the most effective exercise to strengthen it. It is much faster to remove the fat on the stomach.

You can take the standing or sitting. Tighten your abdominal muscles. Take a deep breath. Then, as you exhale, keep the tension in the abdomen, dragging him inside. Code over the air, hold your breath for 10-15 seconds and gradually take a new breath. Repeat this course 10-12 times in 3 sets.

This exercise is good because if you get used to the rate of breathing, you will be able to repeat it even while working or watching a movie.

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  1. Standard exercises

And of course, no one has canceled a workout for the press taught in school. More information about the press pump can be found here.

For the upper part of the stomach effectively raising the torso. Starting position – lying on your back with your legs lying on the floor or bent at the knees. Palms crossed or folded on top of his head, elbows sticking out at the sides so that the arms are parallel to the back. Lift the body without bending the hands, as many times as you can, plus a couple of uplifts through the power of (just these exercises through strength particularly efficient). Rest and repeat for 2 sets.

Exercise helps to remove the crease in the abdomen, includes climbs straight legs. To perform lie on your back, arms along the body or behind the head. Raise legs without bending the knees until a 45-degree angle between the foot and the floor. Hold this position, repeat several sets of 5-10.

If you still have questions, leave a comment!

Be healthy!

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