How to remove belly fat at home

exercises to remove belly fatThe desire of girls to perfect chiseled figure increasingly imposed on media entities, stars and models from the covers of magazines. Today we will not go into arguments about how good or bad follow the fashion for thinness, and talk about one of women’s problems in that area. Namely, how to remove fat from the abdomen. Especially in warm period of year when, soon, beach season begins, a girl with sad eyes prefer to buy swimsuit closed, embarrassed because of your belly. It’s time to finish with the complexes and to follow our tips on how to lose belly fat.

Why belly fat accumulates?

Not surprisingly, this problem is especially worried about the fairer sex, because women are much easier to gain belly fat than a man.

This is because body fat is a protective function, preventing hypothermia and mechanical injury. Clearly, nature itself has taken care to ensure that the woman’s stomach is the place where in the future will grow new life, were protected.

At the same time, belly fat appears, if you eat irregularly and incorrectly. This way of life can not be justified by the natural structure of the female body, besides the fat, coming with food and alcohol, can accumulate on the internal organs. This so-called visceral fat. And hence many, at times dangerous, diseases.

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To convince themselves and others the idea that a fat belly is quite natural, I do not want all. For all others we have prepared a detailed response to the question, what exercises should I do to remove belly fat.

A set of exercises for home


These exercises are intended to remove the «orange peel» from the surface of the abdomen. To perform them you do not need anything, except that the gymnastics Mat, and then at will.

  1. Upside-down frog

Effective technique for those who do not know how to remove the belly at home.

Lie on the floor and keep your arms behind your head so that your elbows sit on the floor or at least was not visible by direct view, put your feet together, knees spread to the sides. Draw the belly in and press strain yourself during the exercise to remove fat from the abdomen. Ensure the lower back does not bend, and lay tightly on the floor.

Simultaneously raise your legs and shoulders off the floor while take a deep breath. The neck muscles do not strain, only works press. Get down on the floor with an exhalation.

Repeat this exercise to remove belly fat from the bottom of the press, 3 sets of 10 times. Try to follow your breath and focus on the abdominal muscles. Between sets take breaks, but try to keep rest periods should not exceed 10 seconds.

  1. «Tumbler»

Sit on the floor, feet resting on the floor at the free distance from the pelvis. The back is a little rounded, his hands clasped to the castle, arms stretched in front of him. Start slowly lower the upper torso to the floor until, until you feel the tension of the upper part of the press. Remember this point. Continue to lower the body down without touching the shoulders of the floor, then slowly rise to the feet to the position where you feel tension.

On the inhale you need to drop down, exhale to lift. During this exercise, for «cleaning» belly press hold constantly in suspense, concentrating on its upper part.

The total number of repetitions: 3 sets of 5 times. The deeper you go, the more effectively tense up the muscles in your abs.

This exercise can not be called simple, but it will work fairly quickly to remove fat from the abdomen.

  1. Plank on the floor

Socks feet and palms resting on the floor, body stretched in a straight line. Pull the belly, straining the muscles.

On the exhale, raise the right leg, directing the knee toward the left hand. To breath put it in the original position. On the next exhale, lift your left leg, moving my knee to the right hand. Etc. Do the exercise 5 times in 3 repetition.

  1. Completion of training

An important step is the final relaxation or stretching. For example, you can lie on your back, pull your knees to your chest, hug them with your hands and lie down in this position for some time.

These exercises for belly at home takes little time. If you adapt, it can be concluded workout in 5 minutes! But the load on the press you will feel a lot and the question of how to tighten up the stomach at home, will soon become irrelevant.

Simple exercises to remove belly and flanks

Physically demanding exercises are often more effective, but this rule doesn’t always work. To tighten up the stomach at home fast exercises you can do and more gentle. In this case it is better to repeat a workout every day, alternating complexes in different sequences. Here is an example of such an exercise.

  1. Simple rotations

Get on the floor, feet shoulder width apart, slightly bent at the knees. Hands bend at the elbows and put in front of him at chest level. Pull your stomach in and tense your abdominal muscles. Make slow turns the body alternately right and left. Hip and pelvis remain stationary. Both sides must be completed in 8 turns.

Then make 8 full semicircular revs at a faster pace.

This is one of the simple tips that you need to do to remove belly fat, after repeating this exercise every day or every other day is pretty soon to see changes in your body.

  1. Lateral stretching

The following exercise will certainly seem familiar to you because it was on virtually every gym class in school.

Stand up straight, both hands pull up, pull your stomach in yourself. Then one hand position on the belt, and the second remains in a vertical position. Tilt the case along with his hand in the direction where the bent arm. Hold this position, breathe deeply and feel the static load on the stomach. Repeat with the other side. The total number of repeats: 8 times on each side.

  1. More than a simple stand in the bar

Static exercises, that is, those in which you are moving, but the body feels the load is known to be very useful for those who wonders how to lose belly fat.

Sit on your knees, get down on hands bent at the elbows. Pull your abdominal muscles inward, as if amused by them, try to get a feel for the Department is straining at the moment and to carry the voltage farther, mentally moving around the abdomen. Your attention and breath should be focused on the abdominal muscles. Mentally count to eight in this position.

Then complicate your task and straighten your legs, if you’ve relied on your toes and your knees, but now the focus falls only on the toes. Tighten the muscles in this position for a count of eight.

Complete exercise posture, which in yoga is called child’s pose: the hips are the hips, and relaxed body at the hips. Arms stretched forward, palms down.

  1. Body lifting

It is a simplified form of the usual exercises to pump the press. Lie on the floor, knees bent, feet on floor, hands placed behind his head. Raise your body, lifting your shoulder blades off the floor. Unlike exercise, where rises the entire upper torso to the legs, then ensure that the chin is stretched up, but no closer to his chest. Repeat the lifts 8 times.

The next stage of this exercise is quick climbs. Make a springy motion up to three times, and then fall on the floor. Don’t forget to follow the breath.

As you can see, it is not always necessary to load your muscles a furious load, you can start with a simple but effective lessons, especially if you had no idea on how to remove tummy.

The secret of a slim waist

If you are wondering how to remove the sagging belly in the home, you will not succeed without an integrated approach to the problem. Ideally, it includes:

  • Diet, fasting days, which can be replaced by proper nutrition;
  • Regular exercise;
  • Complete abstinence from alcohol, fatty, starchy foods and excessively salty foods;
  • Strict limitation in the sweet;
  • Cardio workout. If you don’t belong among the skinny girls who just want to pump up the press, special attention must be paid to weight loss and reduce belly. This can be achieved by regular Jogging, swimming, jumping rope, etc. Fat begins to be consumed as energy is only from 30-th minute from the beginning of the workout!
  • Regular SPA treatments, even with: anti-cellulite wraps, scrubs, use of anti-cellulite remedies, etc.
  • Wearing clothes for the weather. This point is not as obvious as others, but we have already said that fatty layer is designed to protect against overheating and hypothermia. And if in cold weather you wear short tops, don’t be surprised that your body will perceive this as a threat and accumulate more fat on the abdomen.
  • Avoid stress. Maybe living in harmony is not the most effective way to remove belly fat, but calm attitude to life’s difficulties will allow you to gain extra volume again. After all, during times of stress in a person begin to produce a hormone cortisol that causes the accumulation of belly fat.

So, how to reduce tummy by working the abdominal muscles, that is, with exercise, you should do everything in order to lose weight and change their lives so that the lost weight is not returned.

And if you hear advice about how to lose weight without diet to remove belly fat at home, be careful before they believe. Most strength exercises only work when the stomach itself is slim, but not inflated. But to remove fat deposits without the above items is unlikely to succeed.

Leave comments if you have any questions or you would like to share your story about how to lose weight in the stomach at home. We and our readers are very interested in your opinion.

Train to health!

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