The wrap helps to remove belly fat

wrap to lose weightTo maintain a beautiful, graceful figure, it is necessary to regularly work on themselves. The woman herself is the architect of his own body. And even those lucky perfect by nature forms, you can lose your data after birth, due to age-related changes, bad habits or frequent overeating.

Sooner or later, every woman begins to think about how to begin to do different workouts and exercise, especially when the figure becomes less attractive, «floated» on the sides or a fold on the abdomen. Many do not know what success is in the Hoop (or hula Hoop) for weight loss and for shaping slim waist, but you still hesitate or doubt the effectiveness of this gym. Therefore, today we will tell you cleans do wrap the abdomen and flanks and how to do that soon his stomach was flat and elastic.

You can remove the belly wrap?

When you have seriously decided to use a hula Hoop for daily training, it is necessary to start to know why you need it, all the pros, cons and secrets.

So, what helps the Hoop?

First, during these studies, involves the muscles of the back, abdomen, thighs and buttocks. But, the main work is aimed at strengthening the abdominal muscles, especially oblique and straight lines. Thanks to daily lessons, not only to remove folds and tighten the waist, but also to «simulate» the contours of your figure.

Secondly this tool helps to tighten the skin and when the skin becomes smooth and elastic, waist becomes noticeably slimmer.

In addition, the classes help to improve the functioning of the vestibular apparatus training breathing, blood vessels and even the spine.

Most often, the question arises whether it is possible to lose weight with the Hoop? Yes, of course, the wrap will help to get rid of excess calories, increase blood circulation, to bring excess water from problem areas, and to speed up the metabolic processes, which will save you from extra pounds and see But it should be understood that a sufficiently large layer of fat will not go for help alone classes, the Hoop helps to remove the sides and stomach only if you combine multiple methods of correction, a large role is also played by the change in your usual diet «right». Carefully review the list of prohibited foods when losing weight what not to eat to remove belly fat. How to get rid of fat on the stomach here.

It is impossible to ignore the fact that classes with hula hoops have some contraindications, namely:

  • The period of menstruation;
  • Pregnancy;
  • You can immediately begin to spin the Hoop after childbirth;
  • Some gynecological diseases;
  • Open painful wounds and damage on the back or stomach.

Women who have recently become mothers should understand that immediately begin intensive training immediately after discharge from the hospital is not necessary, as the internal organs of the pelvis has not fully recovered. Is it possible twist Hoop after childbirth, and especially if you had a caesarean section, it is best to check with a female doctor, he can give some tips and advice on this issue.

How to hula-Hoop?

If these classes are new to you, you need to learn several rules and recommendations how many per day you need to roll a Hoop to remove belly fat and how to use them correctly.

For beginners it is recommended to start classes with lighter plastic or metal Hoop that is empty inside. After habituation, it can be increased by sprinkling it with salt, grits or sand.

If you want to remove belly fat with wrap, you need to understand the main rule — classes must be regular and better everyday, so be patient and collect all will in a fist. Unfortunately, many women give up after 1-2 weeks, and the sports instrument gathering dust in the closet or under the sofa.

Now about how much you need to twist the wrap. The training duration will depend on your physical shape and training better with the first day start with 5-10 minutes, gradually increasing time to 45-60 minutes in a single parish.

When all the equipment classes developed, and the light Hoop ceases to provide the necessary load, buy in sports. store special massage the hula Hoop hard and with thorns, which will really help you to get rid of Bochkov and folds in short time. Only starting to work with this device, you need to think about additional protection of the skin, as are the bruises from the ring, everything starts to hurt, so your workouts are just difficult to cease. In the early days objazyvaet belly with a towel, cloth or a special rubber belt. Over time you’ll get used to it, and further do not need.

Another favorite question is, how much you can remove the belly and flanks. In fact, everything is very individual and depends on your current shape and goals. On average, a tangible result of the training you receive in 2-3 weeks.

Hoop exercise for weight loss belly

If you have set a goal to clean up the sides with Hoop or hanging tummy, you’ll like some of the existing methods of rotation hula Hoop, which has shown itself in this matter. It is best to combine different exercises, so the effect on the tummy will be more diverse and productive.

  • Ordinary and turn rotation. Start the lesson with the usual, a measured rotation of the Hoop in one direction. After 3-5 minutes, stop the process and redirect the output to wrap to the other side. Make 2 approach.
  • Rotation «on the fly». Rotating Hoop, start the slow steps to move around the room in different directions. If the room is not enough to go with the rotary Hoop, you can just simulate the walk, alternately lifting your knees as if marching.
  • Static rotation. Another not very easy, but very efficient method how to roll a Hoop to remove belly fat. It should rotate without the help of the legs, then the entire load will fall exactly on the desired area. Close your legs, and try them not to move, only spin Hoop waist.
  • Exercise wasp waist. During torsion, raise your straight arm up, and continue spinning in this position. To appear a pleasant feeling that the waist becomes smaller. You can also stand on your toes and to stretch, the speed of rotation it does not matter, spin as you will be comfortable.
  • Rotation with squat. This exercise suitable for an experienced krutilin. During rotation of the hula Hoop, try to slowly sit up and down without losing the movement of the Hoop.
  • Accelerate. Vary the amplitude, frequency and speed of spins from a minimum to a maximum, to speed up use your hips.

It’s not all of the existing methods as to remove the belly wrap. But, they will be enough for during training were used all the necessary muscles. We recommend you to see the article «How to remove belly fat at home».

You still doubt that if you turn the Hoop to lose weight? Leave your doubts and start a regular exercise program. And don’t forget about proper nutrition, drinking regime and active, lively lifestyle without bad habits. And then, your figure will be amazing.


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