How to pump up buttocks at home

pumped up buttocks after exercise photoI guess every girl dreams that she had inflated ass , which will effectively sit tight dresses, skirts and swimsuits, and naturally will attract men’s eyes. Often, the glutes are by nature not such an elastic and voluminous as we would like. There is an opinion that if every day a lot of walking, you can easily pump up the buttocks, it is not so. Of course, when walking come in tone almost all the muscles but to pump up the buttocks, you need to put a little more effort.

The best results can be achieved if hard work in the gym, on a large number of machines. However, if the training clubs are not close to home, or you do not like to engage in a circle of unfamiliar people, do not despair, there are many ways to pump up the ass of the girl at home.

If you are reading this article then probably the theme is topical for you. Today effective butt exercises that you can do without leaving your comfort zone. So the first tip, be patient at least for the next month, and boldly step to the desired goal. Go for the magical view of the back!

A little bit about the structure of the gluteal muscles

Our buttocks are made up of 3 pairs of muscles: large, medium and small gluteal. The most important muscle in the entire body is a large femur, the gluteal muscle. It not only gently sits on a hard surface, it performs many important functions, such as involved in extension and rotation of the hips helps the body to straighten and to make inclinations of the case in hand. Middle and small muscles are in the upper part under the gluteus Maximus, but in the meantime they also provide your buttocks beautiful and neat appearance, and therefore not less in need of regular exercise.

Squats for buttocksThe outlines of the priests, depend on a variety of issues and circumstances, including your lifestyle and the principle of power. And if, pelvic shape and muscle attachment to the bone, won’t change, then give your muscles tone and regulate the amount of fat accumulation in this area is even possible.

In order to pump up buttocks at home, you should not regret the flexion and extension of the thigh is their natural daily work. To perform the exercises as needed regularly, every day or every two days, you can alternate them with Jogging or other loads, such as roller skating, jumping rope, or any other active sport.

Special attention should be paid to the technique works exercise it.

How to download ass at home

If you seriously took up the case, then you need to find exercises for the gluteal muscles. If you have naturally small pelvis, and your main goal is to tighten and strengthen jagodichki, give preference to exercises for buttocks with dumbbells with more weight. To train is better in several ways (4-5) to quickly not be tired. If after class is clearly expressed in the muscle pain, should not be afraid, it is better to take a relaxing bath or take a light warm-up exercise or kneading massage.

If you want your butt became smaller, then larger weights you do not need to build muscle mass is not necessary.

There are such things as catabolism and anabolism, very few people they are familiar and know the difference between them. The growth process of muscle tissue is called anabolism, and the breaking down of fat cells, this is catabolism. Simply put, if you have a fairly flat figure, and you want to increase the volume, then you need to increase the amount of muscle tissue in the buttocks using a properly sized diet and regular exercise. Women with large body weight, you need to start to get rid of excess fat, it needs to significantly reduce the daily consumption of kcal per food, plus daily workout.

How much you can pump up buttocks

With regard to the duration and regularity of training, there is no specific deadline, how much time it takes to pump up the buttocks of the girl. It all depends on your current forms and results you want to achieve. If you just need a little tighten the buttocks and bring the gluteal muscles in tone, the performance will be noticeable after a couple of weeks. If you need to significantly increase the volume and pump up Brazilian ass, can require months of intense training.

It is also important to note that in addition to daily training, to achieve the desired objectives, you will need to follow some conditions, the most important of which are: the proper diet. If every day is biscuits, sweets, drinking soda, the effect will have to wait a very long time. Try to include in your diet with the maximum amount of protein: cottage cheese, cheese, eggs, meat, sea fish. Remember, with the shortage of protein in the diet, the muscles will not be able to properly grow and develop, and to pump the ass of your dreams will be very problematic.

Well, all the main points of your future workouts disassembled, it’s time to go to exercise for pumping up buttocks at home.

How to pump up the ass at home?

To begin, consider, what equipment to engage in to pump up the buttocks for those who are seriously thinking about buying home exercise equipment. The most popular and effective exercise machines for legs and buttocks are:

  • stepper;
  • bike;
  • treadmill;
  • ellipsoid (elliptical trainer);
  • simulator diverting feet with a load back;
  • gakk-car.

But without it, there are many different exercises that was created by fitness trainers, athletes and professionals to make the maximum elastic ass, beautiful and attractive, without available funds. We selected for you the most effective butt exercises at home.

  • The raising of the pelvis. One of the most well-known ways to quickly tighten the buttocks, make buttocks sturdy and attractive, is to raise the pelvis, or «bridge on the blades». In addition to the buttocks, this is a good exercise is working the muscles of the posterior surface of the femur. To run, you don’t need any special equipment, just settle on a firm and level surface. To fulfill his need from the prone position, the legs should be bent at the knees, and the hands along the body. Distract from the floor of the pelvis so that the body caught up in the hips units, lock onto this position for 3-5 seconds. Repeat the exercise at least 5-7 minutes.
  • exercises to help tighten the buttocksSquats. A great way to keep the muscles of almost the entire body in shape is squats. Moreover, it is possible to adjust the load at the classroom, using some footwork, breeding hips. etc. There are many exercises involving squats, but you can start with the usual. To do this, standing on the floor, to descend to the floor on bent knees. Foot off the floor try not to tear and also make sure that the back was completely flat. Later, you can gradually introduce new, more challenging exercises. For example, to pump up the upper part of the buttocks, it is recommended to squat with a barbell or load placed on the shoulder. To further work the inner thigh, squatting, step to the side and lower pelvis low as possible.
  • Kicks for buttocks especially popular and effective among all exercises for legs and buttocks, because they can work different muscle groups, most importantly, choose the right exercise. To strengthen the buttocks and inner thighs, as well as get rid of saddlebags, you need to make Mahi in hand several sets of 20-30 times. To build the gluteus Maximus muscle and posterior thigh, it is better to do high swings back, grasping for support. Swings forward, will help to engage the muscles located around the knee.
  • exercise - lunge for paging priestsLunges are a compulsory set of exercises for the glutes. Through such exercises, and are working on strengthening basic quadriceps, glutes, and hamstrings. These exercises fulfill even professional athletes to maintain good muscle relief in the feet. So, how to do lunges for your butt? To start training better with the classical attacks. To do this, straighten completely, legs slightly apart, pull your stomach, then take a big step forward, while the trunk should be straight. The whole center of gravity should fall on the exposed leg, the other needs to be extremely tight. The angle of knee bend should be about 45about. And when «the course of addiction has passed and the exercise seems too simple for you, it is time to complicate things. Take both hands gantelki, and they do this exercise, over time you can increase the exercise time and workload.

Exercises with a chair. Do not expect that sitting on a chair or leaning on it, you will be able to relax, all the exercises you need to do energetically to the maximum impact on the problem areas.

  • holding onto the back of a chair as high as possible raise your legs up and to the side at a time, try during the run to keep the gluteal muscles in tension;
  • hold both hands on the back of the chair and start to jump high and spread his legs to the side, maintain a quick pace and make at least 10 jumps;
  • put the chair on the right or left side from a distance. Place your foot on the seat so that the foot remained flat. On the other foot do deep squats, at least 10 times, then switch legs;
  • put one foot on the seat straight, do a deep forward bends to standing leg, touch fingers to her toe, straighten up and repeat again;
  • for pumping of the inner thigh, stand sideways to a chair, put your foot on his back and start to slowly squat on the other leg.

Few people realize, but some butt exercises at home, can be combined with daily business.

  • Cleaning houses, move around the room on tiptoes, sometimes waving his feet in the side, back and forth. Try to lift my leg as high as possible. The same manipulations can be done if you are busy in some boring, plucked berries or clean vegetables.
  • For washing dishes, woman daily spends a lot of time. You can spend it with maximum benefit for your figure. Squeeze and open your your buttocks while you are in front of the sink. Ideally, to make about 200 times. At the end squeeze the muscle and try as much as possible not to let go.
  • Often have to stand in traffic? Don’t waste your time, study your gluteus Maximus right in the car, no matter the driver or the passenger. Squeeze the buttocks muscles, mimicking the Bouncing in the chair.
  • Even playing with your child, you can remember your goals. Sitting on the floor, move back and forth on the priest. Perhaps this move will appeal to your kid, and you will have fun.

As you can see, there are many ways to make your buttocks elastic at home, and thus, do not have to equip your apartment with special exercise machines and sports equipment.

Forget about laziness, regularly do exercises for buttocks at home, and soon you will be rewarded with a perfect ass like «nuts», and many admiring glances!

Maybe you have a super technique how to quickly pump up the buttocks of the girl. Share your experiences, exchange tips, and if the mind flashed questions, feel free to ask them in the comments below this article.

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