How to make the waist slim

how to make a narrow waistThin, wasp waist are a symbol of feminine beauty and attractiveness. In the old days, a woman had to wear a tight corset to make your waist more slim. The girl was not wearing a corset was considered a sloppy and ill-mannered. Fortunately, such a painful way how to make a wasp waist, to date, is unacceptable, as it is very dangerous and can bring some harm. However, today women are willing to make any sacrifice to achieve the figure of your dreams.

There are many efficient, effective and timely measures to help you achieve a slim waist in a relatively short time. To make your silhouette more refined and possibly at home, and it is not necessary to torment itself, the permanent starvation or exhausting exercise, it is enough to know some useful recommendations on how to reduce the «tal» volumes.

What is the waist is considered ideal?

It is believed that the ideal parameters 90-60-90 women, and in order to achieve or at least come close to the sacred volume, many ladies just go crazy, exhausting themselves with starvation and exercise.

But still, we are all so different that to set a single standard impossible. It is believed that, in order to determine your most optimal measure waist, then you need your growth to take 100 see that is, if your height 165 cm, your ideal waist is about 65 cm. There is another way to determine the ideal proportions. If the volume of your hips and chest are about the same, the most perfect and beautiful it will look if the waist would be approximately 70% of the circumference of the hips.

There is not one kind of female figures, as well as the predominance of the male population at one or the other, are very diverse. Often, the benchmark is the figure shaped like an hourglass, when a narrow waist, wide hips and Breasts. But certainly not worth chasing an ideal and to adapt to the questionable standards of beauty. Each lady is an individual, the waist size can depend on genetics, from hormonal specific women, the availability of excess body fat and even bone structure of the person.

As a rule, a woman’s desire to constantly change for the better and work hard, tireless. Therefore, in order to feel more confident, almost every looking for another way to make the waist thinner.

How to reduce the waist at home?

Proper nutrition

In an effort to reduce the volume in the waist area, first and foremost necessary to eliminate the excess fat deposits in this part. Without the proper adjustments to your diet, even if you have the whole day to perform the most difficult exercises for a slim waist and curl the top, unfortunately, the positive effect is unlikely to achieve. Therefore, if you set a goal to narrow the waist, then get ready to make some changes to your usual diet.

First and foremost, you need to reduce caloric food intake by about 300-500 calories a day, as weight loss occurs mainly because of deficiency of calories, and the body begins to actively draw energy from existing resources».

After the daily «dose» of calories is counted and reduced, you should switch from a system of three meals a day, in the fractional system. There are better 4-5 times a day, small portions. During the day, it is possible to do a small snack, but only from the right products, the calorie content which is not more than 150 kcal. If you want to make a thin waist, will have to put up with such conditions.

Also, need more detail to get acquainted with the list of permitted and prohibited foods. To prefer best foods with «lean» enriched with protein and fiber. Primarily, it milk and dairy products, vegetables and fruits, lean chicken meat I. in addition, the nature to find the products-fat burners, these include: ginger, grapefruit, pineapple, raspberries, cucumbers, green tea and papaya.

View article with recipes ginger drink for weight loss the link /retsept-prigotovleniya-imbirnogo-chaya-dlya-pohudeniya/

Sometimes such manipulation is sufficient to achieve this goal, and to make the waistline a few inches out after a few weeks. If the desired result has not been reached, proceed to the next paragraph.

Exercises for a slim waist at home

First and foremost, to strengthen and build muscles of the abdomen and back, you need to get rid of excess fat (if necessary), and for this it is best to do exercises that help burn calories. For this purpose, ideal for running (galloping or trotting), hops (including rope), Cycling or rollerblading, swimming, etc. to make your waist slim, you need to start to lose weight to the optimum weight for you, to get rid of fat «ears» on the sides and to eliminate all irregularities and defects on the skin, making it smoother and more elastic.

When a few extra pounds you left, you can safely proceed to the exercises on the waist.

  • «Scissors». The exercise is done lying on your back, hands should be chained to the castle and is located behind the head. Slowly raise the straight leg, and alternately mix them with each other.
  • «Turns». In General, any turns the body is a great way to lose weight in the abdomen and waist. There are effective exercises, how to make a narrow waist girls. Every day for 15-20 minutes. make the alternate torso twists right and left, while standing on bent legs.
  • «Tilts». Starting position: standing on the floor, feet on width of shoulders, hands are on the sides. You should perform a series of tilts to one, then the other side.
  • Hoop (a hula Hoop). Twist the hula-Hoop is one of the most quick and effective methods to create a slim waist at home and the acquisition of fine lines in this area of the body. Daily practicing with the Hoop, with the sides leaving the extra inches, the abdominal muscles come in tone, improve blood circulation in this area, and the skin will become more elastic and smooth. Regular exercise with a Hoop, and give noticeable results after a couple of weeks.

Training can be carried out independently at home, you can also attend aerobics, fitness, shaping, Pilates, etc. On these professional activities, there is a coach who will tell you what to do exercises for a thin waist, and how you can affect the problem areas.

Important! Before you begin to complete the exercises for the waist in the home, it is recommended to slightly warm up before the upcoming lesson. Enough for 5-7 min, more actively to move, sit or even dance.

Massages and wraps

Aside from the physical training, there are several ways to quickly reduce the waist. Today, many beauty women have to offer massage courses for weight loss stomach area and waist. During such procedures, a professional masseur is actively studying the problem area. After 10-15 of these procedures reduces weight, improves metabolism, removed the «unnecessary» amount, it becomes more elegant and clear line silhouette. In addition, becoming increasingly popular different wraps for the stomach with the help of which the skin becomes more elastic, smooth and toned, after only 2-3 sessions, and reduces stretch marks and eliminates the roughness of the skin.

To achieve this goal and do not have a waist, you need a comprehensive, with full responsibility and a desire to approach this issue, you may need days, weeks, and even months to achieve the figure of your dreams. Wasp waist in a week is rather a myth, and in a natural way in 7 days astounding effect, to achieve the unlikely.

Do you have a proven way how to make the waist thin, exercise or other recommendations. Share your experiences and ask your questions in the comments.

Strive for perfection, love yourself and be happy!

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