How to download press girls

exercises for abs at homeToday we will talk about how to properly do the exercises at home, because with the onset of warm time of the year, this issue is especially relevant for those winter accumulated fat in the abdomen. For a few days to get relief in the field of the press, of course, impossible, if you haven’t been doing it purposefully, but in General, slender abdomen with dice – the dream is achievable.

Preparation for training

It should say that only after doing effective abdominal exercises at home, even if you do them every day, you can achieve the desired result, when you’re stomach is fat.

For the relief of the body should address the issue more deeply. So first, you need to start eating healthier and to lose excess volumes that cannot be achieved without cardio workouts.

Even if pumping the press at home will be so successful that muscles form all the usual cubes, you will not be able to see them under a layer of fat.

Thus, before the girl to pump up the press at home, it is necessary to remember that the military exercise is not able to rid you of excess volume of the waist and abdomen. But this’ll do just fine:

  • Daily run;
  • Jumping rope;
  • Hoop;
  • Swimming;
  • A variety of intense cardio workout;
  • Diet;
  • Proper diet (to reduce weight and excess deposits on the body should abandon the sweet, flour, fat, fried to fall in love with a new power vegetables, fruits, protein foods). Read the article «What are the fruits and vegetables burn fats».

Well, if you are not worried about the extra weight, but you want to the abdominal muscles become stronger than they are now, you can go to the training.

Exercise for abs at home

For this muscle group, the most effective training is P90X Ab Ripper. It takes only 15 minutes, but doing it 2-3 times a week, you can achieve visible results within a month. It refers to intense, so it is not necessary to do this daily, otherwise you risk overloading your body. This complex has all of the abdominal muscles.

So, download the press at home for boys and girls in just 11 exercises:

  1. A back and forth motion with the legs

Sit on the floor (rug), put your heels on the ground, hands can be placed next to the hips for greater stability (when you learn this exercise and want to make it complicated, raise your straight arms up). Pull legs to chest, then allot from them, leaving them slightly bent. Work pressure, keep muscles constantly in tension. Do 25 repetitions.

  1. The child is now

Starting position is the same as in the previous paragraph. Hands at the hips, slightly bent at the elbows (or straight upward). The back is reclined. Rotate legs as if riding on an invisible bike. In the bottom of the legs raised from the ground by 10-15 cm. Do full momentum. Make 25 turnovers. Then, change the direction, if now go back and count to 25. It’s quite a popular exercise on how to download the press girls at home.

  1. Crunchy frog

Stay sitting on a gym carpet in the same way as in the previous exercises. Straighten your Arms and point at the sides, feet elevated to 10 cm from the floor. Pulling his legs to his chest, hands move, as if you want to hug them, but do not touch the knees. When the legs move the body, hands pointing in the direction. Synchronize your movement and breathing: legs forward, inhale, legs out. Repeat this exercise for abs stomach at home 25 times.

  1. Crossed/wide straddle

Sit on the floor. The name of the exercise due to the fact that it can be realized in two variants: with widely spaced legs on the floor or with legs crossed in the ankles. Abdominal exercises for women include the second option as it is a bit easier.

Now lower your upper body on the Mat, lift one arm up and the other holding the back of his head. Lift your body and stretch your arm to the opposite foot (diagonal), that is, if you have raised the right arm, when lifting it touches left leg and Vice versa. Alternate hands on each lifting body. The legs remain stationary.

Can take a break if you can’t make the whole cycle at once. After that, continue. The total number of reps – 30 times, 15 to each arm.

Through this exercise, you will not only tighten press belly at home, but also make your waist thinner.

  1. Walking in the air

Lie on your back, hands lie along the body. Straight legs lying on the Mat. Now lift the left foot slightly from floor (10-15 centimeters), and raise your right hand up high so that it formed a body angle of 90 degrees. Change feet in places, as if striding, it does not lower the bottom leg to end on the floor. This technique allows not only to lift the press at home, but also creates an extra load on the legs. The total number of iterations is 25.

  1. The rise of the hips and pelvis

Lying on back, place hands along the body, feet connect to each other, knees spread to the sides. Under the bill raise legs together with pelvis up, being careful not to tear the feet (or rather the side of the inner surface of a foot from each other. Please note that the knees should not be pressed to the chest, instead they should aim for feet up. Exercises for lower abs for girls and guys is designed so that the abdominal muscles are maximally stretched, so that the leg lifts try to do it, not pushing with the palms from the floor. The total number of reps – 25.

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  1. Feet up

Another technique is to press in the home for girls. Keep lying in the same position, but now lift both legs up so that between the thighs and the floor was straight angle. Lift your pelvis 25 times in a row. Try not to put your legs down, trying to maintain a 90-degree angle.

  1. V-shaped lifts

This technique is for those who don’t know how to build lower abs at home. It consists of several conditional parts:

  • Lie on floor, legs touching, hands above shoulders.
  • Lift the body, palms touching the toes.
  • Start to move down the torso and down almost to the end on the floor, lift your legs up behind the body. Outwardly, it looks as if the wheel rolls.
  • Then lift the torso up to the legs, forming the body of the letter V.
  • Repeat 25 times.

Hands never run behind your head throughout the exercise they are straight, palms facing each other.

  1. Exercise on how to swing a lateral press at home

Lie on side, lower arm rests against a floor, the upper is for the back of his head. The sole of the foot, near the top, rests on the lower foot. Legs straight. At the same time lift the body and legs, while leaning on the side of the pelvis. Repeat for 10 lifts on the left and right side.

  1. The rise on the leg

Lie on your back, one leg lifted up, the position of the second legs may vary depending on the selected degree of difficulty: about pressed against the thigh (the most difficult level), a little further from it (average difficulty), straight leg, lying on the floor (easy level).

From the supine position and lift the body and head, his hands up the length of leg in her «the top» of the sock foot. No matter how many times you cling to my hands to get to the top, the main thing – to get to her, but in General the less «scarabian», the more the load gets press. To pump up the press at home, do 10 repetitions on each leg.

  1. Crunches with legs extended

One more technique on how to pump up the lateral press at home. Sit on the floor, lift your straightened legs off the floor at 45 degrees, clasp your hands into the lock and turn alternately left and right, hitting (or simulating a stroke) the floor on either side of himself. The back is reclined. Do 40 repetitions (if you count left and right hand separately, 80).

If you master these 11 exercises, so you learned how to swing a press in house conditions. But the important rule of any workout is the end through the stretch.

The end of the workout: stretching

The girl is not enough to pump up the press at home, it is important to do a little stretching, to strengthen the result and allow the muscle come back to normal.

  1. Cobra

Lie with your stomach on the floor, raise the body, resting on outstretched arms (beginners should bend your arms at the elbows), knees resting on the floor, legs together, look forward. Hold this position, try to relax and feel a pleasant fatigue in the muscles after the workout.

  1. Child

Get out of the Cobra pose from the child’s thighs are in the legs, torso freely on the feet and the floor, arms extended forward.

Of course, we understand that the exercises at home difficult to start with such an active workout. If you familiarize your body with the sport, reduce all the replays twice. But do not stay long in these indicators over time to perform a full 15-minute load.

For the abdominal muscles popular and effective exercises with the special roller, which is a wheel and two handles-holder, but doing the above course, it is possible to do without additional devices.

It can be concluded that training the press at home is not necessarily long, but even during those 15 minutes you get enough load. So excuses about lack of time are no longer working. Can start moving to the ideal figure right now, and after a workout, leave your opinion in the comments about how you are given a set of exercises for the abs at home and how hard was it for you the first time.

Be athletic and graceful!

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