How to run in the mornings

how to run in the morningsIt would seem that running is the easiest and cheapest way to lose weight and to tone muscles. You do not need any shells, subscription to a fitness center, sophisticated exercises, out of the house and run! But in fact, those who have already started or tried to start running regularly, a lot of questions, and the most common of them: when better and more useful to run: morning or evening? For him and many others available we will try to answer in this text.

Who benefits from Jogging?

Runs will be useful to anyone who wants to strengthen their body and spirit. Regular Jogging in the fresh air calms the nervous system, stimulates brain activity and, of course, improves immunity. Sometimes people who want to incorporate Jogging into your life, serve two purposes:

  • To lose weight;
  • Tighten the muscles.

But often these two objectives are combined into a common desire for a beautiful body.

However Jogging require serious willpower, because the best time for running is the period from 6:30 to 7:30 in the morning. Few can find the strength to Wake up and run out of the house at such a time, particularly given the need to go to work soon. Waking up each day, think about it: if you run in the morning, what does it mean?

  • Beautiful posture;
  • Toned body;
  • New accomplishment of will power;
  • Powerful spirit;
  • The charge of good mood for the whole day;
  • A strong immune system;
  • Cleansing of the lungs and Airways;
  • A healthy metabolism
  • Enrichment with oxygen.

Use Jogging not even limited to these provisions. However, there are people who for health reasons it is undesirable to run. If you have any of the following diseases before you start running in the morning, it will be correct to contact a doctor for advice.

  • Cardiovascular disease;
  • Inflammation acute or chronic);
  • Duodenal ulcer;
  • Endocrine diseases;
  • Obesity;
  • Stones spleen, kidneys;
  • Flat feet;
  • Osteochondrosis in the acute stage;
  • Blurred vision;
  • Respiratory diseases, including bronchial asthma.

Even in the presence of these abnormalities in the body do not despair to bring the figure in order. In addition to Jogging for weight loss you can do yoga, fitness, Cycling, rollerblading, twist hula-hoops, jump rope, etc.

How to make yourself run in the mornings

The question of motivation for Jogging for someone is the key. We have prepared for you a few tips on how you can start to run and not to stay on track until you reach the goal.

  1. Specify its purpose

What you want to get from Jogging? To lose weight? Calm your thoughts? To tighten the muscles? Or maybe just to prove to myself and to others that you are capable of it? Imagine or move on the paper, what exactly are you aiming for, and next time will be another excuse from the Jogging take a look at this piece.

  1. Prepare equipment

Before you start running in the morning from scratch, it is important to choose the right clothes for this event. Its main feature: comfort and according to weather conditions. For beginners morning jog, it is better to combine with the warm period of the year. This is because after exercise accustomed to them, the body is slightly weakened, and increases the risk of developing. This can be avoided if to dress warmly and to escape from the stadium or Park and straight home, not stopping for a long period.

  1. Observe regularity

Start small: 2 days a week to do Jogging for weight loss. If you want to run daily, there is a risk that on the third day you get tired of it. Selecting a specific training schedule, not to deviate from it for any reason. Missed one run, tempted to give up altogether.

A lot depends on your personal preferences, you can run every day in the morning, you decide for themselves, based on their levels of health, stamina and willpower.

  1. Gradually increase the Tempo

Start to run small distances so that you feel a decent load and fatigue, but bring themselves to exhaustion. For each person the first run is a completely different distance. Even if today you can only run 200 meters, do not hesitate, and do not force yourself. Exact quantities, as you need to run in the mornings, does not exist.

But if you agreed to go Jogging with a friend or girlfriend who physically appeared more hardy, than you, then feel free to go to step when you feel the fatigue limit. Listen to your body and remember that you are doing this for yourself, not for someone else.

Same is the case with speed. For burning fat and weight loss there is an optimum speed, which we’ll discuss later, but Jogging for weight loss for beginners provides a comfortable running. Some may even start Hiking or walking. The main thing is to constantly improve your technique, speed, endurance and not to give up trainings.

  1. Buy a player for Jogging

If you like music, it must be useful for Jogging. But if you’re afraid that throw Jogging because of laziness, then disable yourself strictly to listen to music at other times. You will wait for that moment when you Wake up and listen to your favorite artists while Jogging.

How to Jogging for weight loss

Many begin to run, inserting this physical activity in their free time. It’s not quite right. In fact, depending on what you aim to run at a different time of day and with different duration. We dwell into weight loss, so these tips do not apply to people who already have slim body and want to build muscle.

  1. The rise 6-7 am

The answer to one of the most popular questions, how much better to run in the mornings, is likely to be disappointing for «owls» — people who used to stay up late to bed and late to Wake up in the morning. But the fact remains. In the period from 6:30 to 7:30 your body is most susceptible to physical stress.

  1. Morning run and Breakfast

Do I need to eat before a morning jog – not less important question. For fat loss fit and Jogging on an empty stomach, because after a night’s sleep in the body the least amount of glycogen is a complex carbohydrate which is needed for energy. It encourages the body to seek alternative sources of energy: muscle or fat mass. To run in the morning on an empty stomach is prohibited to athletes, because all the muscles gained so hard, begin to melt before our eyes. If you are interested in burning fat, this method is quite suitable.

It is best to eat before a run, not eating meat. For example, here’s what to eat before a morning run: a couple of eggs cooked «hard boiled», bread with jam and a glass of juice. After receiving the energy, your body will hold the training at an appropriate level of endurance and activity.

Some feel that Breakfast after a morning jog negates all the work done. This is not so. If you do not eat after a cardio workout, can get the opposite effect: the body will tend to store fat. However, this does not mean that you can gang up on anything you want including starchy foods, sweets and fast food. Best for Breakfast after cardio fit food rich in protein: protein shakes, seafood, chicken breast, and buckwheat, and brown rice.

  1. Jogging

Just say that the 5 minute runs, even daily for several months, will save you from extra pounds. With this time, you can start, but gradually increase it to the desired period, because the fat begins to burn only half an hour after the start of the workout.

The ideal is to increase the Jogging time up to 45-60 minutes. More than an hour to run is also undesirable.

  1. The intensity

An important point in the matter how to Jogging to lose weight is a measurement of the pulse. You need to know your maximum heart rate. To calculate it quite easy: it is necessary from 220 subtract your age.

For losing extra pounds you have to run with such intensity that the heart rate was 75-85% of the maximum. The first time when you are not used to the speed, it is better to regularly measure your pulse, feeling it under the cheekbone or around the windpipe. Measure enough to hold for 10 seconds, and then the result multiplied by 6.

There are also different sports that automatically measure your pulse.

There is another way to determine what you run at the right speed: you will find it hard to talk, but it’s easy to scream on the exhale. This method is used in the army to the commander realized, it is necessary for the soldiers to acceleration or Vice versa respite.

  1. Morning run and sleep

Sometimes it happens that the mode runs are exhausted, you woke up at 6 am, went to the gym, had a snack and now want to go to bed. So, is it possible to sleep after morning run? Fat is burned not only during the run, but within 24 hours, and the first two hours the process is especially intensive. Therefore, it is desirable to have these few hours to further increase the efficiency of the run.

But it’s not a hard and fast rule, if the power is not there, and you only have one day off in the week, do not torture yourself, the training and so will be fixed by your body.

Leave comments if after reading you still have questions on the topic of the article.

Be healthy!

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