How to lose weight in the gym

How to lose weight in the gymExercise for weight loss at the gym require no less perseverance than home workouts. If you are overweight, perhaps, one only exercises are not enough. Plays a big role in your nutrition and lifestyle. For example, the effect of the time spent will come to naught if you eat a cake this evening. Of course, the rejection of all pleasures of life (which for many includes and sweets) – a lot of professional models. However, to restrict in your diet still have.

What is a exercise for weight loss at the gym?

The people who come to the fitness center, usually costs a goal. Or maintaining muscle tone, muscle mass or weight loss. This article focuses on the latter, for which there is a special training schedule and recommendations for food.

To obtain physical activity should be at least 3 times a week with medium intensity. Training should take 1.5 hours. Nutrition when exercising in the gym should be a fraction, and the first time you have to sit on a diet, then go on a proper diet, if you want to maintain or further reduce their volume.

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Exercise for weight loss at the gym should be divided into three stages:

  1. Warm-up

In order to prepare the body to further power the load, takes 15-20 minutes to devote to cardio exercise, in other words, much sweat. For this purpose, you will fit jumping rope, hula hoops, treadmills, exercise bikes, Steppers, etc.

  1. Strength exercises

Without this part of the training program to achieve a beautiful body is impossible. There are girls who think that «to carry iron» have only men because the girl muscle look unnatural. In order to have muscles like bodybuilders have to practice every day for several hours with a very large weight. And the fact that you three times a week will conduct a military exercise for an hour will not make your figure look less feminine.

Besides, even if you begin to lose weight, but don’t push your muscles, the result will be saggy skin, lots of stretch marks and again far from ideal figure.

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Yoga exercises for weight loss in the gym take about an hour.

  1. Fat burning

The end of the practice again requires cardio exercise. But now they are already playing an active role in losing weight. As you know, burning calories is achieved only in half an hour after the start of the workout. So all those final 20-30 minutes of cardio exercises going in the right direction.

To finish the whole cycle will be useful to a few static stretching exercises.

Workout for weight loss at the gym girls

If you first came to the fitness center, the best option for you is to contact the instructor, he will make you a course of exercises that best meet delivered to you goal.

But if you pay for a coach you don’t want to, but an experienced friend near there, come to the aid of the Internet tips on how to work out at the gym girls. Consider as an example, workout in a gym with the most popular exercises.

  1. Running

On the treadmill at a slow pace jog for 5-10 minutes.

  1. Warm-up

Warm up the body before workout in the gym for weight loss, while not using any additional weights. You can jump to poprisedat several times to do push-UPS, etc. generally take about 10 minutes.

  1. Squats with load

Before you do the exercise equipment at the gym, the girl should pay attention to the rod and weights. Load the appropriate size can enhance the effect of habitual exercise.

Choose a barbell of appropriate size (if you are a beginner, most likely you will fit the smallest of those that are in the hall 10 or 20 kilograms). Put it on your shoulders and hold with two hands. Make sure that the body was standing right in the middle of the rod, so she wouldn’t fall right or left.

Start squat: back at this, leans forward, butt stuck out back, strive to ensure that the angle between the thighs and legs was 90 degrees. Your knees should not go beyond the toes.

Repeat three sets of 10 times.

A set of exercises which helps to tighten the ass using proper technique of squats that describes the link /kak-pravilno-prisedat-chtobyi-nakachat-yagoditsyi/

  1. Lunges with weight

Stand up straight, pick up the weights: dumbbell or kettlebell, tighten the abdomen and keep your back flat, not bending at the waist and shoulder blades. Do one foot wide step forward, the other almost dropping to one knee, but does not touch the floor at 1-2 cm Repeat 2-3 sets on each leg 8 times.

  1. Lifting

Stand up straight, take in each hand dumbbells at a comfortable weight. Smoothly breathe in and lift the dumbbells to your chest by bending your elbow. You can first work with one hand and then the other. And you can take turns to raise the left and right dumbbell. Do 3 sets of 8-10 times.

  1. Working with the top unit

If you have little idea on what the gym to work out to lose weight, probably block trainer you will look for a long time. It is on a rope suspended from a horizontal crossbar, which is designed to simulate the pull-UPS. It can be used to pump up the back muscles.

To work the upper muscles of the back of the unit, you need to get back, sitting in the trainer’s face.

To study the lower back on the exhale, pull the handle down to the chin level or slightly below. Back in this slightly tilted back. On the inhale return to starting position.

Repeat 2-3 sets for 8-15 times.

  1. Work with the lower block

To perform this exercise for weight loss at the gym, you should select the weight in the unit, to sit on the bench, feet to base two of a special lining. Take the handle on both sides and pull to your chest – this is your starting position. Attach the arm, straightening the arm. Then keep it to yourself, slightly inclining the back.

  1. Running

As we have said, an important part of the weight loss in the gym is to finish the training powerful cardio. Treadmill, exercise bike would be perfect for that. Run or walk uphill (it is possible to choose on the track) should be 20-30 minutes.

Why is there no visible effect?

Sometimes on Internet forums, found a query that can be summarized «go to the gym and not losing weight». This can be a few reasons:

  • The preservation of an improper diet;

Whether you eat to allow the body to get rid of fat? You have refused from sweet, fried, overly salty and starchy foods? Nutrition for workouts at the gym also involves splitting your diet in 5-6 small portions that you consume at the same time, and also sufficient water. To find it, multiply your weight by 0.3. So many litres per day should be ingested.

In nutrition for weight loss there are a huge number of nuances. Someone advised to count calories, someone to sit on a strict diet, someone — to give up carbs. Depending on how overweight you are, the nutrition program may be different.

  • Not quite laid out in the hall

Leaving the gym, you need to be wet, red and very tired. If you are still able to do after training a couple of «selfie» in the locker room, so good job!

  • Hormonal disruptions and disturbances in the body

Sometimes excess weight is caused by some diseases or hormonal changes. On this account it is necessary to consult a doctor.

  • Not enough time has passed

Maybe you were inspired by the idea that going to the gym, the pounds melt away? Unfortunately, this is not true. With excess weight to achieve a slim figure and uploaded, it takes much labor and time.

To obtain a visible result, it should take no less than a month!

Leave comments and write what other sports exercises you can perform in the fitness center.

Train to health!

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