Exercises in the office and in the workplace

exercise in the workplaceHaving a sedentary job it’s hard to maintain muscle tone as active charging in the workplace is suitable not for every profession. It would be nice to stroll to the workplace and home, but big cities and distances will be obliged on the way to work, sitting in the car or public transport. Sitting in one place for at least leads to pain in the neck, back, buttocks, and a maximum of up to excess weight, poor heart function and other vital systems. However, do not rush to change jobs, to support physical activity can and sitting at the table.

Charging at work: dance

Preferably, every half hour you spend in a relatively fixed position, to carry out such exercises. In some companies, especially in developed countries all on schedule regularly carry out exercises, because it improves performance, has a positive effect on the visual apparatus, lungs, musculoskeletal system and internal organs.

Start your exercises in the workplace with a short warm-up if time allows. For example, jog 2-3 times up and down the stairs. Maybe you’ve been meaning to take some papers to the other end of the house? Good excuse to start charging.

  1. Chair exercises for the buttocks

Sit on the edge of the chair, place your hands flat on the table, but do not rely on them their weight. Tighten your buttocks, lifting them a few centimeters from the surface of the chair. Hold this position for 5-10 seconds and relax. Repeat 8 times.

  1. Workout for lungs

Lean back in the chair, hands along the body. Taking the shoulders back and opening the chest, take a deep breath. Turning the shoulders and the head forward and rounding the back, do a slow exhale through the mouth.

  1. The exercises for the spine and lungs

Grab your elbows. Raise your hands up to the back of his head, taking a breath. Feel straightens the spine and chest revealed. On the exhale, lower the hands down.

  1. Lateral twisting

Bring the hands to the shoulders, straighten your back. Turning the torso to the side, pull your arm back at the same breathe. Returning to the starting position, do exhale.

  1. Exercises in the workplace for the feet

Straighten your legs in front of you, begin to move feet up and down. If time allows, do three sets.

  1. Workout for the neck

The back of the neck can stretch with prolonged head tilt forward. This exercise aims to strengthen the neck muscles and to counteract that change.

Put your palm on the neck, elbows placed on either side. Pressure from the palms on the head, trying to lower it. At the same time the head and neck provide the opposition in order to maintain a stationary position. Hold this position static load for 4 seconds.

Put your hands down and do swinging first one arm, then the other.

Exercise in office to lose weight

If regular workout is more or less clear, the weight loss on the job usually causes General surprise. Do not expect, of course, that you’ll start to lose weight on the run fitness in the workplace, but if you miss a workout due to blockage at work, to keep muscle tone, right from the comfort of your office, it is possible!

  1. Power thrust

This exercise is not very suitable for those who work in the common room, but nevertheless, you may like it! Pick up a heavy object, a new stack of paper is fine. Stand up straight, pinch shoulder blades, pull your stomach. Begin to lower the load to the floor without bending legs. At the top take the breath. Repeat 2 sets of 15 times.

  1. Squats with weights

Now, take in each hand weight (one ream of paper will be fine), stand up straight, spread your feet shoulder-width apart and begin to squat so that the bottom of the thigh formed a right angle with the legs. Back while leaning forward. Repeat 2 sets of 15 times.

  1. Reverse pushups

Exercises in sedentary work do not have to perform sitting down. The following example is just for those who have the opportunity to arrange at least a minute break and perform the full exercise.

The hands and hips lean on the Desk or convenient Oprah, spread the legs shoulder width of the pelvis. Do squats, moving the pelvis to the floor and back to the table. This exercise develops the triceps of the arm that helps to cope with sagging rear surface of the hand. Repeat it at least 2 sets of 15 times.

  1. The tone press

Another exercise 5-minute charge in the workplace for weight loss aimed at maintaining muscle tone of the abdomen. Pick up the load, spread the legs shoulder-width apart, hands lift upward and make circular movements in the lumbar spine, not bending back. Breathe freely. Perform 20 repetitions in each direction.

Exercise sitting on a chair

Well, if Crouch or any way to give your fitness classes, you should not, you can do another type of workout: will not even notice that you are distracted from work.

  1. Work the muscles of the hands

Sitting at the table, straighten your back, placing one hand on the back of the countertop, try to raise the table. Adjust the pressure so that do not raise and do not move the table. When you feel muscles tense enough, adjust the palm of your hand. You can run as many times as you want, but not to overload the muscles.

Another variation of this charge for hands differs in that the palm is located on the surface of the countertop.

As for another similar exercises for office workers, it is complicated by the fact that one hand presses on the countertop above, one below. And then they change. This situation not only affects the muscles of the arms, but also for pectoral muscles.

  1. Work the muscles of the legs

Take the edge of the chair so that your hips were not on its surface. Straighten one leg and lift the foot off the floor for some distance. Hold in this position until, until you get tired. Change the leg. Repeat several times. The effectiveness of this exercise in the workplace for weight loss due to the fact that it affects both thighs, calves and abs. Besides, you can adjust the load, lifting the leg higher or staying in one position for a longer time.

  1. Work the muscles of the legs, arms

Combining exercise 1 and 2, we get quite complicated, but effective exercises on workplace for weight loss. Hands on the table top, both legs are straight and feet off the ground. Hold this position for a few seconds, until you feel almost maximum muscle tension.

  1. Working the back muscles

Sitting in a chair or on a chair, put your left hand on the left knee of the left leg. Pressure from the hands, trying to move the leg. And leg try to reduce this activity to zero and leave the leg fixed. Repeat on the other side.

The following exercise can be done the technique on the same principle, only now the palm is positioned on the inner side of the knee.

In both cases, except for the back muscles involved are the stomach, legs and arms.

Exercises can be performed in a static state: that is, when receiving the load, you are remaining stationary, or static-dynamic: that is, you make controlled smooth movements under load.

These exercises at the workplace in the office belong to the hidden. In parallel with the charging for the hands described above, it is possible to talk on the phone, work on the computer or even sit in a meeting!

The question how to lose weight while sedentary work, which does not sound hopeless, if you accustom yourself to the workouts during the working day. Correct lifestyle, balanced diet and regular walks, of course, has not been canceled, but more useful habits is a huge plus in your piggy Bank harmony!

Leave comments if you have an opinion about the above.

Train to health!

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