Jump rope for weight loss

how much and how to jump rope to lose weightProbably every girl in my childhood I loved to jump rope, except that the equipment has participated in many domestic games, interesting games, and was an assistant in high school competitions.

Today, and adults is useful this device is, more often use jumping rope for weight loss and to improve body contours, pump up and strengthen the muscles of the legs, buttocks and the press, or just fix the result after a course of dieting.

Modern fitness clubs gaining popularity is a type of exercise, like skipping. Many will not understand this foreign word, but it is common exercise for weight loss rope. Conducted scientific studies have proved that this fun kids tool is a simple and very effective device, which in some cases may exceed the swimming and training on the bike. But to perform an exercise with a skipping rope you can own at home, besides the cost of the shell is much less than a gym membership.

So, today we will tell you that skipping rope is not only a subject of children’s games and entertainment, it is a real projectile slimming getting rid of excess calories and strengthening muscle mass and respiratory muscles, this article also consider the benefits of jumping rope and how to do it.

Use jump ropes for weight loss

Let’s start with the fact that the modern person needs to maintain normal level of physical activity, to be always in good form and location. But, unfortunately, in the hustle and bustle of everyday work or household chores, you can’t always afford to go to the gym, at the gym or in the pool. So, advantage # 1: jump rope for weight loss you can spare time at home. No need to look for the time and place to jog, or to get into the sport. the room through the tube.

Despite the fact that this «home» athletic trainer are inexpensive and very easy to use, exercises with a rope for weight loss energy and the results are sometimes superior to Jogging and some other ways of losing weight. Jumping on the spot in 10-15 minutes, can carry at a time from 200-300 calories.

Another important advantage of the «rope» is that during the lessons are used mainly concern the industry for every woman. What is losing weight and what muscles are involved if you jump on the rope? Most of all, while exercises that work the muscles of the thighs, the legs and the press, but, despite this, jumping man come in the tone of almost all muscle groups. Regular exercise help to reduce volume, eliminate cellulite, there is a beautiful relief of the body.

And that’s not all, they give jumping rope. Classes develop flexibility and jumping ability, strengthen the respiratory system mu, improve posture, optimize blood circulation, eliminate stagnation in the vessels and capillaries, which is an excellent prevention of varicose veins.

After you have learned what is useful to jump on the rope, you must have had the idea to find the lost ancient times the skipping rope or buy a new one. Now, it is time to have a real home fitness center for beginners and after a few weeks of intense training, you will notice how your legs become more graceful and glutes trim.

How to jump rope to lose weight?

Get used to the new device for you and exercise with him, we must be consistent, especially if you are not particularly fond of sports and never develop their cardiovascular system and respiration. So, for starters, it is important to know how much jump rope to lose weight.

From the first days, it will be enough to jump on the 5 min morning and evening. Try to stick to a certain rhythm, choose for themselves the best and not too fast, because for starters, you need to accurately naprashivaetsa jump, and then you can increase the speed. Better to start with the simple not high jumps involving only the legs, and rotational movements produce hands. The torso should be locked in one position, and the back should be straight. Yes, the load will be distributed correctly on the problem areas.

From the very first lesson, learn to follow your breath, and if it will be hard to stray, be sure to take breaks or move to other types of exercises. Don’t forget to lose weight using skipping ropes, should bring the body only use, and overload the heart and blood vessels to anything good will not.

There are still some organizational issues, how to jump rope. For example, if you exercise outside, in the yard or in the Park, you will need to choose the right shoes. It should be comfortable and well fix the ankle to while jumping wow to damage. Also, before class, do not forget some exercise, do some dips, lunges and rotational movements of the torso and feet.

And last, if you are without a coach, then you definitely need to determine how much jump rope to lose weight. Starting with 5-7 minutes per day, gradually, namely, every 5-7 days, add 5-10 min to continuous jumping. In the end, in an ideal scenario, you should increase the duration to 1 hour. Clear hop for an hour without stopping is extremely difficult, so if you need to give yourself breaks for 2-3 minutes, in which you can breath or make other less active exercises. Importantly, during the breaks, it is impossible to lie or sit.

Numerous reviews of women indicate that significantly to lose weight using skipping ropes and see positive, tangible results, only about 2-3 months of regular training. But the results of such studies give impressive, up to 7-10 extra pounds if you have them.

Contraindications to the classroom

As with any physical exercise, jumping rope, some have a number of contraindications and warnings. Classes are not recommended for people with:

  • bone diseases;
  • problems with the knee cap, for example arthritis and osteoarthritis;
  • unstable «galloping» pressure;
  • heart problems.

If you have any doubts about the state of health, it is better to consult and seek advice from a doctor. Well, of course, jumping is not necessary immediately after a meal, wait until at least an hour after a meal.

Exercises with a rope for weight loss

After nezateylevy jumping on two legs has been mastered, you can move on to other exercises with a skipping rope to increase the load and force the muscles to work harder and also to add variety to your training process. You can devise your own training program. Give a few options of exercises aimed at getting rid of unnecessary weight.

  • Double jumps. During each revolution of the rope, you will need to have time to bounce 2 times.
  • Jumping to the side. Draw for themselves an imaginary line, and jump in different directions from it.
  • Alternate jumps. For each spin, change foot to jump, that is, visually it will look like running on the spot.
  • Jumping on one leg. Jump alternately, on the right, left leg 10-15 times.
  • «Loop». Cross your arms and jump that you create ring every 20-30 times turn the rope to its original position.
  • Jumping at speed. During the class, set a very fast paced jumping, in doing so, try as possible to raise the knees.
  • Five up. During the class, the maximum tilt back five.
  • Of rotation is opposite. Twist the rope is not forward but backward.

Performing such jumping rope for weight loss within the first month you can easily lose 3-5 kg of «extra» and to get nice calves and a firm butt. Every time you add to your classes all new and complicated exercises. In addition, every week increase the speed and reduce the breaks between exercises.

Often, on forums and discussions, there is the question of how to lose weight using skipping ropes for the week. The lessons definitely contribute to the rapid burning of calories and reduce excess weight, but do not demand the impossible from yourself. Ideally, the first week should be only preparatory to then move on to the higher load. If you want to create a shape of your dreams, most importantly to kill a laziness and get in the habit of doing regularly.

Now you know how to lose weight with jump ropes and it is time to move from theory to practice. Prove by example that if you want to succeed and see the amazing result.

Lose weight with skipping rope and marvel in its beauty all around!

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