Exercises for neck muscles

how to pump up the neck at homeThe question how to pump up the neck in the home, should be approached with the utmost seriousness, because neck is a very sensitive place in the body of man, which is easily damaged because of ignorance of the fundamentals of anatomy and physiology. But even without going into questions of the structure of the human body, you can learn how to swing a neck, remembering a few simple rules and exercises. This will be discussed below.

Where to download the neck: at home or in the gym?

Doing exercises for the muscles of the neck both in the home and in the gym. For girls it will be enough to carry out the exercises without additional tools. For the children there are also exercises without gym equipment are not inferior in efficiency to what you advise a fitness instructor. Gym rather is necessary if you like to be lazy and not able to motivate ourselves to workout. In the fitness centre you can also diversify your exercises on the neck.

Specific exercises to strengthen the muscles will be given below.

A warm — up is the most important in the bleeding neck.

Before any physical test for the body needs to perform warm-up. Moreover, it is important, if we are talking about the development of the neck muscles. As we have said, the neck is a multifunctional and vulnerable area of our body. Through it passes the esophagus, trachea, spine, bone marrow, nerve endings and the way the blood-vascular system.

Warm-up and basic exercises

Workout for the neck is smooth movements. No trasok head, sharp nods and uncontrolled twitching. It may become a reason of complications of prolapse or protrusion of the intervertebral disc. The workout is designed to accelerate blood circulation in those areas that are tense during the session to avoid cramps and overexertion of the muscles.

So, exercises for neck we start with warm-up movements:

  1. The slopes

Do head tilts, a straight line back and forward fairly slowly, at your own pace. You can even close your eyes to relax your body before exercise.

Then tilt your head to the right and to the left a comfortable speed.

  1. Semicircle head

Put your head down and slowly swing it from one shoulder to the other, then right, then left. Head at the same time relaxed and breathing quietly.

  1. Head turns

Starting position: head down. Slowly through the right side, make a circular motion with his head, reaching again to the bottom. Then repeat the exercise to the left. Coordinate breath and movement in such a way that at the beginning of the circle you have made the breath in mid – exhale and complete the circle coincides with the breathing cycle.

Completion of training

At the end of a complex of exercises for strengthening the neck muscles is necessary to fix the result of stretching. For this is one simple and effective exercise.

Tilt your head to the right, lower the right palm to the left side of the head. Give a slight pressure with his palm on his head, as if trying to lower it down. When you feel tension in the neck muscles, stop the pressure and hold this position for a few seconds, breathing deeply.

Exercises to strengthen the muscles

Now that you’ve mastered how to start and complete the workout of the neck, proceed to the main complex.

All exercises for the neck can be divided into three categories:

  1. Exercise resistance;
  2. Lift its own weight;
  3. Lifting additional weight.

They are located as complications. If you are new to the sport or exactly how to pump up the muscles of the neck, we recommend you first master the first group. Then, when you feel that you are getting enough load, will include exercises from the second category, and later with the third.

Exercise resistance

All you will need for this complex is own palm and simple accessories (e.g., towel).

  1. The palm on the forehead

Place palms on forehead, back straight. Provide hands impact on the head and neck to resist him. The head should remain stationary. Adjust the pressure so as not to experience pain.

Exercise is recommended every day and better two times a day, to accustom the neck to load.

  1. The hand at the side of the head

Put your hands on the right side of the head between the temples and nape. Pressure as described in the previous exercise. Then repeat with the left part.

  1. Palms on the back of the head

Cross your arms on your own head and smashing them on the head, drawing neck and head.

In General, for a complex of daily exercises these three is enough to carry them for 10-20 seconds to 2-3 sets for each. If you know how to pump up the neck and do exercises according to the technique, after completion of training you shall have a little muscle fatigue without any pain.

But for those who want even more techniques how to strengthen the muscles of the neck, we present different variations of resistance exercises.

  1. Exercise cloth

Take a towel or any durable fabric will roll up into a long strip about 10 cm Grab a towel to his head and pull his hands to the side, and head resist this pressure. Do the exercise alternately forward, right, left.

  1. Exercise with a partner

It is important for him to have a person you trust who is knowledgeable in the technique.

Sitting on any flat surface, put your arms around your knees, pressing them to his chest. Face down-directed, that is, the head is lowered. Partner exerts pressure with his palms on the back of your head, but with such force that you will be able to resist him and to raise his head. Then with your raised his head, he presses on the forehead, and you, overcoming resistance, bend my head down.

With this exercise, as with other based on the support, a movement must implement so that it could be designed in a straight line.

Lift its own weight

These exercises is the next phase of training and are used to strengthen the muscles of the neck wrestlers.

  1. Headstand

Get on the floor, resting his head and feet into the floor. The legs wide apart. In the initial stages should be based also on hand. Then start to roll the head forward and backward, then right and left. Again the movement is in a straight line, not a circle!

Repeat the movement 10-20 times in each direction. When you master this exercise, you can complicate it by removing your hands behind your back and messing with his head.

  1. The bridge

Stand on the bridge, leaning on the legs, arms and head (belly up), then make head movements, similar to the previous item.

Lifting additional weight

Using cargo, which is normally a pancake for the rod, you can pump up your neck muscles at home or in the gym.

  1. The load on the strap

There are special straps on the head and neck, which fix the load chain. To choose it for themselves should be given so that when the strap tension she hit the floor at 20-30 cm

Get on the floor, hands rest against the front surface of the thigh. The back is straight. Lower back and neck until, until the load touches the floor and lift the body back. Repeat 15-20 times.

You can perform this exercise lying on your stomach or side.

  1. The weight in the hands

Lie on your back on a bench so that the head hanging down. The load (i.e. sporting pancake) hold hands so he wouldn’t fall. Place it on the face (it will be convenient to put under the damn towel). Exhaling, lift the head with the load in a slow rhythm, then inhale lower down.

The exercise can be performed lying on the stomach, on the same principle.

That’s all we wanted to tell you about how to swing the neck in the home. Please leave your comments.

Be athletic and graceful!

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