Exercises for the sides and waist

exercise for weight loss belly and sidesTo get ugly plumper sides, hanging over the waistband of jeans or stick out from under a fitted dress, quite easily. But to get rid of fat in the waist area, it is very problematic. How to get rid of sides, one of the most pressing issues on the Internet, a wide range of women looking for a detailed answer. As soon not call this unfortunate region on a woman’s waist, and the wings and lugs, and barrel, and even a lifeline. But one thing is clear, the fat and flabby muscles do not go to anyone, it looks not beautiful.

To the solution of the problem should be approached comprehensively, to choose the optimum diet, you may have to pay attention to different diet products, well, of course you need to get some gymnastic devices, and to perform regular exercises for weight loss laterally. To achieve a slender silhouette and a wasp waist, you need to take only those exercises that have maximum effect on the existing problem area. This is today to talk about the detail.

Why is the fat accumulation of ballast in the field Bochkov?

The main reason is increasing the lugs on the barrels is the abuse of fat and sweets. The fact is that carbs and fats can turn into fat reserves between the skin and muscle tissue, that is to say, a «rainy day». Over time, these deposits cluttering up the entire abdominal and pelvic cavity, creating women and men global problem and has to find a way to remove the sides at the waist and puffy tummy.

In addition to improper diet, the stomach begins to protrude, if weakened abdominal muscles. Underdeveloped muscles in this area can’t support the belly and he begins to crawl, sipping at it and sides. And if you have weak muscles, it only means that there is no necessary physical exertion.

It should be noted that obliques, the most important in the formation of a powerful press and muscles in the abdomen. In order to train, you need to understand what movements of the body, they begin to join in the work. The lateral muscles are involved, mostly when turning the case around, tilting and bending to the side.

Maximum attraction, you will notice when you perform some exercises for the side abdominal muscles, which we will discuss below.

Exercise for weight loss sides at home

  • The bike lying down. This exercise to the sides deservedly recognized as one of the most effective. It can help you lose weight in the belly area, pull up the sides and create a beautiful topography and contours of the muscles. In order to carry it out, sit on the floor, lying on his back on the weight, hands put behind your head, elbows dissolve in the parties. Start alternately attract then right, then left foot, and simultaneously it is necessary to reduce the elbow with the opposite knee. To achieve a positive effect, you should regularly perform 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions.
  • Exercise mill the sides. This exercise is familiar to many from school lessons of physical education. If anyone has forgotten, that we now recall. It is necessary from a standing position, bend over so that the flaps are parallel to the floor, have legs and stomach form a straight angle. The legs should be straight and placed slightly wider than shoulder width and your arms extended to the sides. First you need to touch the right leg fingers of the left hand, then right hand to reach the left foot. Every time «is not occupied by the» hand raise up. Movements must be done quickly, the main thing is to keep the legs and back was smooth, and his hands tense and straight. This is an exercise for the oblique muscles of the abdomen for women is yielding results, if correctly and regularly to exercise. You can further complicate your classes, picking up a small dumbbell.
  • Tilts. There are some variations in the implementation of slopes, these exercises are necessary to retract the sides. The easiest option is to stand up straight, feet apart and hands positioned on the sides. Tilt your body in each direction 50 times. The first few times, you will be limited to 15-20 repetitions. When this exercise is mastered, you can move on to the complication. For example, to perform bending of the case with the raised stability ball or simply tie a towel, it is also possible during the exercise to raise the knees alternately. A more complex scenario is when the slopes are in the direction taken by the hands of a small gantelkami, arms should be down.
  • Twisting. This is the most effective exercise for weight loss belly and sides, but will require your endurance. You can do crunches from a seated position, the body is slightly reclined, you will notice which will tense the abdominal muscles. Intensively rotate upper body and elbows from side to side. You can also do crunches while lying on the floor. To do this, press the blade to the floor throughout the exercise keep them. The legs should be raised up and knees bent to 90on. Lower the legs in this position to the floor in different directions.
  • Exercise to reduce waist and sides with a hula Hoop. Daily classes with a Hoop will help in the short term to reduce the size of the waist, and banish Bochkov body fat. Need to twist at least 15 minutes a day, gradually increasing the duration. Sports can be combined with watching TV, so time does fly by. More exercises with a Hoop for weight loss belly see the link /obrutch-helps-ubraty-zhivot/
  • Leg lifts lying on your side. It is a simple exercise, but very well working the side muscles, which depends on the state of our Bochkov. Lie on your right side, rest your elbow on the floor. Raise one leg as high as possible, repeat 20-30 times. Then turn to the other side, and all to do the same with the other leg.
  • Exercises for the waist and sides with the help of fitball. If you have this exercise ball, it can be your helpers in getting rid of]. That’s one of the exercises with him. Sit on an exercise ball, feet fixed on the floor, keep your backs straight. Start to move the buttocks of the ball to the right to the left. Make sure that the body is not bent at the sides, then the exercise is to correctly influence the obliques. You can perform another exercise with the ball. Lie on the floor, bent knees feet on 90onand hold the ball. Rhythmically and raise your legs with the ball itself and back, then just as rapidly start to breed them in hand. Also see the article «the most effective exercises on the fitball».

Daily catching, good if you will perform a variety of exercises for the abdomen and back, and train different muscle groups. Remember that especially need to lean on exercise the oblique abdominal muscles to burn excess pounds in the problem area and create a taut muscular frame.

There are many ways how to get rid of the sides on the waist, I should say that the problem is quite easily doable. To correct the figure can be anyone, if you ask for and fulfill all tasks assigned installation.

Eat right, exercise from the sides and fight with his curly injustice.

All beauty and a little more tight, elegant dresses!

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