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Exercise of cellulite on the abdomen, buttocks, legs and thighsCellulite is the scourge of modern women. Many women’s forums are filled with issues related to the appearance of orange peel on the buttocks and thighs, and methods of dealing with this skin defect. To his appearance are improper diet, lifestyle, habits, stress. In addition, the skin changes its state after hormonal changes such as during pregnancy, menopause or puberty.

There is a perception that cellulite is to attack only women with excess weight. But it is not so, cellulite can actively manifest and slender beauties.

Modern beauty salons offer a huge number of anti-cellulite methods and activities that do not require much physical exertion, such as wraps, pressotherapy, apparatus and vacuum massage for problematic areas. Perhaps these methods are the place to be, and give some result. But still, the professionals in one voice say that to solve the problem of cellulite is possible only using «heavy artillery» and sports play a crucial role.

Today we tell about the most effective exercises for cellulite that you need to know every girl that wants to once and forever get rid of the orange peel effect » on the thighs and buttocks.

When and where should you start combating cellulite?

Cellulite is not only cosmetic problem, but also the diseases associated with structural changes in the subcutaneous fat layer. Such changes lead to the violation of the circulation of blood and lymph. Over time, this problem may even worsen, causing severe swelling of the skin and formation under the skin tight «knots». Often, this cosmetic defect can be a significant health problem.

To determine the presence of the disease in the early stages, when compressing with the fingers the skin on the buttocks or thighs. If such manipulation appeared unsympathetic bumps, it means that the tissue has already started to develop fluid retention. So it is time to carry out anti-cellulite exercises for thighs and buttocks, because the bumps themselves are not absorbed.

It should be understood that the process of getting rid of «skin peel» is quite long, and you need a lot of effort and indefinable desire to defeat this disease. If you are determined, go to the end, do not lower the nose, and we in turn have prepared for you useful tips and best exercise for cellulite.

Here is the first sensible recommendations:

  • Exercises against cellulite on a regular basis;
  • Tense the muscles at full strength, thus toning and directing them to the area of greatest blood flow;
  • Before class do not forget about warm-up;
  • Keep breathing, because oxygen is a natural fat burner.

Exercises against cellulite on the legs

Talking about effective exercises against bumpy skin in the first place, we consider those that can to perform daily at home. Of course, you can do in the sports centre, but, unfortunately, many women just don’t have time for the gym.

So, exercises for cellulite on thighs are the Foundation by which you can restore the tone of muscles and tissues, and permanently fix the result. It is better if you will choose various exercises, because the impact on the feet each of them is different.

  • Squats cellulite. Any fitness trainer will tell you that daily doing squats can in the short term to improve the condition and appearance of the thighs and buttocks. The most effective exercises for cellulite are considered to be deep squats, perform them should be every day 3 sets of 20 repetitions. Technique is simple: place your feet shoulder-width apart, knees spread to the sides. Slowly, and squat as low as possible while keeping your back straight, slowly stand up, straighten legs. How to squat for pumping buttocks, read the link /kak-pravilno-prisedat-chtobyi-nakachat-yagoditsyi/
  • Jump rope against cellulite. This is familiar to us from childhood, fun sports equipment, today on the effectiveness of can beat many trainers for the feet. If you have decided to say goodbye to flabby thighs and unequal, then start every day jumping rope, starting with 15 minutes, gradually increasing the workout length to 45 minutes. Don’t know how to jump rope, get all the information from this article.
  • Attacks. If very pronounced cellulite on the back of the thigh, it is recommended to include in the exercise the following exercise. Starting position standing, feet together, arms along the body or around the waist. Make a big step forward with one leg and squat as deep as possible until both legs form a right angle. By the same token, you can do lunges back.

Exercise of cellulite on the priest

Often, the bumps are more manifest themselves in the gluteal region, so when choosing anti-cellulite exercises need to focus on this area. We offer a few examples.

  • Lifting the legs. From the diversity of available exercises for cellulite on legs can be distinguished. Get on all fours, start in turns to raise each leg up to the maximum while straining buttocks.
  • The raising of the pelvis. This exercises for cellulite on thighs and buttocks is very simple, but very effective. It should be performed lying on a hard surface. Lift your pelvis as high as possible then lower it so as not to touch the floor. Perform 3 sets of 30 reps. View some more exercises for buttocks and thighs you can do at home.
  • The movement of the buttocks. This is one of the favorite and popular exercise of cellulite on the thighs and legs. Ladies in many forums similar to the opinion that it works perfectly. Sit on the floor with outstretched legs, start to move on the priest, making small steps forward, then back. Do this exercise until you are out of patience. More exercises for the buttocks see the link /kak-nakatchaty-yagodits-v-domashnih-usloviyah/

Other exercises against cellulite on thighs and buttocks

  • Bicycle cellulite. The bike is a real killer cellulite of the buttocks and legs. While riding on it, considering most of the muscles in this problem area. To Cycling would bring the maximum effect, it is recommended to be omitted below the steering wheel and lean to his body so that his back was almost parallel to the ground. In this position the most actively working muscles of the abdomen and buttocks. After each Cycling sessions will take extra calories, along with unwanted inches. Daily we need to give this drive at least 30 min, and then the cellulite will «melt» in the eyes. If you do in the gym, the same exercises for legs cellulite can be performed on a stationary bike.
  • Walking the stairs and ladders. Each day we have to walk a lot, but often on a flat road. So get rid of the lymph, which makes our buttocks ugly, you can use the usual walk up and down the stairs. For starters, give up the Elevator in the house, at work, at the Institute. 15 minute walking up stairs will help to strengthen leg muscles and save you from the ill-fated cellulite. Later, you can organize a place and houses, and deal with it, for example, when watching a favorite series.

Other exercises for legs and thighs is described in the article in the link /krasive-foot-i-bedra/

If you will regularly perform these exercises for cellulite on legs and butt, within the next 2-3 months, also try to monitor their diet and daily water intake, soon you will without a doubt share wear short skirts and shorts without thinking how it will look in your skin. Even after reaching your desired goals, do not forget about sports activities, physical exercises needed for prevention and to secure the result.

Fight with your shortcomings and complexes, and kill the hearts with its beauty and charm!

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