Exercises on the ball for weight loss

classes on fitball slimmingSometimes losing weight can be like a game, not a painful burden, as many are accustomed to think. Today we will focus on gymnastic ball – fitball, which is used to build different workouts. However, we are not saying that exercises on the fitball will be simple. But if you are the enemy of gyms and Jogging, to do with the ball you may like.

Exercises on the fitball for weight loss can be a key factor in achieving the cherished harmony, as the body will get unusual load. Even if you worked hard, but to lose weight and to tighten the muscles did not work, there is a chance that progress will begin to appear.

What good exercises on the fitball?

Each exercise is designed for a specific group of muscles, but as the ball itself is very unstable, it will strain other parts of the body, whereby you will receive the total load and dump a decent amount of calories.

Secondly, exercise with a stability ball is one of the few exercises in which you can independently adjust the load.

A fitball also has obvious advantages such as ease of transport, light weight, multitasking and security. Some girls who are going to conduct exercises with the ball for fitness, I’m afraid that it might burst. These fears are groundless, as all the balls have antivarious system, and the appearance of any defect (cracks or cuts), slowly begin to deflate.

Exercises on the ball for fitness especially loved by girls who often can’t bring myself to start a serious workout. Because even if you just sit on a fitball, calories burned! Of course, you should try to keep the balance. Sitting on a globe, leaning with both feet on the floor, benefit from a little bit. If such passive training to combine with specific complexes, the effect will be multiplied.

Exercises on the ball for weight loss help to cope with cellulite. There are even special bullets with a rough massage surface.

In fact, the benefits of exercises on a fitball is possible to enumerate still for a long time. But you probably are interested in particular exercise slimming ball fitness.

10 most effective exercises

You can build your workout three times a week for 40-60 minutes. And can every day to run the complexes for 10-15 minutes. It all depends on your orientation and tasks. Fat burning begins only after half an hour after the start of physical activity, but the muscles working from the first minutes of exercise.

  1. Strap on one arm

Works: abs, back, arms

Plank is a posture in which up people before you start to exercise. That is, two straight arms resting on the floor at shoulder width or wider, the body straight, lower torso rests on the toes.

In the exercise with the ball of the foot, or rather shins are on the fitball. One hand rests on the floor, the second pointing up. When you will be more or less comfortable in this position expand the head so that the bottom is facing up. In this position, you must stand for a few seconds, then change hands and repeat 5-10 times.

Static posture strap is very effective for all muscles, doing these exercises on an exercise ball, you can greatly speed up the process of losing weight and shaping the muscles on your body.

The bar can be a little harder, not relying on straight arms, and hands bent at the elbows.

  1. Passing the ball

Work: the press, chest, thighs, arms

Lying on your back, take the ball in your palm. Then lift your legs and upper body, while simultaneously lifting your back from the floor. Transfer the exercise ball from hand to foot, and then lower torso and legs on the floor. Then again lift your body and legs and transfer the exercise ball from feet to hands. Repeat 10-20 times.

  1. Pushups

Work: arms, chest

For those who have learned to stand in the strap, fit the push-UPS with fitball. Technique is the same as in a normal pushup, but the lower leg while hit the ball.

  1. Exercises on the ball

Work: spin

Hyperextension is a very effective exercise for the back. In the gym for its implementation are massive units, and you only need a ball.

By the way, to strengthen your back is not only for the males. For girls exercises on the back is very important, because they prevent the development of diseases of the spine, besides during pregnancy back carries a huge load, and it would be good to prepare your body for this.

Rest your stomach on the exercise ball. Feet apart wider than shoulders. Keep your hands behind the head or sent to the parties. Raise the upper part of the body, spreading the arms, as if trying to connect the blades. The back and hold in tension. Stay in this position for 3 seconds, then relax and lower body. Repeat 5-10 times.

Another version of the exercise: starting position is the same, but at the time stress the back, one hand reaching up and forward, and the other to the side and down (to the feet). You can alternate these exercises or perform a few approaches.

  1. Squats

Work: buttocks, thighs, Breasts

Exercises on the fitball for the glutes there are a few variations, but the sound of the good old squats.

Grab a fitball and pull them in front of him. Feet shoulder width apart. Sit so that the angle between the shins and thighs was close to 90 degrees. In such sit-UPS as you would pull the ass back, and back slightly leaning forward. At the lowest point of the squat lower the ball to the floor when standing up, raise it over your head.

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  1. Static load

Works: hips, back, abs

Static exercises with ball for abs and buttocks is given below in two variants.

For the first get down on your knees in front of the ball. The palm rests on the ball on top, straighten the right leg so that the arms, torso, and leg straightened form a straight line. The angle formed by the leg, bent at the knee, a straight line. Stay in this position for 20 seconds, then switch legs and repeat.

For the second option, you need to go back on the exercise ball, rest feet on the floor. Hands pointing up. Straighten the right leg to it’s body formed the line. Hold for half a minute. Repeat on both legs.

  1. A simple exercise for the abs on the fitball

Works: abs, back

Lower back on the exercise ball, legs abut in the floor so that you could catch balance hands interlock behind his head. Do the twist right and left 10 times. The twist is twist the upper torso to the side. When performing this exercise on the ball for the abdomen you should feel a burning sensation in the abdominal muscles. Try to keep the balance.

  1. Complicated strap

Works: butt, Breasts

Lie lower part of the abdomen on the ball, palms put on the floor. Legs are straight and hang in the air. Holding balance arms and torso, cross your legs between 10 times (as in the children’s exercise «scissors»).

Exercise for weight loss with fitball is mainly based on the contents of the balance sheet. In this case, it is also important that the gymnastic ball diameter was approximately equal to the length of the arm.

For the correct selection of the ball you need to consider your height. If you sat on the ball and hips are parallel to the floor, it suits you.

  1. Complicated exercise for the press with fitball

Work: the press, the thigh

Lie on your back, hold the ball with the calves of the legs. Hands take ahold of some good support over the top. Raise your legs with the ball press force and attract your knees to your chest, then raise your buttocks off the floor and a few seconds later you feel the static load. Slowly lower legs and repeat the exercise.

Repeat it 10-15 times in one-two approach. Over time, you can increase the number of sets, number of repetitions.

  1. Rolling ball

Works: abs, back, hips

Get on your knees, thighs perpendicular to the legs. Lean on the ball, having closed the hands into the lock. Start to roll back the ball from yourself, not changing the position of the hips, the movement holds only the upper part of the body. Roll the ball very slowly so as not to lose balance. It is advisable to do the non-slip rubber Mat. When the angle between the body and the hips are 45 degrees, take a deep breath, tighten your stomach and continue to roll back the ball for a distance until the voltage of the press will not be the best for you. Return to starting position and repeat several approaches.

A set of exercises with the ball, like any sport training has a number of contraindications. Before you can do these at home, it is better to consult a doctor or trainer. Fitball useful even for pregnant women but for them, training will look very different.

Leave your comments with questions on the subject of training on fitball slimming

Be healthy!

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