Exercise for weight loss thighs

exercises to reduce thighsSagging muscles in women is not uncommon. Work, home, family, all waiting for your help and time for yourself does not remain. The most problematic areas are the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. Especially the fat likes to accumulate on my feet after 30 years to make it from there to scan and longer to start, we have prepared for you a variety of exercises for thighs and buttocks. Performing them regularly and combining with a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition, you will reach the desired harmony in the coming months.

Exercises for cellulite on thighs

To accomplish this complex is only 10 minutes! So if you thought that effective exercises for thighs take at least an hour and decided to justify their non-ideal shape because of lack of time, it is a very good reason!

  1. Tap dance

This exercise is for the hips allows you to stretch your body before exercise.

Stand straight, slightly bend your knees, the belly is tucked up. Making a small step forward with one leg. Bend your Arms at the elbows and raise the hands to chest (as if doing an imploring gesture). Repeat 2-3 sets of 8 times. If you feel a lack of power, squat deeper.

  1. Squat on one leg

Get on the floor. Left leg right, right-a little bend at the knee and lean on her socks fingers in the step from the right leg and the housing. Squat like standing next to a chair. Hands you can hold on the belt, and can bring them to your chest as shown in the previous exercise. Then change the leg. Repeat for 2 sets on each leg 8 times. Rest between sets it is advisable not to delay, ideally it should be no more than 10 seconds.

If you want to make even more effective exercises for the buttocks, at the end of each set (sets) do 3 short springy sit-UPS. At the end of exercise relieve stress from feet.

  1. Stretching of the hips

Strength exercises for thighs at home is to combine them with stretching. Then the load will be evenly distributed throughout the muscles.

Lean on one leg, the other back and get put on the floor with the toe of the foot. Hands are placed on the belt or on a support in front of him. Lift the leg that is behind. The weight on the straight leg. Breath smoothly. Repeat on each leg 2 sets of 8 times.

Similarly, as in the exercise from paragraph 2, we can finish each set short springy movement. If you thought it was too simple, unable to hang on ankle weights. But be careful not to restart your body with the habit, otherwise the pull to do exercises for your thighs, you have will disappear.

After the exercise, stand up straight, lean the upper part of the body to the feet and slowly sit up, arching your back.

  1. Work on the buttocks

Get on all fours: building on the hands from palms to elbows and shins. Back straight, head facing forward. Lift one leg up without straightening his knees. Softservices in this position and keep moving the raised leg up and down. Pushes a leg to the ceiling, working the muscles of the buttocks. Focus on these muscles.

When performing this exercise on the buttocks head all the time looking forward, and the neck should not feel discomfort. Repeat it should be 2 sets of 8 times.

For complications take an extra set on each leg that consists of eight of the same, but short movements. Pull the heel toward the ceiling springy movements.

After repeating on each leg complete the exercise with child’s pose: the hips are the hips and the torso on the thighs, hands stretched forward, head relaxed. It is necessary to relax the back.

  1. Exercises for thighs and stomach

Lying on back, bend legs at the knees and feet down on the floor. Push the pelvis up, lifting it by 10-15 centimeters from the floor. This technique trains the glutes from all sides.

To this point you should already feel a burning in the muscles of the thighs and buttocks. However, repeat 8 times.

The following approach also includes 8 movements, but do not allow your pelvis completely to the floor. Move them up and down without touching the floor.

If you feel tired, pull legs to chest and get some rest, you will relax the lower back and legs.

That’s the whole set of exercises for thighs and buttocks, but of course the home workout or a workout in the gym a huge amount. Here is one of them.

Workout for thighs and buttocks

This exercise for buttocks and thighs conditionally divided into two parts: light and power. The first is designed to warm and prepare the muscles, acceleration of blood through the body and a General awakening of physical activity. The second part focuses on the study of muscles.

  1. Leg lifts

Down on a gym Mat, face down, hands placed under the forehead, spread the legs shoulder-width apart. Raise legs up, trying heels to the ceiling, then slowly lower down. When performing this exercise for tightening buttocks and thighs you should not strain the lower back. If this happens, then weakly pumped muscles press.

  1. Plie with cargo

This exercise is for power, but if you feel that you do not have enough warm-up, squat or leaning his arms on the strut, attach the leg to the side (this helps to remove from the hips «ears» or breeches).

For this technique we will need the weights. If you hit the gym, grab a dumbbell or barbell. If you train at home, fit water bottles, heavy pipe, or any massive object.

Stand up straight, feet at shoulder width, toes outward 45 degrees. The cargo hold in hands, on shoulders, holding hands. Sit down so that in the lower position of the femur and tibia was perpendicular to each other. The case is a little tilted, but remains straight. Does not move neither left nor right.

  1. Lunges forward

Best exercises for thighs and buttocks are often very simple. This is just an example.

Stand up straight, shoulders also is the load, stepping forward with one foot, sit on the other leg. Ensure that the front standing foot angle between the Shin and the thigh was direct.

  1. The instep

For this exercise, again you will need the goods, now there will be even a steady box or any step.

Put the burden on my shoulders, put one foot on the step, while the second rectified is at the bottom. Then lean on the bent leg and pull your body up. In reverse order come back.

Each exercise of this workout is to perform 2-3 sets of 10-12 times. Between sets allow the body to relax for one minute, but not longer.

The end of the training session warm-up: stand on the floor, bend the body to the feet and reach with hands or elbows as you lower to the ground.

Leave comments if you have an opinion on how to strengthen the muscles of the buttocks and thighs.

Train to health!

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