Exercises for legs and thighs

Beautiful legs and thighsDelicious legs – an important component in the appearance of women. Sometimes women feel uncomfortable with the fullness and sagging of the legs. Good that this problem is not difficult to fix if you have patience and determination. Exercise for weight loss legs you can perform at home, outdoors or at the gym. Today we will talk about all the ways. But first it is necessary to warn that all the load you want to add to your life gradually, especially if you are a beginner in the matter of sports.

Exercises for legs: what you need to know

The effect of the training may be aimed at weight loss, i.e. reduction of fat mass. Then the workout will be more energetic, some recommend them to wear warm clothing to increase sweating. But even if your goal is to lose weight, it is better to add complex exercises to leg muscles to strengthen and lift muscles. Such exercises are useful for girls with shapely legs. Strong legs with beautiful curves and muscles haven’t caused disgust!

Do not expect a visible effect of training after the first day. If you see tips on how to lose weight in the legs for the week, beware and don’t take them too seriously. Most likely, the external result will appear in three weeks, provided the regularity of your sessions. As for regularity, the optimal number of workouts to three a week. To reduce that risk that you wait weight loss for a long time. Exercises for quick weight loss legs effectively combined with everyday, you can say «routine» exercise on the leg. For weight loss this area, in addition to physical exercises useful:

  • Walking

Walking fast and slow pace is very important for slimming the legs, walk on foot at least 15 minutes a day.

  • Running

If you are not contraindicated Jogging, include them in your daily training.

  • Climbing stairs

Very simple exercise for weight loss legs and thighs, which the inhabitants of multi-storey buildings can perform each day with a minimum expenditure of time. Just forget about the Elevator and your feet will soon become more toned.

  • Swimming

This is one of the safest sports that strengthens all muscle groups, including legs.

  • Cycling

It is no secret that Cycling perfectly combines the effect of losing weight and work on muscle mass. Moreover, frequent Cycling in the fresh air strengthen the immune system.

  • Active lifestyle

There are many options of exercises for leg slimming, associated with receive a huge amount of bright emotions. Horse riding, walking with friends, rollerblading, trampolining, dancing, and so will not let you get bored and will make your legs slimmer. So spending a day off at least once a month, you will accelerate the process of weight loss.

Well, now, is to get acquainted with complexes home exercises for slimming the legs.

Exercises for slimming legs at home

The first and very important step in home training is exercise. It is necessary for:

  • prepare the body for the following loads;
  • avoid possible injury;
  • increase the effectiveness of subsequent exercises for the leg muscles;
  • activation of metabolism.

Each of us can easily carry out the workout at home, if you remember the basic exercises in physical education lessons: leg swings, squats, turns head, arms, legs, etc.

The next training is better to build from basic exercises for the legs to more complicated. To finish the lesson, you stretch. It is just as important as the workout. Stretching at the end of training increases the efficiency of the loads, establishes the result.

  1. Squats

Pumping legs, thighs and buttocks is achieved including through regular squats.

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, hands abut to the sides, do not slouch or SAG. Squatting, keep the hips at the bottom is parallel to the floor and the knees did not wear. Five not lift from the floor. This method is to squat more effective than just sitting down to the floor. Watch your breath, repeat this exercise 10 times in several approaches.

Want to learn how to squat to pump up the ass? Read the link /kak-pravilno-prisedat-chtobyi-nakachat-yagoditsyi/

  1. Plie

This exercise for the legs and also works on the thighs and buttocks. Technique is similar to the previous, with the only difference that the foot «look not forward but to the sides.

  1. Warrior pose

Feet wider than shoulders, toes maximally expand to the outside, straight back, but without bending at the waist, hands on the waist. Do squats, maximum sinking down, also the effective elastic movement at the bottom. Listen to feelings, and to avoid the appearance of obvious pain. These leg exercises at home work not only on strengthening of muscles and their stretching.

  1. Dog

Starting position: stand on the knees. In turn, raise the left, the right leg in a straight position so that the elongated leg and back formed one line.

  1. Leg swings for weight loss

Mahi can be performed in different ways, depending on what part of the legs you want to emphasize.

For the outside of the thighs need to lay on my side and lift my top leg.

For the inner surface from a standing position should raise the leg to the opposite hand (e.g. right foot to left hand).

To the front of the thigh is recommended to sit on this surface to the rear part of the knee coincides with the end surface of a chair or couch. From this position raise your leg up and lower down, then repeat on the other leg. This exercise also has a positive effect on the muscles of the abdomen and back.

  1. Highly effective leg exercises for weight loss

When you gain enough experience in sports to his feet and not only, can proceed to high-performance systems (HIIT – High Intensive Interval Trainin). They differ in that they take quite a bit of time, but for them the body receives a very high load.

A typical scheme of this workout involves 20 seconds of repetitions of a particular exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest, then the cycle is repeated 8 times. The entire training will take about 4 minutes! But ideally, this course should be repeated another 4 times, that is just spent 16 minutes of time.

Widespread training of the legs to ground on the TABATA Protocol, developed by the Japanese coach.

Before you include exercise in your life, you need to:

  • To obtain enough skills in physical activity more than simple complexes.
  • To get medical advice;
  • Buy a stopwatch and set it to alert every 20 and 10 seconds at a time.

Exercises in the gym for legs in a certain sense easier than exercising at home, especially if you use the services of a fitness trainer. But even if you decided to cope without him in the room, certainly there are people ready to help in your quest for the perfect body. In a pinch, you can observe people who are around you and mimic their technique.

In order to swing the legs in the gym, you will need the following equipment:

  • Gakk-trainer (working glutes, front and back thighs).
  • Trainer for rectification of the feet (looks like a chair at the bottom of which is a roller, designed for lifting by leg extension).
  • Hammer.
  • Cardio exercise equipment (stationary bike, treadmill and the like).

Effective exercises for weight loss legs and thighs girls can perform both at home and in the gym. The final choice depends on your mood, if you are willing to regularly conduct training yourself, you may be able to lose weight and pump up certain muscle groups without assistance. But I’m still regularly takes over of your aspirations, a trip to the gym is what you need. The money spent on the ticket and instructor will become your best incentive not to miss a workout!

Well, do not forget that doing only exercises for the legs, to achieve weight loss is quite difficult. Complex your actions should include proper nutrition, drink plenty of pure water, regular walks and getting rid of bad habits.

Leave comments with questions or additions.

Be beautiful!

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