Exercises for quick weight loss

Yak Shvydko chudnutie - effectivene rightEach time, approaching a mirror, not everyone is satisfied with themselves, their body and shapes. Every woman always wants to look better and more appealing, such queries already weak half of humanity. Unfortunately, to achieve his «perfect form» is not so easy, some people spend to achieve the result years. But sometimes the positive effect is due to the wrong approach to losing weight, or with a correctly chosen set of exercises.

There is such a thing as lack of exercise, which means that the weakened muscle activity in a result of sedentary or an unbalanced diet. In other words, excess body fat appear due to the imbalance of intake and energy expenditure. Today we how to lose weight fast at home, what are the basic rules you need to follow and what exercises to include in your daily list of mandatory measures.

What exercises will help to lose weight quickly?

You can continuously spend time in the gym, try a variety of diets, and not getting in return any result. And sometimes it seems not take a few pounds in the short term, but after a couple weeks, again not fit in your favorite jeans. Why does this happen?

The fact that a set of exercises for quick weight loss must be adjusted individually based on the parameters of the body and results to be achieved. Choosing the best exercises to reduce body weight, also look at what area requires special attention, and where most of the observed body fat. If the fat is located not only in the stomach area, but it would be wise to strengthen your buttocks and thighs, it is very helpful for you will be Jogging, a variety of gymnastic exercises, aerobics and other types of physical activity.

Performing complex sports exercises, not necessarily to diet, but to correct your diet is still necessary, especially if you are fond of semi-finished products, fatty, fried food and sweets, will have to abandon these products. Read the article «What vegetables and fruits burn fat».

It is also worth remembering that exercises for fast weight loss at home will be effective only if practice will be held regularly. Otherwise, the result achieved may also suddenly disappear. But, in fact, probably everyone wants not only fast, but also hope to lose weight.

Now for the main course, consider effective exercises for quick weight loss, as well as to strengthen the muscles in different areas of the body.

Exercise for weight loss at home

A great alternative to sports halls are self-study at home. For obtaining a good result will be enough to choose the right set of simple and effective exercises for exercises for fast weight loss at home. For regular lessons, you may need a minimum list of sports equipment:

  • dumbbells;
  • the yoga Mat;
  • comfortable clothing;
  • gymnastic Hoop.

So, we picked the most effective exercises for weight loss at home.

Exercises for quick weight loss legs

Squats. Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart, and turning the feet outward. Start slowly squat, feeling the tense muscles of the thighs. Try as much as possible to keep polarised, and also slowly return to the starting position.

How to Crouch in order to pump up the ass, see the link /kak-pravilno-prisedat-chtobyi-nakachat-yagoditsyi/

A quick walk. It is a simple exercise to lose weight fast and faster to consume extra calories. While walking the back should be smooth, tight buttocks and belly. You should begin at a continuous pace, gradually accelerating. If the main goal is to lose weight, then you need to walk about 7-8 km daily. But you can start with 3-4 miles a day, increasing the stretch every day for 200-400 m.

Jogging. Exercise program for quick weight loss often include running, exercising on the treadmill or the cross around the stadium. While running, the body spends a tremendous amount of energy. In addition, while Jogging improve metabolism, aktiviziruyutsya the circulatory system, organs and tissues are saturated with oxygen. Start your cross with 15 minutes of Jogging, increasing the time to an hour.

Leg swings. To maintain balance during exercises, grasp the back of the chair, perform leg swings to the side, back and forth about 20-25 times for each leg.

Exercises for quick weight loss stomach

Hoop. Daily exercise with the Hoop, each time increasing the workout time by 5-7 minutes, bringing the duration of torsion up to 45-60 minutes. Read more in the article «Effective exercises with a Hoop for weight loss belly».

Twisting. Lying on the floor, raise your upper body to the knees. Suitable exercise for quick weight loss when done regularly, it is known to many as «crunches». It is recommended to perform several sets of 15-20 reps.

How to remove fat on the stomach, read the link /kak-ubrat-skladki-na-zhivote/

Lifting the legs. It’s a simple exercise for beginners and avid sports and fitness. It will allow you in a short time to strengthen the abdominal muscles and prepare them for more challenging exercises or heavy load. Lying on the floor, place the hands along the body and slowly raise your legs up at 45on

Dance and grow thin

To say goodbye to excess body fat, get a great boost of energy and good mood for the whole day, you can, if you will daily dance. This is a great way how to lose weight fast at home, special exercises and there are no restrictions, it all depends on your personality. You can dance to the fiery Latin dance or modern hip-hop, or even learn to do the belly dance. Locate the most pleasing music, and give freedom of movement.

It is best to choose the energetic and rhythmic music, and watch their movements in the mirror. Actively move the hands and feet, improvise or repeat movements of my favorite clips.

For more effective result, dance without stopping for 30-40 minutes, at the dance you can wear warm clothing or special underwear. Dancing you without noticing, perform simple exercises for weight loss. And soon, you will notice that the muscles become more toned, and the figure takes on a beautiful shape.

Swimming is a gentle way to weight loss

Why swimming is the perfect and safest exercise for the whole body? Despite the fact that during the voyage are at work, and strengthens almost all the muscle groups, nevertheless, while swimming there is a strong and dangerous loads on joints and therefore the risk of any injury during training, is minimal.

In addition, swimming lessons help to strengthen the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems, stimulation of gas exchange and improve immunity.

Many people believe that to lose weight while swimming is not really, but experts have a different opinion. 30 minutes of active swimming can burn about 400 kcal. But we are talking about active stay in the water, if you just tread water in the form of «buoy», a lot of energy will not lose.

Arriving at the outdoor pool or pond, the first 5 minutes of a peaceful swim for exercise. The next 35-45 minutes take a bouncy ball and other sports equipment, and start to romp in the water, working through the muscles of the arms and legs. Swimming will allow you to lose weight and have fun, you can also use this opportunity at the resort, swimming in the useful sea water.

For lovers of water, there are also courses in Aqua-aerobics class, where the coach will teach you how to do exercises for quick weight loss in water.

Horse riding

A great alternative to monotonous classes in the fitness hall is riding a horse. During the hour lesson, a woman loses approximately 500-700 calories. Many people mistakenly believe that riding can only deal with professionals, and for beginners, this activity can be dangerous. However, these fears are absolutely vain, classes for newcomers, are carried out only under the guidance of the coach, while you and your horse get used to each other.

Therefore, horse riding is a great way to quickly lose weight, get rid of fat and to develop new skills.

Dear women, fast and effective weight loss at home is not a myth, to get rid of extra pounds quite easily, the main thing-to clearly define a goal, to tune in and support a well-organized self-discipline. There is a huge amount of exercise for quick weight loss, choose for themselves the best system of training, and begin to exercise regularly!

Good luck to everyone in achieving your goals!

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