Exercises for thighs and buttocks

how to do lunges for the glutesA beautiful figure is hard to imagine without a well-shaped elegant legs and toned and rounded butt. Many girls are not happy with the look of their legs and buttocks, and can not be hundred percent to feel comfortable in a slinky dress or a revealing swimsuit.

If you also think this area of the body most «problematic», then surely you will be wondering how you can quickly get rid of the flaws of their figures using some of the exercises for buttocks and thighs. It is sufficient to allocate to training 20-30 min of time to achieve the desired result.

Why butt SAG and become flabby legs?

I want to start my story with the main reasons why the female body loses its prominent shape, the skin becomes saggy, loses its elasticity and appears on buttocks cellulite.

Most women develop so-called «gluteal amnesia» when muscles become lazy libocany, and does fail to fulfill their natural purpose. The fact that the huge time we spend in a seated position, at work at the computer at home sitting on the sofa, etc. of Course, after a time, the gluteal and leg muscles begin to unlearn and to evade their normal functions in the pelvic region.

Another reason why every girl should periodically do exercises for tightening buttocks and thighs, is women’s natural predisposition to excessive deposition of fat in the area below the belt. Often, the reason for this is hormonal changes, poor diet, dehydration, or a bad metabolism and bad habits.

Therefore, most often, to approach the ideal and have raised a beautiful and graceful form of the buttocks and thighs, only regular and hard exercises to tighten legs and gluteal muscles.

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Where to start?

Where ever you decide to do in the gym or at home, it is extremely important the right attitude in the upcoming sports training. Without sentiment, all running movements will be perceived by the body as a mechanical work, and only cause fatigue.

To make your figure graceful, you must perform all the exercises gradually, to overload yourself or make immediately a huge amount of movement in different muscle groups, not worth it. For starters, choose the simplest exercises for legs and buttocks, let the muscles to get used to and to get involved in the process.

As for professional recommendations. Many athletes and coaches firmly believe that any, even the most effective exercises for beautiful legs will be useless if you run them incorrectly. Therefore, if a particular movement is very difficult, it is better to reduce the number of repetitions, but to do it properly. Also, during training don’t forget about breathing and the rest. After completing each exercise for buttocks need to give yourself a break at least a few minutes.

And most importantly, why you should start your exercise workout. It is needed for security training (to avoid sprains and injuries) and improve its efficiency. The initial simple exercises help the muscles to warm up, increase the mobility of joints, tissues become more pliable. If in the gym, then warm-up will fit a leisurely walk on the treadmill for 5-7 minutes. If doing exercises for the leg muscles at home, to warm up you can raise the knees, perform solesta feet, the slopes of the body, and simple squats.

Effective exercises for buttocks and shapely legs

  1. Squats.

One of the easiest and most successful ways for pumping buttocks, as are squats. The fact is that during squats work and train the muscles that are little used for walking or running.

There are many varieties of such exercises, but most of the fitness trainers recommend squats with dumbbells for women to buttocks. At home, all exercises with the load need to perform very carefully to avoid injury. It is better if you study in detail the technique how to squat with dumbbells for the glutes.

To correctly perform the exercise, adopt the original position, legs on shoulders, toes slightly turned to the side. Pick up dumbbells or put them on the shoulders. Slowly begin to lower the torso, taking his hips back, like sitting down on a chair. Get down as low as possible, then stand up and repeat the exercise.

Another kind of squat with a broad statement of the feet. This exercise is called the plie. To perform stand with your feet wider than shoulder width ~ 2-2. 5 times, socks must look outwards about 45about. Dumbbells take up and push to the stomach or sides, and the elbows spread them apart. On inhale, begin to squat as deeply as possible, rise with the exhalation.

  1. The rise of the pelvis, polymastic.

This is a very effective exercise for the buttocks at home, and also for the back of the legs, despite the fact that it is very easily done. Lying on your back, with bent knees legs lift your pelvis off the floor as long as the upper torso will not merge into one straight line with the hips.

  1. Lunges for the glutes

Lunges are a great addition when pumping the gluteal muscles. To carry it easy enough, and a positive result will not keep itself waiting long. Fitness instructors most frequently recommend lunges with dumbbells for the glutes, the technique of the exercise is pretty straightforward. Stand up straight, hands on your hips or grab them dumbbells, and position along the body or on the shoulders. Make a big step forward with one leg, bend your knees to 90on. Do the same movement, changing lead foot. Lunges with dumbbells for girls will help to create not only a firm butt and a strong thigh and calf muscles.

  1. Of hip abduction in side.

This is the perfect exercise for legs at home, as you do not need any additional equipment, one desire is enough. There are many variations of this exercise. On the fitness workouts most often performed abduction legs back, focusing on the hands, as the load is subjected not only jagodichki, but the back of the thigh. Technology implementation is as follows: it is necessary to stand on all fours, to lean on the floor, back should be straight, exactly parallel to the floor, slow motion, you take the leg back, fully straight knee. Should be repeated 15-20 times on each leg, preferably 2-3 sets.

  1. A leg press.

Performing this exercise for legs and buttocks, there is an active development of different muscle groups and increased burning of body fat in those areas. In contrast to sit-UPS during exercise does not overload the lower back, but you can work with large weights. To perform the exercise, use special exercise equipment for legs and buttocks, which is a kind of platform with a seat on which a lever is attached to the load. You should lying be located on the seat to plant the feet into the platform, and bending and unbending his knees, repeat the motion many times as necessary.

Performing such exercises for lifting buttocks, you can always keep your figure in excellent shape and not be afraid that muscles lose their elasticity and become flabby and ugly.

Be athletic and graceful!


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