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the right for kallanetikaFor anybody not a secret that almost all the women population are not happy with their body and wish to change anything or adjust. Most often have to deal with excess weight and volume. For best results, experts suggest not only to follow a special diet, but also to strengthen the muscles through exercise. But, not all classes are suitable shaping, aerobics and execution of large power loads in the gym. And then a great alternative may be exercises callanetics for weight loss. If you hear this word for the first time or had not delved into this concept, then you will be interested to know what is callanetics and how it helps to get in good shape.

What is callanetics fitness?

Callanetics is a kind of exercise aimed at increasing muscle activity and stretching deep muscle tissue. These classes are similar to slow, not hasty gymnastics, but she’s an incredible load on the muscles. Just 1 hour of callanetics classes at the load can be equated to 7 hours of active shaping, and to approximately 20 hours of aerobic exercise!

Callanetics may be for you the most beloved sports kind of fitness, especially if you like a measured, unhurried and thoughtful exercise, instead of moving, dancing and challenging sports activities.

Callanetics consists of static exercises, based on yoga positions. This kind of unusual complex power no stretch marks, helps to train the major body parts that are particularly in need of improvement.

Callanetics is not accidentally called «inconvenient» exercises, because during the class the following motor elements and adopted the posture that you never use in everyday life. That is why these exercises help you to train different muscle groups, even those that are considered «sleeping» and not particularly drawn to the work from day to day.

Despite the fact that classes are held in quite a calm, measured tempo, all the movements and exercises enormous effect on the muscles, in addition you can easily lose weight with callanetics, because changes occur even in very deep layers «stale» fat.

To do with the direction, maybe the young lady and the old lady, it’s time to try you.

Look at the video callanetics Tatiana Spear

Who benefits from callanetics?

Systematic gymnastic callanetics classes, have a positive effect on the entire body, and the longer you train yourself, the greater the effect. Particularly useful are classes in the following cases:

  • if you have problems with posture, you suffer back pain and degenerative disc disease;
  • with a poor metabolism;
  • with a weak immune system;
  • when excess body weight;
  • in the absence of body flexibility and tone of skin;
  • for pain in the joints.

Reviews of people who have already had to deal with the system is clear: more women and men have achieved impressive results and become a much better feel.

Another example of classes kallanetika with Catherine Rykov


Like any other razvedroty sports, callanetics has its guidelines and limitations. Belongs to contraindications, it should be with full seriousness, because the main goal of any training program will improve your health, not hurt yourself. So the callanetics technique is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • if the day before was surgery and the surgical intervention (including birth by caesarean section);
  • it is not recommended of course for the people with poor eyesight, consultation is necessary in this case;
  • if there are serious problems with the spine;
  • the presence of gemorroidalnyh nodes;
  • people with varicose veins can perform exercises to strengthen your legs (squats, propriety, etc.) until elimination of the disease.

Effectiveness for slimming

Many doubt the effectiveness of callanetics for weight loss, but in vain. Acquired defects of the figure can be easily removed, if the right to work and to strengthen desired body parts. You are the sculptor of your body, regardless of your physical training, you can achieve your ideal.

Performing the movements that proceed slowly and trying to feel every part of the body and sending an invisible pulse. Here are some examples of exercises:

  • «Resistance». Stand up, straightening his back and shoulders, spread the legs shoulder-width apart. With one hand, try a little tap on the head, but the head must be countered, as if pushing away the hand. In this position you need delayed about 10 seconds, then change hands and the side of the head.
  • «Spring-loaded» Stand up straight, place your feet shoulder-width apart, hands lift, the blades pinch together. Bend your knees, lean body forward (about 70of), the weight should be as tolerated on the heel. Bring straight arms back, then to transfer them forward, mimicking the jump.

If you’re exercising for the first time, you will be clearer exercises in pictures or on video. In fact, there are many movements, postures and exercises aimed at shaping your own body. When learning this technique of training, you have to get acquainted with a lot of different nuances and techniques.

callanetics - right in pictures

Perhaps reading the description of this sports method, you have the feeling that there is some similarity with another popular kind of fitness Pilates. And what, you are right, and the two methods belong to «inactive» activities. But the similarities end there. Pilates and callanetics what’s the difference? The fact that the main goal of Pilates is training the middle part of the body, whereas callanetics is designed to «work» for the whole figure. Initially, Joseph Pilates created a set of exercises to develop the beautiful posture, but over time, there are many variations and varieties of Pilates.

There is no specific answer to the question Pilates or callanetics which is better, but most importantly, choosing to understand the features of these methods.

All harmony and good mood!

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