The best lures for perch

Redfish is unpredictable, catching it teaches beginners the basics of fishing skill, and allows experienced fishermen to improve their knowledge and skills. A variety of habitat, changing habits of a predator in pursuit of prey make fishing to have different lures, in order to in all situations to be prepared with a good catch. So we can safely say that the correct crankbait for certain situations is the key to successful fishing.

Types of wobblers for perch

For perch use a variety of types of lures. The use of a specific type


depends on the time of year, water temperature and environment, space and depth habitat of the grouper. Experienced fishermen allocate these proven lures for perch:

  1. The crankbait. Such lures are used for long casting. This explains their appearance – the body, generally short and streamlined, but sometimes there are baits elongated or compressed laterally. The crankbait suggest a quick game when you post. They are best suited for fishing in such conditions, when water temperature is above fifteen degrees, because in cold water the bass are not pursuing a fast bait. Using crankbait to cover more territory when fishing, due to a long cast and quick transaction.

    The crankbait have the blade, the type of which determines the depth of the dive. A long blade extended in front, allows the bait to sunaryati to great depths to 6 meters. A crankbait with small blades provide dive on a small, only up to half a meter depth. They are effective at shallow water, overgrown areas. While the lure with a deep diving brings more benefits in the deepest places. Blade prevents bait from underwater rocks and driftwood. Starting on time, they don’t give to catch.

  2. The shedov. In appearance quite correspond with the English translation – «herring.» Long, elongated in height from the abdomen to the back and «lean». Lure length reaches 70 mm, but there are also more long and 140 mm. This bait is used when fishing for perch to casting, to the depth of from one to six meters. The shedau have the blade, or the language, as it is called. There are two types of this lure. Floating – Floating, are labeled F, sinking – Sinking, marked S. F Lures used for fishing in stagnant waters or where the stream is slow. S – on the contrary, is used in the presence of flow. The shedau have fast and instant dive ascent when necessary. They can also attract bass by jitter, the oscillation of the body. This is due to the channels on the body of the lure. The shedau can make a sound with balls, which also are in the body of the lure.
  3. Poppers and walkers. This surface bait is very popular when fishing for perch. They differ in «behaviour on the water.» In contrast to the quiet, twitchy, Walker, Popper behaves noisy, attracts fish with a loud gurgle. One Popper jerk it takes a lot less space than a Walker. The crankbait choice determine fishing conditions: if the water is quiet and calm for the perch a good Walker, raised a wave without the loud Popper will not do. If the fisherman decided to develop a small area of the pond, here is the best Popper. Walker good for fishing in large water areas. Okun
  4. Nastavnici. This playful wobblers, consisting of several moving parts. For this beautiful game alive and I love them fishermen. Nastavnici differ in body shape, level of penetration, on purpose. But what unites them easy to use. The advantages of nastavnikov in relation to the other lures: active in water than attract the fish; fly well, not owning the system long cast; not susceptible to quality leads, although they are large enough. Experienced fishermen use nastavnici in reservoirs with a strong current and great depth. The most famous nastavnici:Jackall HAMA – KU – RU R Tinu Jackall Magallon MR
  5. Minnow. Lures of this class differ from other baits, first of all, appearance. In minnow, an elongated body tapering to the tail, a small blade is found. Minnow are divided into three groups based on buoyancy, floating, sinking and suspender, which have neutral buoyancy. Minnow used for fishing at different depths. The working depth of the crank determines the blade size and angle. Perch is closer to the surface — takes a minnow with little penetration. Most popular minnow among anglers is due to the efficiency. For perch the optimal size from 50 mm to 70 mm Minnow you can purchase a variety, they produced a lot. And these lures are used depending on the circumstances and conditions of the perch.

The best of them:

  • ZipBaits Rigge 35 F;
  • ZipBaits Rigge 56 S;
  • ZipBaits Rigge 70’s;
  • ZipBaits Orbit – 80 –SP – DR;
  • Smith D – contact.

Features crankbaits for perch

Features crankbaits in perch caused by the predator himself, his environment, habits. For successful fishing, and the right lure, you need to know that big bass prefer to stay closer to the bottom, at a depth of at least two meters. Therefore, in such cases there are good crankbaits minnow and shad.

The colors of the lure should be appropriate – close to the natural color of the fish, that is grey or silver. Small perch will live in the coastal zone, but the youngsters will be playing in the Bush. Therefore, wobblers for such fish need very different that meet these conditions. For successful fishing need to take into account the weather conditions, and over the channel. Things when choosing crankbaits for perch does not happen.

Top 5 most catchability wobblers for perch

Each fisherman has his own five best lures for perch, tested and proven. The average five great crankbaits looks like this:


1. Jackall Tiny Fry 50 SP

Wobbler is perfectly behaved when any transaction is characterized by high quality of plastic and color of fish, easy to handle.

2. Jackson Komachi

The quality is not inferior to the «gold»medal winner, is slightly smaller in size.

3. Jade Smith

Wobbler Japanese firms. It is called the fighter bass, 100% sweeps in each bite.

4. YO-ZURI L-Minnow 44

Wobbler – universal, small, immersed, charms fish built-in rattles.

5. Salmo Hornet H4F

A miniature Wobbler, able to bear the burden, many times own weight.

Age catch fish and learn. And in a situation with bass in General, you need to be aware of all the modern improvements, the new trends. But still, fishing is a wonderful form of relaxation, incomparable relaxation. Even if it’s fishing for the wily bass, with its features and tricks. And if still successful fishing, it is generally indescribable delight!

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