Top 5 catchability crankbaits for walleye

There are many ways to catch walleye. One of them is the use of crankbaits. This is a fairly difficult task, but it pays for the effort.

Features crankbaits for walleye


Despite the fact that fishing for walleye on the Wobbler — a difficult task, used this bait quite often, because with the right selection of fishing hunting will bring perfect result.

To catch was the most successful, you need to choose the right bait. To do this you need to know about some features of the fish and the lure that caught. Consider the following important points:

  • perch is a natural fish, but to fish it in any water layer;
  • the greatest interest for the present walleye fry and bleak on the basis of this it is necessary to choose the parameters of the bait;
  • it is easier to attract the attention of perch, simulating a slow prey to this bait must not be agragati, and transactions carried out in the horizontal option, using the minimum acceleration;
  • Wobbler pike perch has a good game, thus strongly attracts prey with their vibrations.

The top 5 most productive crankbaits for walleye

Still, that catch was really good, you need to choose quality Wobbler that is right for this fish. Below are the top 5 such devices suitable for walleye:

  1. L-minnow 44. Manufactured by Yo-Zuri and among fans of catching of a pike perch is a classic. It has well balanced performance and great attracts fish. Often used during night fishing.
  2. Hornet. Manufacturer — Salmo. Popular because of its versatility. With its help you catch walleye at any time of day and from the shore and from boats, as well as in the river or in the lake. The current can be sustained, and in still or fast water. He is a favourite for fishermen.
  3. Deep jer-o minnow. This lure is ideal for catching weighty perch, strike Pro from the company that creates large oscillations due to the blades of a special shape. During the works the whole surface of the body. Optimal for fishing at depths of 3 to 6 meters.
  4. Flicker Shad. The Berkley company has been manufacturing data crankbaits. With the aid of this lure in 2010, Joni candle with his partner won the world Cup for catching walleye.
  5. Livetarget Threadfin Shad Baitball Crankbait. This is a fairly new model of a crank. It is made in the form of a crank and looks like a pack of three small fish. This model gives you the opportunity to catch not only walleye, but other species of fish.

How to choose a Wobbler for perch?

When choosing a crankbait can be dazzled, because on the market today lures a huge number of them not only different shapes but also colors. To choose a really good Wobbler, you should know some details:

  • 2

    the perch is quite narrow throat, from this we can conclude that the ash borer lures worked best. But this does not mean that it is impossible to catch on the device type of FET or shed, just the effectiveness of narrow-baits are much higher;

  • walleye is a predator, it has a very sharp and powerful fangs, and then lures made of wood or foam that will quickly deteriorate.
  • the angle of attack of the lure needs to be small, especially at depths up to four meters. In the lower layers of the bait needs to enter in a natural way;
  • as the vision perch is pretty bad, it focuses more on the vibrations from the alleged victim, that is why the Wobbler must have their active rosters;
  • despite the fact that to catch walleye can be at any depth, the most efficient will be the lure for working the depths 1-2.5 meters, but if you want to catch differently, you have to select a Wobbler;
  • when night fishing it is best to choose Wobbler vivid and bright;
  • for winter fishing is better to use a vertical Wobbler, the so-called rattler.

Copies of branded crankbaits on Aliexpress

The Chinese market has always been rich in various copies of branded items, but the last couple of years, he was just huge and to find the right thing is easy. It is important for many to find a good copy, because what’s the point in a poorly made crank, even if he wears a beautiful brand name?

Those who still want to buy the original Wobbler for a lower price, you can find a lot of options on the now very popular website Aliexpress. But, unfortunately, it is not so simple. Before you buy on this site, your favorite bait, you need to know some things:

  1. Unfortunately, not all sellers are honest and ship the order.
  2. Before you make a purchase of a seller, you need to look at its rating. The higher it is, the more likely it is that the seller is bona fide.
  3. Constantly see the product reviews. Even a good seller with a great rating can send the goods of the best quality.
  4. On Aliexpress, a lot of lures of different colors, but it is better to choose natural color of the lure, as it is better to attract the fish.
  5. The color of the crankbait is not less important than its form. When fishing in cloudy weather, use gold and solar blue bait.
  6. During night fishing perch often can be caught near the shore.
  7. When choosing lures you need to consider the conditions of fishing: depth, strength of currents, etc.

Fishing lure, as has been said, it is not easy. But everything comes with experience. Frequent practice will help to hone your skills and increase your catch. So, go ahead and you will succeed!

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