Kinds of tungsten jigs

A feature of the market for the provision of items of gear for fishing is a high competition among manufacturers of tungsten jigs. Each company strives to take into account the potential queries of fishermen in optimal shape ease of play tackle, colors and other characteristic features of lures. In turn, when consumers choose from a wide price range in addition to take into account these characteristics and conditions of specific locations for fishing and individual characteristics of potential prey.

The best manufacturers of tungsten jigs

The best manufacturers of tungsten jigs are considered among the fishermen of the enterprise:

  1. mask blesen-tungsten-3-01-600x600

    Lucky John Latvian firm for the production of equipment for fishing gear, there are several dozens of years, in that time gained a reputation as a manufacturer of tungsten jigs are catching efficiency and reliability.

  2. Ladoga belongs to the enterprises of Russian origin, specializing in the production of almost the complete product range of most well-known types of jigs made of tungsten.Goods manufactured under this brand are affordable.
  3. DiskuS Fishing is a specialized enterprise for the production of modern jigs made from tungsten, the features of which include: the small size, which is a plus for catching wary fish when ice fishing and high reliability equipment.
  4. Strike is the common name of the company that not only produces fishing equipment and travel gear. For a long time exists in the market, consistently high quality of products provides a demand for bait from this company.
  5. Lumicom another name of a popular brand that has been producing high quality tungsten jigs at an affordable price.

Before you purchase tungsten jigs are encouraged to examine the list of manufacturers they offer a range of products, comparative characteristics of certain types of devices. The best option of purchase is the acquisition of several of the most versatile jigs on the application.

Varieties of jigs made from tungsten

The lure is a sinker with a hook attachment for fish in the form of plant or animal food or without it. Selection of lures and equipment gear is based on the fishing conditions, features of the place, which will be fishing, the specific behavior of fish, the flow parameters, the depth of the reservoir.

Tips for selection of jigs:

  • the weight of the bait in the presence of flow must be sufficient to perform one full transaction.
  • the weight of small items of tackle allows you to fish in the upper water layer at depths up to 2 m, with a large weight bait used for catching fish at great depths;
  • the lure with less weight provides a more subtle play tackle.

One of the significant parameters that affect the efficiency of the gear is a form of bait. The shape of the bait should be of interest to a potential predator resembling something edible from his diet, such as ant or moth. Appearance and features of the bait determine the character of its movement in the aquatic environment and behavior at the bottom. Game fishing is carried out should mimic movements specific to the victim’s behaviour, for example, a gradual smooth decline with the raising of the silt layer, the jig provides a flat shape. The existing portfolio of most firms involves the production of lures following forms:

  1. spoon-baits

    «Pellets» made of tungsten are in great demand in comparison with analogs from lead and made with a through hole or an eyelet. The most used in the greater part of the water reservoirs on the territory of the CIS «pellets with a diameter of 2.5-3mm. Models have smaller dimensions are used for sport fishing, and more-in a current or when fishing at depth.

  2. «Drop» made of tungsten is of two types for baitless fishing and angling with the bait, the parameters of selection of these lures is similar to the criteria used to select the «pellets». Despite this, a slight difference between them still exists and is that with the same parameters «pebble» has more mass that must be considered when picking gear. In external appearance the «drop» is different from «pellets» a slightly elongated form.
  3. «Uralka» refers to bezmetallny types of lures, in appearance it is similar to a «drop», but it has a specific feature of the location of the hook, which is mounted in the region of the narrowing of the spinner.
  4. «Devil» is one of the most universal forms of jigs, has high efficiency and can be used in most of the reservoirs for catching different types of fish. In appearance, the tungsten «devil» can be equipped with three or four hooks.
  5. «Shuttle» is used when fishing in shallow water, its characteristics being the use of transactions active type for attracting and catching fish, peaceful species.
  6. «Ant» is characterized by a form similar to the parameters of insects and is used for catching fish that are highly active.

In addition to appearance, baits to deliver optimal period of use and are divided into winter and summer spinners:

  • for the winter types of carry are the most popular among fishermen «Uruku», conventional and prefabricated construction «Hell» with a weight depending on conditions of a reservoir from 0.2 to 1.5 g. in addition, for winter fishing used this design as a clamp jig used in conditions where the fly fishing is done on small bait. These tackle are different from the types of smaller and more soothing color;
  • lures for summer fishing are more weight and a bright color coloring. Depending on the location chosen for fishing and the conditions on it, you can use one of the simplest types of bait, such as «drop» for the dynamic bite or «devil» and its variants.

Advantages and disadvantages

Choosing a tungsten jig, it is necessary to weigh all «pros» and «cons» of this device. Please note that:

  1. img_0140

    The advantages of products made of tungsten is the compactness with weight one and a half times these characteristics for lead. This allows the lure with more speed to reach the bottom surface, which is important when performing some types of transactions. Spinners of this type are popular in terms of winter fishing, because at that time the activity in the reservoir is reduced and the fish become more cautious.

  2. The disadvantages of the products is the need to mimic when playing periodic oscillations with small intervals between them, otherwise, due to the greater mass of its activity will fade and it will stop working.

Mormyshka tungsten with their hands

Economical and resourceful fishermen practice making lures tungsten at home. Its production technology is simple, and independent production allows to make the elements of creativity standard construction, for example, to increase or decrease the weight of the bait or mount it on the bead to increase the number of effective bites.

To create a spinner made of tungsten, you need the following tools:

  • 999_2-1

    tin-lead solder;

  • zinc chloride as a flux;
  • electric soldering iron;
  • needle file set;
  • pliers;
  • electric sharpener or a set of files;
  • a pair of tweezers.

There are different options for manufacturing spinners at home, one of the most popular is cutting out, although you can use other techniques, e.g., casting. The procedure for the production of homemade bait consists of the following operations:

  1. Tungsten electrodes by removing unnecessary metal layers is cut bait, reminds one of the known forms. After the maximum matching smooths the sharp edges and corners using needle files.
  2. Treatment of the flux and tinning of the workpiece by heating to red glow and lowering in tin-lead solder. The item is cooled, and then removing excess solder.
  3. This way processed the hook is selected depending on the weight of the intended catch. It is processed flux, tinning, after which it is in the desired position relative to the billet of tungsten and is soldered.
  4. Painting made of the spinner is performed by applying to the surface of the Polish for treatment of nails.

What affects the color of the spinner?

The color of the product is one of the important characteristics that determine the use of bait in the specific conditions of the reservoir, or weather conditions. In terms of fishing at great depths, the color of the product does not play any significant role, because the light from the surface reaches these places in very limited quantities, but in low light plays a big role, not the color, and the character of the movement of the subject.

Please note the following nuances:

  • in conditions of small depth color affects the efficiency of the bite, so in cloudy weather or in the conduct of fishing in troubled waters, it is recommended to use the lure of bright colors;
  • coachmen dark range of colors used on the contrary in conditions of Sunny weather, with clear water and in the case of light bottom.

Options spinner affect the number of fish caught, so fishermen are very serious about the choice of this subject in the composition of the gear. In some cases, practiced self-manufacture products, but for busy people the number of specialist firms are willing to offer quality and efficient tungsten jig.

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