Catch the fish

ASP, linen, messenger, saraspur — names of the same river predator. ASP is a big and strong fish.To go fishing for asps need to learn his manners, to examine the characteristics of the topography of the area and choose the bait.

ASP: characteristics of the species, the place of residence

ASP is a very strong fluorescent fish. Prefers bright and clean water, open


space and course. In the dark goes on the bottom. Food uses horse-fish, but not against insects that fly above the water surface. ASP is very not timid fish, his reaction fishing or rowing boat absolutely quiet. Hunting fish repeatedly jumping out of the water. This style called «boy». Gaining acceleration, he bursts into a flock of fish, along with this striking most of them with a blow of his tail, and swallows them.

The body of the ASP form like a rocket. Produces their food in a lightning dash, rushing like a real rocket. Also Yaro ASP can break fishing tackle and zasmotrevshihsya fisherman who underestimated his ability. It first seems that such fishing is simple.

Chub likes fast boundary currents and locations of Pacific Creek. In the warm time of year this fish is more on the surface of the water, because here the diet of the fish increases due to insects and their larvae. As soon as the winter is approaching, the fish sinks to the bottom, where he leads an active lifestyle. Novice fishermen think that the activity of the ASP applies to all reservoir. But it soon becomes clear that the object of fishing is kept at certain places..

If catching fish from the shore is planned, its success will be affected by the presence of camouflage shelters for fishing.

This species has good eyesight, so as soon as there is a shadow on the water, Chub looking other place of extraction of.

What to choose for hunting?

Fishing for asps is interesting because you can hunt and spinning, and on the other peace of gear.

A simple rod

Catching fish on the float rod is quite rare. As a rule, with the help of her catch to the transaction, releasing the downstream hook with live bait, which cling to the upper lip. It may be a grasshopper, June bug, little frog, the fly. They resemble a small fish fighting the current on the surface of the water. After the bait drop to the place of fishing, and the bite will not be felt, proceed to the winding of fishing line to the bait cleverly could move against the current. Such taking this species of fish is as afraid of losing the prey.



Hunting by means of spinning for ASP is the most common. This amazing powerful predator fishermen trying to fish out of the water by spinning. The catch on the spinning sufficiently fast, as this type of fish responds well to artificial bait. ASP is particularly vulnerable during the «battle». Spinning it is desirable to use no longer than 4 metres, as this will give an opportunity to throw the spoon as accurately as possible and next. The spinner used different, heavy, but small. Tactics may be this: seeing the «battle» of fish immediately is to give him the bait. To give the bait in the exact place it should not, it is better to throw on the move fish, ahead of its movement. Such fishing involves the utmost attention and skill in possession with a tackle. The spinning needs to react quickly, to be able far and just to throw a tackle.


Feeders have a rigid system that allows you to make casts into the distance with the feeders. Length is from 3 to 3.66 meters. This rod is mainly used for fishing in strong currents. The stiffness makes it possible to catch in the strong wind and current. Feeder use when fishing for different fish, generally peaceful, however, there are predators. Therefore, this tackle is universal. Usually at the depth the fish are less skittish than at the shore. When fishing for ASP should be used long and powerful feeder. To avoid empty poklevok feeder tackle better put vertically, with a weakened clutch. This is done so that when you bite, ASP does not recognize the line tension.

How to use the bait?

As bait for the fish to successfully fit everything living that moves. If the bait is to use small fish, it is best to it was bleak. Because the taste interests of the asps directly related. In addition, a good decoy will be all sorts of insects:

  • fly;
  • Khrushchev;
  • skate;
  • little frog;
  • other animals.

Chub eats and looking for prey throughout the day. Such gluttony explains his active life. This type of fish is inherent laziness, they are active, because they attack everything that gets in their way. The greatest activity of the fish, thus the catch, is celebrated in the spring, after spawning.

What bait to choose?


ASP is very picky about the selection of lures for him. We believe baits enough, but those who will be caught Chub – very little. Among them:

  1. Devon.
  2. Cashmaster.
  3. Trehgorka.
  4. Wobbler.

To attract the attention of fish bait, it must be in the form of extended and small. It is very important that the bait had not stopped playing, even when throwing.


This lure is perfect not only for currents. Has significant weight, so there is no need to put an auxiliary load. But this does not apply to plastic models. Moving the bait almost immediately. The movement starts with the first pull of the rod tip. Moving, the blades resemble the small fish that is able to provoke the fish to attack.


This kind of bait is useful in the early autumn. As at the approach of cold weather, the ASP is vigorously makes stocks for the winter. In the last warm days for ASP typical of many hunting in small groups. During this period fishermen are very difficult to approach them. In this will help lure cashmaster. Since the feature of this lure is a great game with each transaction.


Since this bait is deep, it is used to catch the fish at depth. Trehgorka best suited for fishing on the river, where there are asps. Slaves this is great vision, says the game, fish, and instantly detects any attention to the glare. For this reason, many anglers choose shiny lure.


Crankbaits work best on the surface. ASP is on them always, no matter what the wiring. This lure choose beginners in fishing, as it is easy to manage. Along with this productive lure in the catch. Color may be different, but you should know that the bait needs to be brighter, if dark water.