The best baits for bass, the best lure for perch

Choose lures for perch

Perch is the most common predator in our country. For his capture suits a variety of lures, including a variety of lures. Despite the cost, many anglers use them.

Perch: features of fish, place of residence


Perch is a predatory fish. Conducts a day way of life. Moves small perch shoals. And adults prefer to be alone. Perch is a fish, unpretentious. It can be found in the most unexpected places. He lives in flowing and stagnant waters. This predator can be attributed to a number of voracious fish. He eats almost anything it meets on its way. Older individuals most often go hunting alone. Looking for prey at depth. Just after dark, the bass comes to the surface in search of fry.

Well the fish are caught in June and before the first frost. Then the catch is on the decline. To fish early in the morning or evening. Only upon the occurrence of precipitation perch can be found in the afternoon.

In nature, groupers were found whose weight was 2 kilograms. But such individuals are extremely rare. Mostly fishermen caught the fish weighing less than 300 grams.

The most popular wobblers for perch

The popularity of lures is growing every year. The angler needs among a wide variety of this bait to choose for themselves the best option:

  1. YO-ZURIL-Minnow. Has good flight properties. Effective under dash wiring. This lure allows for the detention of a perch on depth.
  2. SalmoHornetH4F. This Wobbler is often chosen for perch. It responds well to various types of transactions, when lowered to a greater depth.
  3. StrikeProMidgeEG-074 F. This lure during his sales proved its effectiveness. He is very good at immersion.
  4. JackallChubby. Thanks to him you can catch perch at a shallow depth.
  5. RapalaX-Rap. Wobbler is large. Well established with a uniform transaction.
  6. MegabassVision. This Wobbler is great and has a good game on the stops. Is ability to cast a long distance. voblery_na_okunya
  7. KosadakaCord-R 70F. This lure its appearance is similar to real fish, which usually hunts perch.
  8. DaiwaTDC 3061F. Excellent quality Wobbler, which is well lures predatory fish.
  9. Zip Baits Khamsin 70 SP. This lure looks like a fish of small size. It can be cast long distances, but it also has a good balance.
  10. Yo-Zuri Baby Crank 35f-D This Wobbler medium size is selected when fishing at different depths. It is often chosen for perch.

Features of fishing with crankbaits

In warm water bass will always be responsive to Wobbler. But the wiring should be changed periodically. You can try to use the slow posting jerky. On every movement the fish will respond well to. During pauses Wobbler will sink like a wounded fry. No predator can remain indifferent.

But it is also important to choose the rod. Best suited light and sturdy and well balanced fishing rod. Usually when you use crankbaits fishing rod is taken not more than 2.4 meters. When choosing size, you need to consider the rate of flow and the place where will be fishing.

Wobbler is a highly effective bait for catching predatory fish. This bait can be fished from the shore and from the boat. The main thing is to pick up a Wobbler and method of transaction. And then you will be able to enjoy a good catch.

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