Fishing on lake Teletskoye

Altai — the land with beautiful nature. No wonder it attracts many fishermen on the shores of the beautiful lake Teletskoye. Otherwise, it is called Altyn Kohl or Golden lake. Let’s talk about how to get here those who can not imagine their life without fishing.

How to get there?

On lake Teletskoye no industrial fishing, so here luck can smile to both professionals and beginners. The lake is clean and deep here and had a great time with friends.

Teletskoye lake is inferior in depth only to lake Baikal in Russia. The inhabitants of Siberia really appreciate this reservoir.

Before heading to this heavenly place, pay attention to the season. If you drive from afar, it is better not to meet on the first trip in winter. Summer, more than just for fishing suitable fishing camps, as on the banks of pond a lot of tourists.

Those who go by car, better to stock up on gasoline, because here it is not common and very dear. The nearest major town on lake Teletskoye is the city of Gorno-Altaisk. From here to the coast at hand, you need to move in the direction of the village of Artybash. The nature of the road is beautiful, the journey time will pass quickly.

What kind of fish you catch?

In Teletskoye lake is home to fourteen species of fish, their development is influenced by the fact that the temperature of the water is almost always cold, it ranges from +4 to +7 degrees, and in summer only near the shore can warm up to 10-18 degrees. For fishermen, special attention should be paid to such types of fish:

  • teletskoe-ozero


  • bass;
  • pike;
  • burbot;
  • SIG (Pravdina and Teletskoye);
  • grayling;
  • trout;
  • Goldilocks.

The largest of all in the pond has trout from the salmon family. This is a very valuable fish, the weight of the instance can reach fifty pounds. For fishermen who come to the shores of Golden lake — a fish will be a real trophy. If you plan to catch this fish, it is better to move to the Bay Kamga and Kaga and Delta Chulyshman. There instances more. During the spawning season fishing for Trout is prohibited. He is listed in the Red Book, therefore, catch fish, be sure to let her go.

Grayling also valuable, this fish fast, more of it in the mouths of rivers. Most often caught on natural bait, because grayling feeds on diverse and does not prefer any one food.

Another interesting fish lenok. She also belongs to the Salmonidae family. In the cold waters of lake Teletskoye is also possible to catch burbot. In General, there are a lot of fish, and the fishing will be very exciting.

Fishing camps

Many fishermen today prefer to hire the services of fishing bases. On their territory there is everything for a comfortable stay, overnight there and a huge number of tourists, this is especially true for the summer period. Look at some popular databases.

Cordon «Samich»

This base is located in the Northern part of lake Teletskoye. Here on the big square is just three houses from a wooden bar. Earlier this place was mine. Each fisherman will have a beautiful nature and excellent fishing.

Navigate the location you need on the village iogach. From him to «Camisa» just 10 kilometers. Meals full Board on the basis of the café. Also provided the following services:

  1. lake

    Flooded steam room.

  2. Guided tours are organized.
  3. For those who love fishing, in summer, a beautiful beach.
  4. You can fish from shore and boats.

In the summer guests get on a bus (the boat), and in winter, snowmobile from the village iogach. The bus can be booked from Novosibirsk, Barnaul and other cities. Transfer pay.

Camp «Altyn-Tuu»

To get to the camp «Altyn-Tuu», which is located on the southern shore of the Teletskoye lake at the mouth of the river Chulyshman, you need to get to the village of Artybash, and then from the dock to travel by water. There is another route, according to him you need to cross the pass katu-Yaryk, and from Cape Kyrsay to travel by boat.

On the basis of the work:

  • trout


  • bungalows;
  • Russian bath;
  • cafe;
  • cellular operator MTS.

In the summer work programme of entertainment of the tourists on the beach and in the forest. Thanks to the great professional program here will be of interest not only to fishermen but also to their family members and friends. In the price includes all meals, accommodation and sauna.

The boarding house «Silver beach»

For those travelling from afar, this option would have to taste. The fact is that, when they reached the village of iogach, you will not have to go anywhere. The boarding house «Silver beach» is located on the edge of the village, the place is very beautiful and quiet.

Of course, after relaxing here, you can go on the boat a little further. But there are fishermen that are having a great time on the banks of Iogach. On site work:

  1. ozero1

    Cottages for accommodation.

  2. Entertainment center.
  3. Bath complex.
  4. Parking (for all guests free of charge).
  5. A gazebo with barbecue facilities.
  6. Billiards.
  7. Bar.
  8. Restaurant.
  9. Summer cafe.

On site work by MTS, Beeline and MegaFon. For children in placement discounts from 30 to 50% depending on age.

Once in the Altai region, every fisherman is well aware that a special survey here to fail. The main advantage of rest is the beautiful nature and fishing at the highest level. It over here and ride it from afar. Every year you can meet the guests not only from the Russian cities, but also from Kazakhstan. Teletskoye lake is the pearl of the region!