Fish using the side of nod

Modern fishing industry provides equipment for dozens of different types of fishing. Graphite ultralight rods allow you to apply the most light and delicate bait fish right under his nose. And yet, amid the growing diversity of fishing equipment do not lose their popularity, traditional methods of fishing.

Catching in a plumb, using the side of nod allows you to feel all the stages of the bite and instantly react to fish. In addition, the fishing rod equipped with a nod, allows you to sh in remote places of the ponds.

What is the gcd?


Nod, it’s a small oblong device on the end of the rod, which performs two important functions:

  1. Side a nod indicates the bite and captures all stages of contact of the fish with bait, from the first light touch, and ending the movement with a hook in his mouth.
  2. Nod is a direct continuation of the rod and is involved in animating the movements of the lure.

Please note: the length of the nod usually does not exceed 10 centimeters. The material can be quite varied. Virtually any elastic material, capable of withstanding the weight of equipment, suitable for the manufacture of a nod.

To prepare the fixture is fine:

  • a piece of wire;
  • plastic fiber;
  • spring;
  • Dacron.

The main requirement for such a nod — optimal for this snap-in rigidity. The device has a bit to sink under the weight of the hook or spinner.

Fishing technique


The fishing technique with a side nod quite varied and depend on many factors. The rod for fishing use soft. Such a set allows you to turn off sharp jerks of fish. Depending on the size of the production can be used as a rod with a coil and a deaf snap. Side a nod will come in handy during both winter and summer.

In the cold season, when the surface of the water stiff with ice, the behavior of the fish becomes somewhat monotonous. The success of the fishing rod with a side nod here depends on the choice of fishing lures and manipulation of the rod tip.

For successful fishing, it is sufficient to find a wintering hole and using a crank on the jig, to determine the correct amplitude of the games. Experienced fishermen advised to consider such nuances:

  1. In the summer, fishing with a side nod provides much more options. You can catch from the shore and from the boat. The main task of the hunter is in constant search of active fish. Most often in this weather she hides among the seaweed or uneven floor.
  2. Quite common to catch large fish directly in reed or other grasses. Such creatures sometimes willingly responds to her annoying booty. Then it is better to move the jig with small jerks.
  3. Passive fish often gives the impression of a slow twitching a jig with smooth flair. Fish takes up the bait during the next fall.
  4. Fishing peaceful fish used as a lure, and a normal hook.

The use of such fishing tactics allows you to effectively catch a variety of fish. Lightweight spoon or jig with bloodworm allow you to seduce a predator. The problems with cutting, as a rule, does not arise. Predatory fish bite rapidly and reliably.

Remember that fish such as Rotana or bulls, can bite close to fishing, ignoring all caution.

The production of nod at home

Experienced fishermen are not used to use a store-bought nods. The factory stamping is rarely allows you to obtain the suitable option for all installation types. Much easier to do a nod independently, taking into account all their wishes. For its production using Lawson or bottle.

Out of the bottle


This nod will require the following materials:

  • strip of plastic;
  • a piece of wire;
  • adhesive;
  • thread.

Take a plastic bottle and cut a strip the required length. By the end of the nod glue a small wire ring. With the other end attached to the nod of the rod tip.

Important: all fasteners should be secured using thread soaked in glue.

Fishing rod with a side nod will give the angler a lot of pleasant sensations, and the ability to control all the stages of the bite will greatly increase the catch. In addition, after catching using the nod from anglers will remain a lot of pleasant memories.

Made of polyester

For making the gear we need:

  • seal;
  • stationery clip;
  • a piece of small diameter wire;
  • adhesive;
  • red paint;
  • rubber tube;
  • a strip of Dacron.

Paper clip attaches a nod to the rod tip. In order that the clamp is securely fixed nod, you need to use a sealer. Then, glue the strip of Dacron with a length of about 10 cm and a width of 5 mm to the surface of the clamp. The tip of the strip of Mylar is painted with red paint and mounted using rubber tubing a small ring of wire. Our nod ready.

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