Crankbaits TsuYoki

Going fishing for predatory fish, every fisherman faces the choice – what Wobbler will be the most effective and affordable? A good option in this case would be bait company TsuYoki. Next, let’s talk about the features of these lures and see exactly the best specimens.

Benefits of brand TsuYoki

The company TsuYoki today is one of the world leaders among manufacturers of crankbaits economy class. Despite the affordable price, these decoys are not inferior in terms of quality known expensive brands.

TsuYoki products made in China, however, the management company is in Moscow. In its range the brand has more than two thousand different types of lures.

Modification of lures varied:

1) tsuoki

  1. Floating.
  2. Buried.
  3. Neutral.

First, the company TsuYoki was engaged in making copies of the best lures from other manufacturers. But the company is constantly developing and today but clones produces fishing products under its own brand.

The main advantages of the brand:

  • a wide range;
  • low prices;
  • high quality;
  • create sound effects, maximally attract predatory fish;
  • sharp tees;
  • the high strength of the coating;
  • great colors.

In the manufacture of lures brand TsuYoki uses high-tech equipment, quality materials and fittings. Some time ago, experienced fishermen noted the low strength of hooks used in the lure TsuYoki, on this occasion, there were many complaints from buyers. The company has taken into account all customer requirements and recently began to produce lures with stronger hooks.

TsuYoki great attention is paid to the product packaging. Crankbaits are sold in sturdy boxes that have all the necessary information on the use.

Best lures TsuYoki

With a large variety of lures, which produces the company TsuYoki fishing hard to make a choice, what product will be suitable for fishing. Below, a detailed look at the most popular lures of TsuYoki.

TsuYoki DUST 115 (SP)

DUST 115 — analogue of the famous Japanese lure K-1 Hime Minnow, which produces the brand HMKL. This bait is sold only on the domestic market and is quite expensive. Company TsuYoki managed to make a clone of the K-1 Hime Minnow, which is not inferior to the original.

This lure is designed to catch the maximum depth of one meter. Weight is 16.5 grams and size 115 mm DUST has flat sides and a specific kind, so it is hard to confuse with other lures. The bait is suitable not only for professional anglers but also for beginners. It is easy to use, well thrown and unpretentious with a direct transaction. Wobbler is equipped with small steel balls that create a slightly rustling sound that attracts the attention of fish.

Key benefits:

2) tsuoki

  1. Sinks rapidly.
  2. Flies with high precision and far.
  3. Has good paint quality.
  4. The frame is made of durable stainless steel.

The main disadvantage is the low DUST 115 the strength of the crown rings as they are made of thin wire.


This lure is a slightly enlarged replica of the famous Japanese Orbit 130. The lure weighs 20 grams and the length is as much as 13 inches, these parameters are particularly welcomed by anglers. ROGER is perfect for pike.Lures of this model have an acid color, also very noticeable, which is perfectly attracts predatory fish.

Watson 130

This lure is equipped with two metal balls, which increase casting distance. Length 130 Watson is 12.8 mm, while the weight is 24 grams.

Wobbler immersed in water for 1-1,5 meters. The lure has a high sensitivity and well-controlled, it is equipped with sharp treble hooks VNC. The effectiveness of Watson 130 is not inferior to such famous brands as Rudra and Balisong.

HARD – 130 (SP)

This minnow is analogous to the Flash Profile of the brand Lucky Craft. The bait weight is 13.5 grams, deepens into the water 1-1. 5 meters. Wobbler flies easily and accurately even in strong winds. HARD is equipped with a very sharp tee Owner. Most effective when fishing for pike. While not inferior to expensive brands, besides the great plays.

Wobbler performs clear the game has bruskowo body shape, and plunging into the water, stops head-down, which attracts predators. HARD-130 equipped with a special system long cast and sharp treble hooks VMC c strong rings.

GERA 130 (SP)

This lure was developed by TsuYoki specifically for catching trophy fish at long distances. This lure search engine weighs 19.8 grams, the length is 13 inches.

Apply Wobbler GERA, you can:

  • when fishing from the shore;
  • on the big water areas. 3) tsuoki

Wobbler is made of durable plastic which is not damaged under the influence of the sharp teeth of predators has VMC hooks and solid rings.

Ideal when fishing:

  1. Perch.
  2. Pike.
  3. ASP.

GERA has an aerodynamic shape and a magnetic system that allows you to perform far casts.

To summarize, it is safe to say that crankbaits TsuYoki not yield well-known brands not only in product quality, but also have real efficiency when fishing for various predatory fish.

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