Fishing in Almaty region

The Almaty region is famous for its unique nature. The city is surrounded by mountains of TRANS-ili Alatau, beautiful rivers with clear mountain water and lakes. To be here is a dream of many. Fishing in the area of interest to most people for whom it is not available in the city. Consider the free and paid places to catch fish.


1) Alma-ATA

In Almaty region today, a lot of trout and other farms as well as paid databases. A lot is done to ensure that residents could have good rest close to a large metropolis.

However, free seats are also popular among professional anglers and Amateurs. Sometimes you just want to sit with a fishing rod on the shore and relax from the bustle of the city. Where you can go?

Voroshilov lake

It is better to come for the whole weekend. The road cannot be called good in some places, but overall it is tolerable. Between the village of Chapaev and the Komsomol need to turn left before reaching the farm. After the turn the road is unpaved.

The lake is big, the beach is always different. You can try to fish both on the bottom gear, and near the reeds. If you like it more.

Among the fish found:

  • carp;
  • roach;
  • perch.

No special facilities here, however, in 2015, was installed toilets at the beach were cleaned of accumulated debris. Undoubtedly, it attracts more tourists. Will have to pay the check and vouchers. The prices are quite tolerable and do not amount to more than $ 1000 tenge per person.

Kapchagai reservoir

The most popular reservoir near Almaty, which brings together a large number of tourists, especially in summer. Fishing is possible in both summer and winter. The bite in the cold period is weak, summer is also better to come at night or early in the morning as the heat here is unbearable.

Among the fish you can meet:

  1. Roach. 2) Alma-ATA
  2. Walleye.
  3. Carp.
  4. Vobla.
  5. Bream.

Lately the bite is much decreased, due to the construction of bases for vacationers along the coast. You can fish from the shore and from the boat. Good fishing in October and November.

Paid fishing

The tendency to make fishing pay universally embraced and Almaty oblast. On the one hand, it should allow the water in order to create an incentive for the stocking of lakes and ponds, but really want it all performed. Consider a few places for paid fishing, where fishermen are guaranteed a rich catch.

Lake Kasharskiy

60 kilometers from the city, if you follow Kulinskii the track lies the lake of Kasharskiy.

It’s not very big, but the fishermen know him as one of the most attractive for catching such species of fish

5) Alma-ATA


  • carp;
  • carp;
  • carp;
  • roach;
  • perch.

Near the village of Kush, the whole area is protected, it’s clean and convenient. Fishing is carried out according to the permits. All one will have them on hand, you will have to overpay a little. Vouchers purchased on the way to the lake (the village Baltabay in the store «Mayak»).

The administration also offers:

  1. Bungalow with the lighting.
  2. The couch.
  3. The braziers.
  4. Rent gear.
  5. Parking free of charge (entry fee).
  6. The location of the campground.

When fishing during the day two kilograms of catch free, the rest of the fish is charged at the price 850 KZT per kilogram. The price is 1000 tenge. Rent a room for 5000 tenge a day.

Cisowski lake

To get to this beautiful place, you need to roll with the Bishkek highway in the direction of Karaganda and after a mile after the exit from the bridge to go right. From Almaty it is quite near. Earlier Cisowski the lake was free, and the fishermen loved him very much.

Today, an additional stocking of such species as:

3) Alma-ATA

  • Sudak;
  • carp;
  • carp;
  • carp;
  • Cupid;
  • carp.

For recreation and fishing, this place has become more attractive. The lake is very beautiful, clean, but facilities are not yet developed. Fee per fisherman small is 500 tenge per day. You can stay on shore in a tent or go back to the city.

Base «Zavidovo»

One of the most popular fishing and hunting among residents of Almaty city is considered a base «Zavidovo». To reach it, you need to go in the direction of lake Balkhash and drive to the village of qorao’zak. From there all visitors take the base and carry the water or air to the territory of the farms on the river Il.

Booking and payment is made in advance at the main office Almaty. Balkhash is one of the most interesting lakes on the territory of Kazakhstan. The database location is unique, so it is appropriate to fish all year round. You can catch a real trophy.

There are such types of fish:

  1. ASP.
  2. The white Amur. 4) Alma-ATA
  3. Carp.
  4. Sudak.
  5. Carp.
  6. Snakehead.
  7. Roach.
  8. Som.

The hotel can arrange a fascinating underwater hunting. Features:

  • accommodation in comfortable rooms;
  • three meals a day;
  • Billiards;
  • all types of fishing;
  • services jaegers;
  • clean and beautiful area;
  • satellite TV
  • transfer.

Children under 7 years stay free of charge. The cost of accommodation starts from 32000 tenge a day per person depending on room type. Speedboat transfer will cost cheaper, 12000 tenge, if you want to get faster on the helicopter, the cost of such travel will be about 500 000 tenge for five people.

Fishing in the Almaty region is diverse: there is the Suite, and easier ways for fans to just sit with a fishing rod on the shore.

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