Paid fishing with accommodation in the suburbs

Fishing is a favorite pastime of many residents of the Moscow region and the capital itself. Find a place for the soul in a weekend very easily. In the region a huge number of interesting places for fishing. Consider pay-complexes, which are the most popular. Today, a lot depends not only on the quality of fishing, but also from the convenience of the infrastructure.

Popular places of paid fishing in Moscow

Pay systems for the fishing became popular due to the fact that offers not only fishing, but also for his family and friends that fishing is not always necessary to taste. For this reason, such places do today. Mostly interested in fishing on:

  • ryibalka


  • ASP;
  • perch;
  • sturgeon;
  • tench and other fish.

I want not only to return home with a rich catch, but not to waste time on a long journey. Consider some of the popular places.


Litvinovo is a fishing club with fishing available and even some time to live on site in cottages. The table below shows the basic information.

Location 30 km from Moscow, Shchelkovo district, close to the villages. Litvinovo, rural settlement Trubinskoe
Species of fish carp, pike, trout, catfish, perch, sturgeon, carp
The cost from 2000 to 2200 rubles (catch per the norm), when staying in cottages fishing free
Infrastructure two lakes with gazebos and barbecues, for a fee, available equipment, bait, comfortable cottages


As for catching trophy fish, it will need to go back, or pay it at a triple rate.The property also has a restaurant with Russian and Italian cuisines. Guests can hold large celebrations, including weddings. There’s fresh air in any weather you can enjoy your vacation.



This place is located quite far from Moscow (365 km). Base Ivushka fit or residents of the suburbs, or people who live in the Smolensk region. The complex is located on the banks Vazuzskiy reservoir.

Every fisherman here expecting not only a good catch, but the unique beauty of nature. Willow is so coveted by fishermen that the places here are booked in advance. Additional information is given in the table.


Location 365 km from Moscow, Smolensk oblast, doctor of the Mouth
Species of fish perch, roach, bream, pike, perch and other
The cost on request
Infrastructure equipment rental, comfortable cottages, a Playground with barbecue facilities, services, huntsman inexperienced fishermen


Near Mozhaisk is the classic base for fishing Yurkovo. Competitions are held here fishing, gift certificates available, you can buy vouchers of different types:

  1. For a family holiday.
  2. For a short period.
  3. For a long period.
  4. On holiday without the right of fishing.

Entrance without catching will cost 300 rubles, and fishing in 1500 rubles. Additional charge, and the catch (for every kilogram of fish above the norm). Yurkovo is a couple of ponds. Additionally there are bridges, barbecues, gazebos, smokehouse for fish, a Playground for those who come with children, and comfortable lodges to stay.

On-site open wells with artesian water. Only here fishermen can catch Karelian trout, which is famous for its taste. On-site café. The complex is guarded day and night, so you can not worry about the parked car.

Family club «the Island»

Ostrov — fishing farm. So say the owners. Big private territory, which is famous for its infrastructure. Features provided:

  • gazebos;
  • tents;
  • home.

Do not forget about fishing. For regular visitors there are comfortable club system cost from 20 000 to 65 000 rubles, in addition, there are discounts. Those who came just to relax, can always use:

  1. ryibnaya-lovlya

    Volleyball court.

  2. Billiards.
  3. Basketball court.
  4. A children’s Playground.
  5. A restaurant with karaoke.
Location 10 km from Moscow (MKAD), Moscow, sec. The island (Kashirskoye highway you should turn towards the village)
Species of fish catfish, sturgeon, carp, pike, tench, carp, carp, trout
The cost from 500 to 1,000 rubles for a ticket
Infrastructure additional services for cleaning, pickling and other processing fish, rent equipment, have a comfortable home to live in

Silver Bowl

It’s a pretty popular place. «The silver Cup» has its own flavor and is not far from Moscow. Features:

  • gazebos;
  • houses;
  • Mongolian Yurt.

There are several kinds of fishing, including night and corporate. The price ranges from 1500 to 2500 rubles. Additionally, you can rent a cabin or Yurt. Mongolian dwelling is interesting and colorful.

To get to the «Silver Bowl», it is necessary to pass on the Kiev highway 25 km from MKAD to the village of Nastas’ino. Then follow the signs. On-site café.

Bah! Fish!

Near Moscow there is another interesting place called «Bah! Fish!». To get have to the M4 highway «DON» on 61-m kilometre turn right at the Kashirskoe highway and drive through the pointer in the direction of Rastunovo.

It features several stocked ponds, a bathhouse, pavilions and houses. Of particular interest is the upper pond with clear water and infrastructure. Many fishermen are fishing here. The price is from 1000 to 2500 rubles. Rent a house on the day will be from 10,000 to 15,000 rubles.

Remember! Captured specimens will have to be released back into the pond.

Gold Fish

This farm is located in the Chekhov district. It’s two water reservoirs near the villages Leonovo and High. A few meters from the water are houses where you can sleep a large group or family. In addition, you can rent any gear and bait.

Here you can catch such species of fish:

  1. ryibalka2


  2. Trout.
  3. Carp.
  4. Carp.
  5. Cupid.
  6. Pike.
  7. Som.


Zhostovo is a historical place near Moscow. Fishing here is quite popular. Surcharge pond is a small area where you can relax in the summer house, to cook caught fish on the grill, dine in the café. The cost is not large, from 200 rubles for the entrance to the grounds. Fishermen will enjoy the differences of depths, you can fish both summer and winter.


«Zubovo» is a land area of over 16 ha. Here it is possible not only to fish and relax, but enough to hunt. There is fishing both winter and summer. Stocking occurs weekly.

Location For city Volokolamsk after 10 km turn on the village Zubovo
Species of fish pike, carp, crucian carp, trout
The cost from 1000 to 2500 roubles for a ticket depending on the rules of fishing (trophy fish are extra 400 rubles per kilogram)
Infrastructure accommodation in cottages on-site café, rental equipment, barbecues


This is another popular place among those fishermen who prefer to fish for a fee and stay in comfortable lodges. The farm is situated in Sergievo-Posadsky district in a picturesque place near the village of Selkovo. A huge variety of fish will be pleasantly surprised fishermen. In the pond you can find trout, carp, silver carp, catfish, Amur.

In addition, it offers:

  • houses for the price of 3000 rubles on weekdays;
  • gazebos from 1000 rubles, equipped with a barbecue;
  • bath.

Of course, fishing with accommodation in the suburbs is much more, there is something to pay attention to. Sometimes you just need to go to the nature with the whole family, to relax from the city. It is very convenient when you can stay in a quiet place on the waterfront.