Crankbaits Rudra

The use of a Wobbler for catching of predatory fish greatly simplifies the preparatory phase of fishing. If live bait you must first prepare the bait properly and then to maintain it, the use of crankbaits allows you to save a considerable amount of time.

In properly selected artificial bait in a professional transaction, it is possible to catch, which will significantly exceed performance targets. Many experienced fishermen on our own experience in this and try to pick up those models of lures which will work efficiently in different conditions.

What can you say about the manufacturer?

One of the most suitable for hunting crankbaits, is a product of the Japanese firm OSP». This artificial bait is called «Rudra». Wobblers of this series is deservedly popular for the high quality of its products.

The Japanese company OSP is a manufacturer of a variety of goods for fishing:

  1. I

    All products from this company, before going in the retail network, is a multi-stage test.

  2. Crankbaits Rudra is possible to apply immediately after the purchase without additional refinement and improvement.
  3. The lure of this company are perfectly balanced and have a great game that allows to minimize mistakes novice anglers and get great catches, even inexperienced beginners.

The advantages of a Wobbler Rudra

Crankbaits firms OSP have the following advantages:

  • perfect balance. Artificial bait series Rudra is perfectly balanced and allow you to make accurate shots at distance more than 50 meters;
  • own game. For the beginner this feature is very important, because even with significant errors in the wiring of these plugs still «lead» a realistic under water and lure the predator;
  • large selection of models. For any body of water and species of predatory fish can choose the most suitable type of lure;
  • high-quality materials.

This allows you to use the bait for a long time without changing its color characteristics. Hooks used in the lure Rudra, are made of durable hardened steel which is able to withstand high loads when playing a fish.

Owing to these characteristics, products of this company are in great demand among fishermen. The most popular model series of Rudra will be given below.

Popular lures Rudra

Among this category of fishing products, Japanese firms OSP most popular are the following models:

  1. img_pp63

    Asura Rudra 130 MSF — a new modification of the famous lure. This lure is ideal for catching large pike. When the length of the lure 13 cm, it is possible to filter out unwanted small bite of a predator, so this model is mainly used for catching trophy instance. Specifications lure:

    • weight is 18.2 g., so possible long-range casting lure, even in the presence of oncoming wind;
    • the streamlined shape of the body of the artificial fish.

    Asura Rudra 130 MSF can easily go up to 1.5 meters, so you can use this lure in the Parking lots of large predators. The cost is 1 500 rubles.

  2. I (1) Asura Rudra 130 SP T-59 — this lure can excite the appetite of even the inactive predator. Its characteristics:
    • variegation, due to which the Wobbler shows excellent results at catching of a predator in turbid water;
    • dvadtsatimetrovy weight;
    • a system for long casting, the decisive so the supply lure the suspected predator.

    Bait allows you to effectively catch predatory fish like dash wiring, and the uniform movement of the crank. The cost is 1200 rubles.

These lures are the most popular in its price range, many anglers prefer these models due to their quality and ulovistost.

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