Use crankbaits when trolling

Fishermen in recent years more and more learn new methods of hunting. One such effective method is trolling. With it, you can get almost any predatory fish.

The main objective in this method is the proper selection of the lure. The most appropriate is a Wobbler.

Principles of trolling

Trolling is good for fishing in large open spaces. Bait is attached to the boat and moving behind her.

In this boat, you can use any of them, especially effective are those whose movements are carried out with the help of oars. In recent times this method is used for paddle boats. Many of them have useful electronic devices to facilitate fishing.

Also for trolling, you definitely need a rod holder. It should fix the tackle and at the moment of take provide instant access.

Often they are made of metal and plastic pipes, mounted in the boat. The market also sells a variety of portable owners. The boat is best done on a false course, and in order that the fishing line is not confused return should run smoothly. To use this method can be up to 4 rods.

Also remember that the line should be lowered into the water by weak casting and choose its predominantly short in size, as excessive length will degrade the control bait. Besides, short line greatly simplifies the cutting.

What is wobblers?

Wobblers is one of the varieties of jigs are mostly used when trolling. They are also used when fishing on spinning, but in this case it is less effective.

This lure with its playful appearance perfectly attracts predatory fish. On the front is a zaglubitelja, and also has one or more hooks.

Advantages over conventional baits

Anyone who has ever used a lure, knows their advantages over other virtues, among them:

  1. f91f4524f26b23bf6542e383350c901d_enl

    Strong resemblance to these fish, which predator hunts.

  2. Starts working instantly immediately after contact with water.
  3. High probability to catch predatory fish.
  4. A wide variety of colors.
  5. The presence of various noise effects arising from the built-in rattles.
  6. Full control of the movements of the lure.
  7. Long life with proper storage.

How to choose lures for trolling?

The crankbait choice is quite a daunting task. For effective fishing need to consider the following:

  • the size of the lure, his choice is mainly influenced by the depth at which you will be fishing;

If the bait is above a fish school, it is best to buy bait large size, because the fish will have to draw up.

Small bait out in case the bait is used flush with the jamb.

  • the depth at which you will be fishing;

It is important when you choose to consider the time of year and the elevation of the reservoir. In the fall you must choose a lure that sinks to great depth. The reason is that insects at this time are missing, and the fish feeds in the lower layers of water.

  • the color of the lure;

Especially at first first-timers make that mistake. The choice of color of the lure you need to pick up based on weather conditions, transparency and strength of the water flow.

When fishing in Sunny weather, the best fit lures natural color, and muddy water is to use the lure of bright colors.

Experienced fishermen advised to stock up on lures of different color.

  • the game cranks;

There are fishermen who prefer a bait with a rattle chamber. When the predator is not active and other baits ignores, in this case, it is wise to use these effects.

The ranking of the most popular models

For trolling fishing many different lures. Among their large number, you should choose the best and most efficient option.

Especially for beginners, the rating of crankbaits:

  1. rapala_tdd

    RAPALA DEEP TAIL DANCER TDD-11. Everyone who tried it when fishing trolling Wobbler Rapala has a weight of 23 grams and a length of 11 centimeters, say, the depth it is very effective. It should be sunk more than 9 meters, as is known, the predators prefer to stay there.

  2. Halco Sorcerer 125 (150) XDD Crazy Deep. Wobbler from the Austrian company Halco has a length of 125-150 mm and a depth of 8 meters. It is believed that this company is second in the world for the production of fishing lures. Thanks to sweeping the game, it attracts predatory fish. Fishermen use bait to catch pike and Zander. Please note that the lures often get tangled in the obstacles.
  3. Rapala Shad Rap SSR-9. Lures were Rapala weighing 12 kilograms, with a length of 9 centimeters and a depth of 2.5 meters is ideal when trolling in shallow water. Broad and sweeping play of the lure attracts the fish, even if it is at a great distance. Such lures do not float after searcing are not included in a tailspin. They are when fishing for pike and perch.
  4. duelhardcorejerkbait90sp1 DUEL HARDCORE SHADSH-75. This model has a weight of 10 grams and a length of 7.5 centimeters is desirable for such fish as perch, Chub and perch. The unique design of the blades, the resistance of the gain during the reduced. When the trolling depth is increased to 4 meters.
  5. YO-ZURI Crystal Minnow DD. Floating Wobbler with a weight of 24 grams and a length of 24 cm, is used for fishing in the casting and trolling. Penetration of the lure reaches up to 5 meters. For this bait caught any fish. Wobbler reflects light, allowing you to fish even in murky water and at night.

For walleye

It is best to catch walleye with lures that emit the gudgeon and roach. On the river with a strong current it is necessary to take the blades of large size, and in reservoirs with stagnant water, the most effective option would be to use the balsa baits.

For pike

As you already should understand from this article, you need to choose bait based on fish, which is usually the predator hunts.

For example, often chooses the Rudd pike and similar fish. In trolling fishing in summer, the optimum lure for catching pike is the Bomber Long A.

Remember, there is no bait is perfect to catch any predatory fish. Each of them needs an individual approach.And with proper storage of your lures, you can carry out fishing in a long time.

Also do not forget that before buying you need to know as much information as possible about the bait and only then buy it. Only then will you buy a Wobbler that will provide you a good catch.

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