Case for rods with coil

Choosing a case for rods with coil

Fishing is a wonderful recreation for many anglers residing in various regions of the Russian Federation. Having the right gear and equipment allow to carry out fishing in a comfortable environment and store fishing gear in good condition.

Why you need a case?


Fisherman for successful fishing you need a good bait which largely depends on the success of the hunt. Any fishing gear requires reliable protection when transporting in the case, among them:

  • feeder;
  • spinning;
  • the rod.

Modern rods are made using new innovative materials and additional equipment, are quite expensive. The company specializes in the production of fishing equipment, has developed many models of special cases, protect the rod and coil from accidental damage.

Notice how carefully you must handle the equipment during transportation. In specialized shops for anglers and offers a wide selection of protective covers:

  1. Hard.
  2. Semi-rigid.
  3. Soft.
  4. The special hard tube.

Selection criteria

Protective covers can be divided by 2 main factors:

  • the size of the protective cover;
  • the design and material used to manufacture the cover.

Depending on the size of the rod is made suitable protective case:

  • from 95 to 165 cm;
  • up to 215 cm

Manufacturers, depending on the specialization of the fishing rod produce the cases for different types of equipment:

  1. Spinning.
  2. Carp.
  3. Plug.
  4. Feeder.

There are specific universal model that can be used for most types of equipment. By design, the cases are divided into:

  1. Rigid where the basis of the inserted plastic pipe. They are used to transport rods and reels with reels. For easy carrying cases are equipped with special straps.
  2. Seat made of thick, durable fabric and leather with a special compartment for the coil. On the cover placed additional pockets to store tooling and equipment.
  3. Rigid tubes made of plastic or plastic tubes with special caps at the top and bottom. Inside it paste the special material to prevent from damage of the rod. In the special cases provided for fixing the rod and the gear that protects it from damage during transportation.

Extremely handy cases provided by the special departments for storage of coils, which allows not to disassemble the equipment and to save time.

The best producers


The fishing equipment produce several companies, including cases and tubes for transportation and storage of rods. For their production we use modern materials that protect the equipment.

The most popular among anglers is the products of companies:

  1. Aquatic.
  2. XCH.
  3. Salmo.
  4. Acropolis.
  5. Swieda.
  6. Grauvell.
  7. Mifine.

For example, the company produces Aquatic:

  • covers for carp rods in length 195-210 cm
  • hard cases, length 132, 148, 165 cm.
  • covers soft, length 120, 130, 145, see
  • covers semi-rigid, length 125, 138, 150 cm.

They are made of durable fabric and provided with modern fittings and a strap that allows you to transfer gear. Mifine the company produces cases for transportation of equipment, have additional equipment:

  • 2 pockets;
  • 2 sectional division (figure KX-BF 135);
  • the compartment for the coil.

The use cases for the carriage of fishing equipment allows you to focus all the necessary equipment in one place and to ensure protection and safety during the transportation, thereby freeing the angler from many troubles.

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