What biting asps?

ASP is a large and strong fish, which is quite difficult to catch. The family Cyprinidae is the only pronounced predator. A large part of the individuals has a weight of 2-4 kg. The maximum mass of captured instance is 8 pounds, and the length -70 inches.

Character of fish that fishermen call it skate and grip. There are certain recommendations on how to catch the predator how to prepare gear and choose a place for bait and catching trophy instance.

To catch the fish?


Active nibble fish starts immediately after spawning. Prior to the breeding season can occur separate of catching fish on a worm or live bait. After spawning, the fish is significantly weakened, which simplifies its output to a worm.

At the beginning of the summer ASP regains his strength, starting to chase fry. When you reach the end of the hot time of year, flocks of predator form a kind of boilers, approaching fishermen for 100 meters leads to the waste of the fish.

There are several methods of fishing. The most common and optimum are the following:

  1. Float rod.
  2. Spinning.
  3. Fly fishing.
  4. On the bombard.

Float rod

Float fishing is widespread in many countries where there is considered a predator. However, he pecks on top of the water or along the bottom. The type of bait and method of fishing depends on the time of year. The most productive when fishing on top water are:

  • Ovod;
  • skate;
  • fly;
  • a crust of bread.

If the fish vivariums from the bottom, it can be used:

  1. Cherry.
  2. The live bait.
  3. The Nightcrawlers.
  4. Corn.
  5. Early spring is the moth and the dung of the worm.

With the advent of may comes the bait that displaces all others is the may beetle. When choosing a place for fishing you need to choose a quiet area where there are no currents. Tactics for catching on a float is to perform a long casting in the place where the fish manifests itself the most. The first time she may not pay attention to the bait, but after half an hour the bite has to be adjusted. In order to increase the catch, there should be periodic fertilizing.

When fishing with a float is quite difficult to avoid gathering fish from the hook. That is why if you have a large experience, it is possible to exclude the possibility of loss of captured instance that will be bound to resist.



Fishing spinning is very exciting. On large rivers with sufficiently long that when the use of such a device can significantly improve the catch.

Commonly used ultralight spinning reel that has the test up to 10 grams. How and when fishing on the float rod, in this case should be a pass in the far distance, as the ASP is fearful predator. Due to the fact that the fish is very active, strongly resists, you should use a rod with a higher stiffness.

Fly fishing

Fly fishing is a quiet and razmernye kind of fishing, which accounts for the taste of many. It is not necessary to Wake up early and to carefully choose the place of fishing. The process of hunting is to vysmatrivaya from the shore is the most attractive pit with a lot of Chub. To throw the bait should be 8-12 meters, which fits the rod 3 grade length 2.1 metres. Precise and accurate casting is needed in order to not scare away the predator. ASP is impulsive and cautious fish. If the cord accidentally falls into water, the predator will go to a secluded place and you will have to look for space for fishing.

On the bombard


On guns lately catching fish pretty rarely, but this method deserves attention. Bombarda – a plastic tube through which is passed the main fishing line. The lower part has a thickening, which is in the form of drops. Use the bombard for long casting even the smallest bait.

Way to catch on this device is quite simple: hold a casting bait for boiler fattening predator or one of the sides of it. Fish will be periodically distracted by the bait.

How to choose the type of rods? You should make a choice according to his ability, time of fishing and the type of habitat. Everything is learned by trial and error.

Minnow on the fish

When choosing lures for asps should pay attention to the elongated shape. This is due to the fact that the predator loves the bleak, which has an elongated shape.

Key selection criteria:

  • prefer a model that has excellent flight characteristics. This is because when hunting for asps should be done long-distance casting, as this predator is very careful;
  • trolling is often enough. Therefore, the model must have a resistance to water movement. ASP – the hunter who loves the course;
  • the color should be selected so that the spoon was like a small fish, for example, bleak.

The most popular model of this lure is the Kastmaster. It is silver in colour and oblong in shape, the weight is 40 grams.

Wobblers for asps


Wobbler is also often used for catching of a pike The main thing when choosing this lure is providing long-range casting. Considered the predator will not allow the fisherman to get closer to the pit even on a small boat. He immediately hears it and fishing is not luck.

However, the aerodynamic figure is not the only criterion for selection. It should take into account the following information:

  1. Form of the crank needs to be extended.
  2. The working depth should correspond to the reservoir will be fishing.
  3. The stability of the game on the course.

The greatest efficiency has a floating model, but in some cases more suited suspender and sinking. Also ASP does not remain indifferent to the trembling game of a certain type of lures. The oscillation amplitude must be small.

Live bait fishing

Live bait should be fish in the summer. This is due to the fact that the water is well warmed, and the fish starts to behave active in the upper layers of the reservoir. As bait you can use small fish. In this case, select the following recommendations on choice of bait:

  • length of fish must not exceed 8 centimeters.
  • width of selected cuttings should be small, as the predator can’t swallow a big spoon. Small bait should not choose for the reason that the fish has no teeth;
  • live bait is recommended to stick to the small gear that won’t attract attention;
  • for lowering of the agile on the bottom can be used conventional tackle. For example, suitable conventional rod with carrying rings. Be sure to use a leash. It is recommended to take Postings with a length of about one meter or more;
  • fishing line when the fish needs to be constantly stretched;
  • in most cases, spinning.

The fish are caught on live bait quite often. A great deal of activity of the predator a common stalk, which was elected on the above recommendations may lead to a good result.

Bait for ASP

When considering the question of bait the fish should be aware that certain smells can scare away the predator. This files most often added to bait worms, meat, maggots. After preparing the bait it is placed in a trough and throw in our fishery.

In conclusion, I will summarize:

  1. Casting bait must be carried out in the far distance.
  2. The fish is aggressive. Therefore, you should hold the rod firmly, and be confident in it.
  3. Bait should be small, have an elongated shape.
  4. Color spinners or other artificial attachments should imitate a real fish.

To catch this predator is difficult. Therefore, a specimen is of great value for fishing. Catch large fish indicates the presence of a large number of experience and good training of fisherman.

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