Produce an anchor for PVC boats with their hands

Fishing can be called a favorite pastime of many men. Special attention is paid to fishing on the water. This is due to the fact that the study of the deep pits where you can hide a predator trophy size, no need to carry out long throws.

Necessary equipment any boat can be called anchor that allows you to keep transportation afloat in the flow for a long time. The boat, made of PVC, as a rule, do not have anchors in the kit. It is therefore necessary to carry out the self-production of this simple assistant.

Varieties of improvised anchors

Fishing on the big water without an anchor will not work, as a strong wind or current can carry the boat. There are several embodiments of such vehicle water vehicle. Consider the details of each design.

Simple collapsible anchor

In order to keep free space when transporting inflatable boats, you can create a collapsible design. The special features of creating such a device include:

  1. Choven

    A small stainless steel tube, diameter 25 mm and length of 270 mm Should pay attention to the pipe with greater wall thickness, as it will be the basis for the design.

  2. The next step can be called the welding on the end of the pipe sleeve, the diameter of which is 25 mm and there is a thread M12.
  3. In order to anchor clung to the bottom, should undertake the welding of the clutches, which are made from strips of stainless steel with a thickness of 4 mm, a length of 260 mm and a width of 40 mm, the Edges of the steel strips should be treated with sandpaper.
  4. Feet are placed on the stock, followed by their fixing by means of nuts M12. This moment determines the possibility of design. The nut is welded a ring on the other side of the pipe also creates a ring for the rope.

The result of this work will be the design which has a weight of about 1.6 kg. in order to significantly increase the stability of the boat during a storm, in shock, pour about 2 kg of metal.

Kurbatovsky anchor

Also quite popular Kurbatovsky anchor. For its production need the following:

  • sheet metal, the thickness of which shall not be less than 3 mm;
  • wire, steel, diameter of which shall be not less than 8 mm;
  • a piece of metal rod with a length of about 12 inches.

The design will be sealed and have a forked spindle and one paw. Weight approximately 2 kg, which in many cases is sufficient to stabilize the boat in the wind or strong currents.


All work can be divided into the following stages:

  1. First you need to make the spindle out of the wire. At the same time to the upper part of the structure is welded strap.
  2. The next step is to bind fixes the strap to the stock. This moment defines what the paw will be after sinking to the bottom of the anchor to unfold. This moment can stabilize boats on the water.
  3. To the ends of the spindles of the rod is welded a strip of metal. This is done in order to support the legs in position.

Enough attention should be paid to the quality of the weld. When submerged anchor can be quite hit bottom, which could lead to structural failure. Welds susceptible to shock loads.

Anchor Cat

There are many different models of boats in the manufacture of which used PVC. For PVC boats with a length of 3-4 meters a smart choice becomes anchor-cat. Quite frequently is the manufacturer of portable option. To change the position of the legs, you can use clutches which is able to slip on the created spindle and is locked in a certain position.


Other features of the design include:

  • to prevent breakage of their paws fixed on the rod with the cotter pin;
  • when you need to free designs at the time getting stuck is removing the cotter pin;
  • hinged legs at the bottom of the structure allows to increase significantly its compactness.

The considered design has a relatively small weight, which determines the possibility of its use only in calm weather. If a strong current or wind, we have substantially complicate the device.

Model pyramidal shape

In the manufacture of anchors are pyramid-shaped, use a solid lead. To produce this form when using sheet metal, which is welded together. For a substantial strengthening of the structure is made of welding wire on the perimeter. Then created a form buried in the prepared hole in the ground and pour the lead.

Fusibility of lead determines that to do it plastic can be yourself when using conventional equipment. Until that moment, until the lead is hot, is the rate of the wire lugs. Lead can be assembled from old batteries.

The basic requirements for anchors

In the design presented a lot of requirements. These include:

  1. 1

    High figure holding force. As a rule, it depends on the mass of the structure.

  2. The boat must be securely fixed in position despite wind, current and movement in the craft.
  3. The design is easily and quickly removed from the hooks, as a similar phenomenon can be seen quite often.
  4. It is important not to lose your anchor while fishing.
  5. The compact design is also quite important indicator. During transportation and during the movement in the water, many are seeking to save some space. Also it is important enough that the anchor was not very heavy.
  6. A lot of time the design will be in the water. Note that prolonged exposure to moisture causes corrosion on the surface. Due to corrosion over time the structural strength is significantly reduced. Therefore, in the manufacture of anchors should I use metal which has anticorrosive properties.

In the manufacture of improvised anchors should pay attention to the conditions under which the Assembly will be used: when strong vegetation, litter bottom, with rocky terrain and so on.

Make an anchor by yourself

For the independent production of anchors need the following materials:

  • 2

    sheet metal;

  • rod and wire of different diameters;
  • bushings, rings;
  • elements with threaded connection.

Guidelines for the production of the following:

  1. To begin to develop design drawings with the application of all sizes. It should be noted that some of the drawings can be downloaded on the Internet.
  2. The next step is preparation of the necessary elements is made by cutting the metal rods using a grinder or plasma cutter.
  3. After preparation and adjustment of all elements is their connection by welding.

After completion you should check the strength of the structure, so as to make changes at the time of application of the anchor ends.

How to save an anchor from drowning?

To create the design you need a lot of materials and effort. Therefore, you should save an anchor from drowning. Even when fishing on an unfamiliar body of water is difficult to predict, than the bottom. That is why you should pay attention to the following points:

  • 4

    to throw out the anchor only if it is secured to the boat;

  • to indicate the anchors should attach the buoy – if you need to pull the design you can hook the buoy and pull it.

Note that the anchor is set the cat more often, especially in rocky bottom. To avoid this, use the following:

  1. Design snaps buira and buoy. The mounting is carried out to the junction of the legs and spindles.
  2. You should create another ring.
  3. For starters, the rope is attached to the place of the spindle and connecting the legs, followed by binding to the ring.

In conclusion, we note that, by creating an anchor yourself, you should only use molten metal, which is not exposed to corrosion. Soft metal when falling to the bottom can seriously deform, which can not be tolerated. But hot metal is more difficult to use for self manufacturing of anchors.

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