Make an anchor for a boat, PVC

For fishing in open water is most often used small inflatable boat. By purchasing this boat, you should think about buying an anchor. Today for sale is a great set. Take a look at which option is worth to choose.

What are the different types of anchors


The task of the anchors is to provide swimming facilities real estate. Thus, its use should not cause difficulties. Not every anchor will be able to cope with the task on «perfectly».

Thus, for example, the anchor is a plow to use on the boat PVC is not advisable. It has quite a lot of weight, so swimming vessel shall be equipped with an Electromechanical winch to lift. Installation on an inflatable boat is not possible.

Consider the types of anchors, which are advisable to use it on inflatable boats. These include:

  • anchor-cat;
  • anchor Cable;
  • Admiralty;
  • kurbatovi;
  • pyramidal;
  • gravity.

Some of these anchors you can buy and some to make your own. If you buy an anchor, you should consult the manufacturer, there is warranty service, and where the manufactured goods. Talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each type of anchors.



The advantages of the anchor-cats include:

  1. The possibility of use on all soils.
  2. Compactness.
  3. Complex structure, which is very convenient during transportation.

The disadvantages of this anchor is:

  1. The inability to use, as the main rivers with a strong current.
  2. The risk of damage inflatable boats.

With regard to the latter disadvantage, it is worth noting that the damage inflatable boat can be used only if the anchor is in the expanded position. Anchor-cat, it is advisable to use if you need to fix the position of the boat near the shore, overgrown with reeds.

Anchor Hall


The advantages of this device include:

  • high speed hook for soft ground;
  • high holding force.

But it also has disadvantages:

  • a lot of weight as it is produced, generally of iron;
  • low holding force;
  • the possibility of jamming in the process of operation.

Admiralty anchor

The Admiralty anchor is:

  1. Universal (it held up fine on any type of soil including stones).
  2. Nimble (easy enough «to Wade through algae).

The advantages of this device over. As for drawbacks, we can mention:

  1. Low holding force.
  2. Quite a lot of weight.
  3. A large amount of time that is required to lock the device, which is not very convenient.

Kurbatovi anchor

Kurbatovi anchor is made with your own hands. It has a fairly simple structure.

The advantages of this anchor include:

  • compact;
  • light weight;
  • the ability to use almost any soil.

The main drawback is the inability to use this anchor as the main stone on the ground. Perhaps this is the only drawback, which is easily eliminated by means of the most ordinary blanks, put on the leg anchors.

Pyramidal anchor


Pyramidal anchor is also made with your own hands. In a pre-prepared form pour a solid lead, which you need to pre-melt. The form is made of sheet metal, cut into two parts. The finished product has the shape of a pyramid.

The advantages of this device include:

  1. Simplicity in execution.
  2. The ability to use any soil.
  3. The ability to anchor a certain weight.

Among the shortcomings should be noted:

  1. The lack of legs, respectively, will not be able to go deep into the soil.
  2. The inability to use as your primary.

Gravitational anchor

Gravitational anchor has:

  • high holding power;
  • good stability against tipping;
  • use on hard soils.

Significant disadvantages of this design are the large weight and its uniform distribution, which is not always possible to provide good adhesion with the soil. No matter which anchor you choose, before purchasing the equipment you need to examine it carefully. If you did not, and noticed some shortcoming, it is necessary to carry the purchased goods back to the store and demand money back or replace it with a new one.

The size requirement of the anchor

The weight of the anchor depends on the size of the inflatable boat. Of course, you can purchase a heavy device that will cope with its task even on the river with a strong current. However, the question arises whether it is appropriate to use such an anchor to the PVC boat, whose length is 4-5 meters. In this case, suitable and simple device, which weighs 2-3 kg.

Table, to define how the anchor need to equip a boat of a particular length are presented below.


If you did not have such a table at hand, it is considered that the weight of the anchor should be equal to 1% of the weight of the boat.

How many anchors for boats

Main anchor on the boat is used in case you need to lock it during a small storm, or on the river with quite strong current.

In addition to the main anchor on the boat must be at least one auxiliary. It is used in that case, if for insignificant, or, if necessary, make a temporary stop.

Make an anchor for a boat, PVC

With their hands often do:

  1. Kurbatovsky anchor.
  2. Anchor-cat.
  3. A floating anchor.

Kurbatovsky anchor


The first thing to stock up on the necessary material and tools.


  • steel wire diameter not less than 8 mm;
  • a metal sheet, whose thickness is greater than 3 mm;
  • a metal bar with a diameter of 12 mm;
  • a partially metal pipe and an empty pipe (first should be placed inside a second);
  • washers and straps.

For the manufacture of such anchors, perform the following sequence of works:

  1. With pre-prepared wire to bend the spindle.
  2. At the top of the spindle to weld to the wire lath, it is necessary to wire kept the desired shape.
  3. To the ends of the spindles welded metal tube, previously inserted in the blank. To the stock to be welded washers and strap. They needed to paw anchor in the fall returned and deepened into the ground.
  4. Paw weld to the stock. It is advisable to equip the arm with a stiffener.


For the manufacture of anchors-cats we need:

  • thirty inch piece of pipe partially;
  • two mounting rings;
  • a three centimeter piece of hollow pipe, the diameter of which slightly more than incomplete;
  • six mm metal sheet.

The sequence of operations consists of the following steps:

  1. For the clutches you need to make some preparations. Take a sheet of metal and cut:
  • 4 rectangle with sides 2 and 15 cm;
  • 4 rectangle with rounded corners, the sides of which is equal to 2 and 5 cm;
  • 8 rectangles with rounded corners, the sides of which is equal to 2 and 3 cm;
  • 4 small triangle with sharp corners.
  1. With the help of welding machine partially welded to the pipe, two eye bolts (one on each end).
  2. At one end of the rectangles with sides of 2 and 3 cm, make a hole whose diameter is 6 mm.
  3. To the bottom of the partially welded pipe 4 of the 8 rectangles with sides of 2 and 3 cm the side that has no holes.
  4. The remaining 4 rectangles should be exactly the same to weld to the edge of a hollow pipe which is put on the main.
  5. At the ends of the rectangles with sides of 2 and 5 cm, making holes with a diameter of 6 mm.
  6. At one end of the rectangles with sides of 2 and 15 cm, also do the holes, the diameter of which is equal to 6 mm. At the other end fasten the triangles. Doing it with a welder.
  7. Take the rectangles with the sides 2 and 15 cm and make a neat incisions exactly in the middle of them. Then slightly bend them and weld in place of the bend. Thus, they acquire an arcuate shape.
  8. With the help of a metal rod fastened to the long rectangles with the average. In the same way fasten the middle rectangles to the smallest, which are welded to the hollow tube.
  9. Put an empty tube on the main. Then fasten the rectangles of medium size to small, which are welded to the main tube.

Floating anchor


Another anchor that you can make yourself is floating.

Consider what materials we will need:

  • Hoop with a diameter of 30-40 cm (will fit both metal and plastic);
  • metre of stiff fabric with a width of cloth 1.5 m, which is not afraid of water (the best option – tarpaulin or any kind);
  • paper dome shape;
  • the rope for the manufacture of a sling;
  • lace;
  • sealant.

Before proceeding to describe the manufacturing technology of this product, it should be mentioned that the Hoop can be made of aluminum pipe. It is enough to take 1.5 meters of the pipe and bend it so that was not oval, and ring. It ends at the joint to rigidly lock.

If the material is too hard, the dome can be made from several identical parts. Prepared a paper pattern should be cut into equal parts. The line of incision should be placed between the bases of the cone. Then get a few pieces that have the shape of a regular trapezoid. Most often the pattern is divided into 3 parts.

After the billet is assembled, you must perform the following algorithm:

  1. Lay the prepared fabric. To transfer a paper pattern to the fabric. If it is not solid, you have to add 1.5 cm on each side. To sew the pattern along the lines of the seams. It is better to make a double. For stitching elements of the anchor you must use a thick synthetic thread, the stitches can be performed on the sewing machine or by hand.
  2. To attach the straps to the Hoop. Most often, a sea anchor equipped with four slings. With rope you need to cut two equal-Dina cut and placed on the Hoop at equal distance of each edge. Make sure that nodes were not voluminous. They should «look» in the upper part of the cone. At the end of the work it is necessary to suspend the resulting workpiece. If everything was done correctly, the base of the cone will be parallel to the ground. If not, then the ropes need to be balanced.
  3. Sew wrap a lifting sling to the lower base of the cone. At this stage it is better to perform manually. On the sewing machine it will be at least uncomfortable.
  4. Close all the seams with sealant, regardless of whether they were made by hand or using a sewing machine. Alternative sealant can be a glue that is resistant to water.
  5. To adjust the diameter of the upper cone. To do this, sew at a distance of 3 cm from the upper base four loops, through which is threaded a cord (tether). This tether during the operation of the anchor will be attached to bugrep.

When the floating anchor is ready, it is advisable to sew a pouch in which to store the anchor with the anchor rope.

How to maintain the integrity of the anchor

In order to anchor served for a long period of time, must adhere to certain rules.


  • regularly clear the anchor from sand, algae, silt and any other RAID that has a devastating impact;
  • each year to paint a homemade anchor;
  • store preferably in a dry place;
  • systematically inspect the device, the detection of cracks or other defects, they should immediately be eliminated.

Please note that the choice of anchor is not an easy task as it seems at first glance, it should be approached very carefully. And as you have already understood from this article, then you can use a homemade device. The choice is always yours.

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