You need to catch catfish?

Catfish is the biggest fish you can catch in our country. Because of this, it is of great interest to fishermen. But often there are cases when fishermen encountering catfish, unprepared for such resistance force. Anyone wishing to obtain such a trophy should be well to study the characteristics of the fish and its habitat.

Som: characteristics of fish, place of residence


Every fisherman should know that catfish has a fighting spirit. Fisherman catching a fish, is in constant tension until the moment of detention. Sometimes the fish win the battle, even for experienced fishermen, thus damaging the gear.

The size of this fish is just amazing. Previously, it was possible to meet the fish at a length of about 6 meters, but now caught specimens no longer than 3 meters. The appearance of the original soma. It is difficult to confuse with other fish. The catfish has a large and flat head, which is 1/6 of the length of the body. One of the main distinguishing features of catfish is the presence of large mustache. In the lower jaw there are two pairs of small barbels, and the upper jaw, one pair large. The color of fish may vary depending on place of residence. As a rule, the back has a dark color, and the ventral portion of the light. The eyes of the catfish are at unusually short distances from each other. They are in the hunt of a predator important role to play, as the catfish begins the search for prey by night, relying on touch and charm.

Fish do not like to travel long distances. Som lives in the pits where out hunting that night.

The spawning period of this fish begins when the water temperature warms up to 17-21 degrees.

The best time and place for fishing

Most importantly, when fishing for catfish, find a good place. As it does not change the place of residence during the season. In the summer we can look for this fish in the pits and areas adjacent thereto. It would be great if the holes will border on shallow water. It is in these catfish come out to look for their prey in the evening. In small rivers to look for such places easier. Fisherman need to focus on the bends of the river. On large reservoirs, it is desirable to arm the sounder. Buy an expensive device is not necessary. Even a budget model will help you determine bottom topography.

In August and June fishing for catfish need to realize in the dark. The best time for fishing starts after sunset and last until about 1 am.

Then the fish goes into a hole and becomes inactive. After a rest early in the morning she leaves again to get food. The day the fish goes back in the hole, so catch it would be extremely difficult.

Preparing for fishing for catfish


As mentioned earlier, fishing is best in the late evening and early morning. As at this time of day the fish comes up from the bottom, looking for prey. Fishing effectively in clear weather without precipitation. So do not forget to check the weather. Before going fishing you need to prepare the bait and to check the tackle. Arriving at the place of fishing you first need to explore the area with the purpose of revealing the deep places. You can use the Fishfinder.

Select tackle

Experienced anglers for catching catfish choose the following:

  1. Tackle. It is a fishing line that is wound on the reel. At the end of the bottom rod is the sinker and leash with a hook, on which is mounted a bait. Fishing with this fishing rod is made from the shore. For effective fishing you need to choose a place with grooves near the snags and holes.
  2. Spinning. Using jig fishing began to catch catfish tackle this. With hard baits from anglers is the opportunity to explore a deep hole from the shore or from a boat.
  3. Kwok. This method of catching catfish suitable in the case where there is a boat. Kwok, striking the surface of the water, makes attractive to catfish sound. Fish, hearing him, immediately rushes to the boat, where he meets with bait.
  4. Trolling. This method of catching catfish is the most expensive. After all, for trolling you will need a boat with a motor, a short powerful spinning, as well as a variety of baits and lures.

Prepare bait

Catfish is a fish that eats almost everything. It may be of interest:

  • artificial lures. They should have a good volume, and emit a strong vibration in the water. Strong sounds and vibrations som says at a great distance. Their job causes him to rise from the depths. The best artificial bait is a great lure. His appearance fades into the background, as catfish eyes is a secondary organ of perception;
  • natural bait of animal origin. As a bait, you can choose a big live bait or a live, moving bait like frogs and earthworms. And also as fish bait is well suited dead fish, mussels, meat and chicken.

Advice from experienced anglers

Every beginner to effective fishing listens to the advice of more experienced fishermen. They are happy to share their observations and conducted experiments. Here are some of them:

  1. You have selected the gear — you need to pick up a large scaffold with a thickness of 1 millimeter. Because after the fish swallow the hook, she immediately panic and begin to go deep into the snags. About them line quickly breaks.
  2. For catfish you need to choose the right hook. Given the large size of the fish hooks you need to use too large sizes. It is advisable to use double or triple hooks.
  3. Before you start angling, you need to choose the most convenient location. Because som can provide a strong enough resistance.

To catch a big catfish only selecting the right place for fishing and tackle. The angler needs to take into account the preferences of the fish in the lure. No need to hope for the capture of large fish. It is better to try to catch as much of somat. Only after you gain experience, you should start hunting bigger animals. Don’t forget that regular fishing rod, a meeting with a 3-metre fish will not survive.


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