Yellow wedding dress (photo)

In recent years, the increasing popularity instead of traditional white wedding dresses the dresses come in other colors. This trend is driven by the desire to look bright. Modern designers consider these suggestions, and the variety of colors in wedding dresses allow even black. But this option will dare not every girl. This season is definitely fashionable yellow wedding dresses as well as orange and peach models.

Cheerful colors wedding dresses

Therefore, modern wedding services have all the options to meet the interests of the bride. Spring and summer wedding seasons are accompanied by the fashion for dresses of Sunny colors.

Yellow wedding dress — I prefer girls with well-pronounced leadership qualities. The color may have variations from bright yellow to pale cream. Now these dresses are very popular. For example, the designer Elie Saab has made a collection with a predominance of this color. This color is perfect for brunettes with matte skin, blondes, this color is not recommended.

Wedding dress peach-colored is another popular color of the season. Gives the image of the bride’s innocence and freshness. This variant is directly associated with youth and tenderness. These dresses are like dreamy and soft girls.

Wedding dress orange colors — these shades like cheerful and positive girls, as this color symbolizes peace and joy. In Spain this color is always present in clothing, even in the form of flowers in the hair, bouquet and so on. because in this country symbolizes the boundless youth. Not recommended saturated orange color, as it is not for everyone, in contrast to the more muted shades.

Below in the photo gallery you will see a yellow wedding dress :

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