«Yegoryevsk footwear» once again met with representatives of TM «kotofey»

In Russia should take place has already become a traditional gathering of representatives of well-known trademarks «kotofey.» Meeting with distributors aimed at strengthening the relationship and discussing better cooperation this year.

The program

According to information received from representatives of the company «Mila — shoes wholesale», the program of the meeting focuses on the discussion of the situation in the domestic market of children’s shoes. Also, the specialists are going to examine the results of the previous presentations of the new collections and the results of trading for previous seasons.

A special place is the formation of a joint development plans of the brand for the current year and an analysis of the problems that can arise from wholesale dealers. Attention will also be paid to the study of Shoe innovations, proposed for wholesale sales, and a discussion of their possible popularity in certain regions of our country.

The participants

At the moment the Ural provider carefully studying the positive side of that is the forthcoming meeting. Representatives of TM «kotofey» note that they are pleased with the high estimation of their Shoe distribution brand «Yegoryevsk-shoes». At the moment, «kotofey» is deservedly ranked among the Russian market leaders in terms of production and wholesale distribution of childrens shoes. Moreover, the activities of the brand are appreciated by researchers marketing centre ExMedia.

Such high success is impossible without ensuring high quality of offered products. Not last role is played by the presence of a strong wholesale buyers who offer brand shoes «kotofey» in all regions of the country.

A huge plus experts believe that the factory is not slowing down with the chosen trading strategy, but also maintains close relationships with partners through regular meetings. In this way not only creates a profitable business process, but also discussions of the pressing issues that help efficiently solve problems in a short time.

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